Best 2 Seater Electric Go Karts in 2022

If you are here, you are probably considering buying an electric go-kart or just wanting to brush up your knowledge of these extremely fun open-wheel cars.

Whatever your reason, the truth is there is a lot we can inform you about electric go-kart, especially with the abrupt rise in popularity as well as the onset of modifications to accommodate electric parts.

Since moving to electric, go-karting has been offering riders a lot more horsepower and flexibility. It should be noted that anyone can enjoy electric karts – children or adults.

Let’s get started with the top electric go-kart brands.

Top 3 brands


CRG is one of the premium go-kart brands around. It is popular and doesn’t need too much introduction if you are already a fan of go-karting. The brand is located in Brescia, Italy and it produces top-notch rental and racing karts.

If you are a fan of sports cars, you know that anything vehicle that is made in Italy is top quality and electric karts made by CRG is no exception.

Among its best-selling models include the KT2 and Road Rebel. These two both feature the same design, but the difference comes in the chassis tube size.

All models produced by CRG – be it designed for rental or competitive race track – follow the same philosophy of focusing on offering the best possible experience, performance, design as well as long-lasting construction.

Go-karts made by CRG come with a groundbreaking braking system, stub axles and adjustable rear, and sleek design elements such as orange accents with a silver background.

The brand is also known for its Black Mirror go-kart in the kid’s category, which also features all the brilliance of the others in addition to the self-ventilated braking system.


Started as a go-kart spare parts manufacturer, Intrepid moved to the manufacturing of full karts in 2003 and become one of the leading electric go-kart brands in the world.

Also located in Italy (but also has plants abroad), the brand has focused squarely on continuous technological developments to produce karts that are respected in the field.

Today, Intrepid is known for having some of the top-of-the-line go-kart frames.

The karts have excellent construction and an effective braking system, cool stickers, and magnesium rims.

Intrepid go-karts perform extremely well in addition to looking very cool.


You know you are on another level if you make your debut on the greatest stage of motorsport – the European FIA Karting Championship.

Exprit, also from Italy, is known for its top-of-the-line chassis suitable for competitive racing action.

Their racing karts are easily recognizable thanks to their distinct construction and design – the white frame is decorated with unique, vibrant orange lines with blue accents.

What makes Exprit karts unique is that they are designed combined with R&D expertise from OTK Kart Group.

Their latest releases include the Thoos R Both and Noesis R, which feature almost identical designs with the top quality innovations that make them ready for the world championship.

Prices, top speed, weight, extra features, where to buy


CRG electric go-karts are among the priciest on the market because of their quality construction. Their go-karting production site is one of the largest in the world.

The brand is usually considered an institution in the world of karting, thanks to numerous World Championship titles they have won as well as many formula racing talents than any other brand.

Its electric karts are powered by a 100 Ah (48 V) battery, which can guarantee up to 300 cycles at a minimum. They are also known for their integrated advanced diagnostic software system, emergency stop option, F1 battery recharge system with booster drive option, reverse function, and 6.5 KW power per engine.

Recently, the company announced that it would install Linde’s remote diagnostic tool that can transfer important control data through the GSM network to a central server allowing CRG to observe the state of condition of its fleets across the world.

This cool feature will enable the brand to react to a customer inquiry within 24 hours to 48 hours in a more effective and diligent manner.

Moreover, CRG karts will be fitted with a unique impact sensor, and based on the level of impact, the control unit of the kart will automatically reduce the speed of the go-kart allowing the rider to safely embark to the service bay for assistance.

The function will also help circuit operators to establish whether there was negligence during the use of the go-kart and prevent any future damage to the vehicle itself.

One of their modern leading karts is the Heron Kart, which we are going to dive deep and reveal its specs.

The Heron Kart

crg electric go kart
crg electric go kart

This lightweight Senior-level go-kart is one of its kind. As you may know, when it comes to go-karting, you have two choices – shifter engine (gearbox) or direct drive (non-gearbox).

When you chose one, you cannot adapt the chassis to house the other, because you need to redesign the entire frame to fit a gearbox, thus sacrificing the balance.

But with Heron Kart, CRG has done exemplary work in breaking that mold. With this kart, you can swiftly switch between a shifter and direct drive due to its well-balanced chassis and slighter moly tubing.

Generally, this is a great electric kart for novice drivers because of its versatile moly tubing compared to other go-karts on the market.

With its versatility, you can really grow with your go-kart as a young driver.


The Heron Kart goes for $5,200 and its engine is ready to hit the tracks!

Top Speed

Just like most CRG karts, the Heron Kart can reach a top speed of 79 mph.


The kart weighs around 175 lbs.

Extra Features

  • Hydraulic braking system
  • 30mm moly tubing
  • Adaptable to shifter or direct drive
  • Modifiable rear axle

Where to buy

The best place to buy any CRG kart is the official brand website


Intrepid karts are known for their high performance and sleek design as well as featuring high-quality components suitable for racing tracks.

The brand collaborates with a variety of partners across the world that trust Intrepid for their go-karting needs.

The company’s go-karts usually compete in major karting competitions and some have won various titles.

Some of its top go-kart frames are the KZ Mod. Cruiser MS3 and Mini Kart Mod Cub 2 Passo.

Intrepid karts are built mostly for 125cc shifter engines and its chassis can accommodate any modern shifter engine such as Iame Super Shifter, Vortex ROK Shifter, Honda CR250cc, and Honda CR125 engines.

Some of the specs include:


Intrepid karts have varying price ranges, from $2,000 to $4,000.

Top speed

Intrepid karts can clock over 90 mph


Most Intrepid karts weigh between 165 mph and 175 mph

Extra features

  • Adaptable front spindles
  • Adaptable bump shifter
  • Cool factory graphics
  • Adjustable front end geometry

Where to buy

Buy Intrepid karts from the company’s official website or licensed dealers across the world.


Since 2017, Exprit has been making some improvements on its chassis, which focused on reducing the general weight of the kart, which is crucial in deciding where to locate weight boxes required to achieve the minimum weight limit.

Some of the most interesting features to be added include the single-piece, lightweight chain guard support, and the 1.5 mm thick floor tray.

The new chassis, which debuted in 2017, was designed to accommodate larger engine packages. Nevertheless, Exprit karts have seat support attachments modified to enable engines to sit effortlessly.


The price of Exprit karts starts from $3000.

Top speed

Exprit karts can reach a speed of 50 mph to 65 mph.


Exprit karts are known for being extremely lightweight, with most vehicles weighing an average of 165 lbs.

Extra features

  • Magnesium construction
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Uses Computational Fluid Dynamics

Where to buy

You can buy Exprit electric go-karts from the company’s official website or online stores such as Amazon and Alibaba.

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