Everything you need to know about 200cc Coleman Go Kart

Coleman manufactures and designs the best off-road go karts. Everyone, including teenagers and adults, can have great fun with them.

In this article we will gp through everything about 200cc Coleman go kart – designed in the USA.

We will learn about its features, specifications, prices, and places to buy from.

The 200cc Coleman go kart promises speed and safety with its solid build quality with a larger frame.

It has got powerful engine that can take you up to 35mph, promising a thrill ride with fun for countless hours.

The racing specs

200cc Coleman go kart specifications are a great example of a high-level go kart. It is fun for all your family and friends.

It touts impressive speeds up to 35 miles an hour, and it even comes with safety features like the reinforced roll cage.

And it has a wire mesh steering wheel cover to help protect your skull in case of unwanted ejection off that high-speed roller coaster you just went on.

Age range

Anyone over 16 years can enjoy this 200cc Coleman go kart. It is a perfect model for those who want to have fun with their kids as adults can comfortably fit in it.

Top speed class performance and reliability

Coleman 200cc can take you up to 35 mph at top speed. This speed limit will not bore any adult riding this go kart, and at the same time, it’s not dangerous for kids.

It promises a fun ride for countless hours.

Another important thing to remember is that this go-kart cannot be driven on highways, so make sure you always have fun in residential areas or where there are no high-speed vehicles.

Though you can take 200cc Coleman go kart up to 35 mph, it will depend on where you are driving, like on the leveled or asphalted roads. Also, the speed will depend on how maintained your go kart is.

Color variations to boast the best

Coleman 200cc go kart gives you great vibes with its black color. Unlike other models of Coleman, it has only single color and no other variation.

Whatever your age, the black color will not stop you from trying and having fun with 200cc go kart.

The Coleman 200cc go kart is a great choice for family fun as it comes with an additional passenger seat.

Another great aspect of an additional passenger seat is that you can easily learn the basics from some professionals as a beginner.

It can support a total weight of up to 333 lbs. / 151 kg with its heavy-duty large steel frame.

Motor guaranteed to deliver pure adrenaline!

Coleman 200cc go kart has a powerful 200cc gas engine and a 169cc engine displacement, an air-cooled cab, and a four-stroke single-cylinder engine.

This engine motor is powerful enough to deliver 35 mph speed as it has got nine horsepower engine.


According to the Coleman, 200cc go kart web page, it has a weight capacity of 333 lbs. or 151 kg. It is ideal for carrying an adult with a kid or both kids riding it.

This go-kart has a durable body, and its wide frame makes its weight up to 533 lbs. or 242 kg.

Extra Features

The Coleman 200cc has an array of features which includes:

  • Electric start:It’s a great feature that saves your energy and starts the go-kart smartly, unlike the pull start system. Go kart can easily be started with its keyed ignition.
  • 4-point safety hazard: This go-kart is specially designed for teenagers. Thus, it has more safety with a built-in 4-point safety hazard kit. Regardless of how rough and off-road you are, it ensures the safety of riders as safety comes first!
  • Hydraulic brake mechanism: It uses a hydraulic brake mechanism installed on both sides, making controlling the go kart very easy and safe.
  • High ground clearance: You can ride 200cc Coleman on unlevelled roads easily as it has a ground clearance of 9 inches.
  • Upgraded suspension: It allows longer traveling with unhindered wheel articulation. Good suspension is what gives a joyful ride on the go-kart. If the suspension is not good, the ride is going to be uncomfortable.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 200cc Coleman go kart has a capacity of 1.6 gallons / 6 liters, which allows more runtime and thus more fun. The fuel type recommended by the company is unleaded 90 or higher octane.
  • Battery: 200cc Coleman go kart uses 12V9AH battery time. Along with the battery, a 15-ampere fuse is used in the go kart.
  • Easy to go: The go kart seats can be adjusted easily for different individuals of different sizes.
  • Full safety brush guard: These safety brush guards are attached to the front of go kart, which protects the original body if it hits somewhere. It helps prevent any serious damage.
  • Spare parts are available on the spot: You can get spare parts easily from Amazon or from where you purchase them.
  • Led headlights: Fun is not limited today, which is why 200cc Coleman go kart has installed two led lights at its head. You can take it out at night and have fun.
  • Off-road tires: Off-road tires have a much aggressive tread pattern. They offer good grip even on most unleveled roads. You can ride your go kart even on snow and in the mud. These tires are tougher than the normal ones.
  • Wheel: 200cc Coleman go kart have smaller front and larger rear wheels with dimensions as:
    • Front: 21 * 7 – 10
    • Rear: 22 * 11 – 10

Also, the wheelbase is 74.5 inches.

  • Nine horsepower: This go kart has nine horsepower engine, which can easily take you up to 35 miles per hour. With this much power, you can have fun without worry on unleveled roads.

Prices and places to buy from

Many retailers sell 200cc Coleman go kart. Each retailer has a different price as well as a deal to offer. On average, Coleman, 200cc go kart cost around $2700. Here we have searched and listed major online retailers with their prices.

  • Camping World – listed at $ 2,699 and available at $ 2,599 with $100 off
  • Walmart – currently unavailable.
  • Amazon – currently unavailable.
  • com (Gander RV) – list at $2,699 and available at $2,599 at $100 off

200cc Coleman Go Kart is a fun and affordable way to go kart racing.

This affordable go kart is easy to purchase and use to get you out and race in no time.

However, you may not be unsure where to buy the cheapest kart you can find.

Check for the reliability of online marketplace or retailers and past customers’ experience to make the best decision.


Now you have got everything about 200cc Coleman go kart. It is not just your average toy but a powerful off-road vehicle that will be able to take on all the challenges of any terrain (think dunes and mud). It’s also competitive with other brands – it can even come out on top in races!

200cc kart is one of the powerful off-road vehicles available on the market. It’s got a low center of gravity that provides more stability than most other go karts.

People who race 200cc go karts can be competitive with go karts from different brands, and they often come out on top in the end.

Now you have everything about what this 200cc Coleman go kart has in store for anyone who races it!

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