7 Insane Go Kart Tips to Drive Faster and Win your Next Race [2021]

Are you looking to become the next go kart racing champion?

Go karts are a great way to spend time with family and friends, but if you want to win your next race, there’s some things that you need to do. Go kart drivers may not know this, but there are 7 go kart tips that will help them drive faster and win their next race.


Alessio Lorandi - KF - La Conca
Alessio Lorandi Winning the WSK Champions Cup Round 1 in La conca

#1 Open up the corners on entry


Whenever your approach a corner, try to open it up as much as possiblle by getting close to the white line so that you can carry more speed and ultimately be faster.

That not only will improve your speed, but it will help you to get back on the gas sooner, which is crucial in go-kart racing.


#2 Brake later than anybody (Without missing the Apex)


Whenever you approach a braking zone, especially for really tight corners such as hairpins, you want to make sure that you hit those brakes hard and late so that you’ll be able to catch all of your competitors.

Not only will that be faster, but oftentimes it will help your kart to settle for a better exit speed.

That is crucial for ultimate racing speed.


#3 Use all the road available on the exit


Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi 2013 World Champion

Do you think that you can stand any chance of being fast if you end up in the middle of the road in the exit?

Well… NO.

Sorry for the bad news.

If you want to be fast you have to pick up the throttle as soon as possible and run wide on the exit till the VERY limit, be it the white line, the exit curb or the air fense.

By doing so your exit speed will be way higher than it used to be and you will pull away from your competitors behind.

As a consequence, you’ll give your competitors less opportunity to catch up with you after they’ve exited their corner.

#4 Aim for good exits out of the corners


Going back to what we’ve just mentioned, having an optimal exit speed is crucial for being fast.

That doesn’t only involve running wide and using all the space on exit, but also picking the throttle sharp and early thus increasing the minimum and exit speed substentially.

This is something drivers often overlook , as they tend to be focused more on the line, but it can make a big difference when you’re trying to get out of tight corners.


#5 Get fit for racing


Driving a go kart fast requires the driver to have stamina and endurance. To obtain this, it is crucial that the driver maintain their health through eating well and getting ample exercise.

In addition, regular cardio exerciser can increase a runners speed on long distances by as much as fifty percent just through practice.

That means that you should start hitting the gym at leas 2-3 times per week and take runs and bike rides often to improve your physical shape.

This tends to be the most overlooked aspect of go kart racing, but it can make a big difference when you’re competing against veteran drivers at the highest levels in the world.


#6 Be spot on the Apex and don’t exit out of the racing line


Let me straight ask you a question: do you think it’s faster to run close to an apex or not? Do you think that it’s still fine to pass a couple of meters from it?

If you think that missing an apex is not a big deal then let me help you reflect on this real quick.

Is there a chance you can be fast by driving outside of the racing line and make 2-3 meters more distance in every single corner in the track adding up to 20-30 meters for a 10 corners track?

Heck No!

Missing an apex will guarantee you a time loss and if you that in every single corner you’ll be sadly left behind by your competitors.


#7 Follow your competitors and steal some lines and tricks


The final tip is to follow your competitors and see what lines they use. Go through the corners that you are having trouble with over again but this time, pay attention to how fast it takes for them go through those corners in their kart.


Conclusion :

So unless you want to finish last and get beaten by all your competitors or friends, start to put this go kart tips into practice and make sure you win the next race!

In conclusion, it is all about having the right mindset and mastering your skills. Practice makes perfect!

I hope these tips have been helpful for you to get started winning your next go kart race.

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