Everything you need to know about the 100cc Coleman Go Kart

The 100cc Coleman Go Kart is a great way to get your child out of the house for some fresh air, exercise, and fun!

With this article, you will find everything you need to know about this model. W’ve covered all the features, including engine size, weight capacity, safety features, and more!

Whether you are looking for something safe but fast or want to make sure it’s exciting enough for your little ones – we’ve got you covered.

Coleman 100cc go kart features

The excellent performer unisex go cart is safe and durable. You can now have more fun as it’s easy to operate with top-notch vehicle design and quality.

What is the age range for driving it?

It’s the perfect size for kids and works well for adults who want to have a little bit of competition with their friends. They are best for kids of the 13 years’ age range. And works for anyone with a weight below 150 lb.

Anyone who is still learning how to drive can use it. It’s perfect for any age range to have hours of fun. As it’s easy to drive and the seats are comfortable.

What is the maximum speed of this go kart?

The 100cc go kart can reach speeds up to 12 mph, making it perfect for zipping around neighborhood streets. It’s important to note that you cannot drive on highways with your 100cc Coleman go kart, so be sure not to exceed posted speed limits on residential streets.

On record, the top speed measured for this kart is 15 mph. But it varies with many factors like where you are driving, and your go cart & road’s condition. Also, you will have to arrange an air compressor if you plan on using this outside your home.

What are its color variations?

The bolstered race-inspired seat go kart has two color variations:

  • Red and black
  • Blue and black

The sturdy metal frame is durable to stand for years of continuous use. The go karts both color variations are attractive and eye-catchy. The age and weight limitations don’t stop others from trying it. If you are comfortable with its seat and structure, you can also enjoy hours with a 100cc Coleman go kart.

Youth Sized go cart Features

The 100cc go kart comes with low-pressure tires and easy pull start systems, so no matter what terrain you’re tackling, it’s a perfect ride ready and waiting for you. With the high-quality suspension system, you get loads of fun on the track. It’s super easy to use and has got:

Powerful Motor

The powerful engine makes it fully automatic and super-efficient. It has a four-stroke OHV 1-cylinder engine with fuel efficiency. The 100cc powerful three-horsepower engine easily starts operating and with plenty of muscle power through the trail all day.

Balanced weight and safety

Some people have got concerns about the safety. It is because they think this type of vehicle will tip over easily – however, these vehicles are made with high-quality materials and are very stable.

You should always wear a helmet while driving your 100cc Coleman to-go kart, as well as protective gear like knee pads and gloves – even if you’re going around the block!

Added features

  • Gas-powered: It works with gas for fuel needs efficiently.
  • Safe ride: For the rider’s security, it has a heavily padded roll cage. With it, there is a kill switch for an easy and quick power shut down.
  • Point safety harness: The Bolstered race-inspired seat with point safety harness keeps you safe by locking you behind the wheel. Safety is always important!
  • Pressure tires: The tires are pneumatic, so they’re soft enough not to hurt anyone when they bump into them.
  • Heavy-duty 16 Toughness: It is made with heavy-duty 16 and 13-gauge tubular construction for toughness. The chain drive and rug proved clutch increases its toughness to harness fun for years.
  • New kart design: It has a new single rider kart design. You look nice and become an attention grabber on trails with this new design.
  • Break Style: It has disc brakes operated with a Hydraulic foot for reliable stopping.
  • Capacity: It has got a 15 mph speed with a 400-pound load capacity. The performance is outstanding in all types of terrain – it can be used on grass, dirt, or pavement.
  • Dimensions: It has 57 *38 * 27 inches’ package dimensions. You may feel it small, but it’s something that you feel operating and moving around.  
  • Efficient operation: With torque converter CVT system and composite wheels that will never pop a tire, features include a foot-controlled hydraulic brake for reliable stopping power and a heavy-duty padded roll cage to keep you safe from falls.

The 100cc Coleman go kart is a great option for those who want to enjoy the thrill of driving without the hassle of registering their vehicle.

Where to buy 100cc Coleman go karts?

The Coleman Powersports Kids Off Road Go Kart is a great way for kids to experience the power of the go kart, but it does cost money. You can find this model at any major online or retailer like Walmart, Sears, or Target.

The average price ranges from $1000 – $1800, so shop around first before deciding which online store or retailer is the best for you!

  • Amazon: Here, the average price is about $1050, and the red and black color variation is available.
  • eBay: You can get it here at $ 1250 in the red and black color variation.
  • Walmart: We have found the lowest price at Walmart with $812. By adding shipping cost, it will be about $1000. It is available in black and red color variations.

I’d recommend you buy a 100cc Coleman go kart from Amazon because they’re the most popular, and there are millions of satisfied customers out there.

Plus, it’s easy to find and buy what you want. However, the best approach is to visit each online store before making the final buying decision.

Why buy a 100cc Coleman go kart?

Getting your kids to go outside and play can be a challenge, especially when they’re inside playing video games or on their phones. For many of us, getting our children active is more difficult than it should be.

They want to stay indoors all day long – whether that’s playing video games or watching TV. It’s hard for them to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air!

100cc Coleman go kart is an excellent way to motivate them (and you!) to get outside. If you have younger children, this might even help teach them how to drive safely in the future!

Here for you, we have covered all the features, including engine size, weight capacity, safety features, and more, to decide when to grab a Coleman go kart for you.


There’s nothing like a 100cc Coleman go kart for hours of fun, whether you’re tearing through curvy trails or cruising around the neighborhood.

With an easy-to-pull start system as well as low-pressure tires, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy all those smooth curves!

What is your favorite thing about 100cc Coleman go kart? The speed, the agility, or maybe you just like being able to get a little dirty.

It’s the first choice of many people worldwide.

If you’re looking for an ultra-fast, affordable go-kart, look no further than the 100cc Coleman. It’s getting rave reviews from kids and adults alike.

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