ACC Audi R8 GT3 Spa Francorchamps Setup

So I guess you’ve probably been looking for the latest and best setups in ACC around Spa but struggled to find any good one?

We all know how important it is to have great car setups in Assetto Corsa Competizione, especially in such a demanding track like Spa.

All those ups and downs, quick changes of directions and high-speed corners like Eau Rouge make it a big challenge to get a setup right.

Especially the middle sector where a setup with higher level of downforce and mechanical grip will give you a great advantage but make you lose time in the rest of the track due to the long straights.

So it’s always key to have a healthy balance between Aerodynamics efficiency as well as top speed since you don’t have any DRS as Formula 1 does.

Driving fast at Spa Francorchamps in ACC Gt3

If you truly want to test your driving skills, Spa Francorchamps is going to be a real challenge but will make you better and faster overall as a driver.

I always suggest sim racers to spend a lot of time driving around Spa since they can improve their driving style substantially thanks to a great mix of high-speed corners, hairpins, and heavy braking zones.

Free Setup Audi R8 in Spa

Here’s a great Spa Francorchamps setup for the Audi R8 LMS GT3, which by the way is totally free to access.

Spa-Francorchamps Audi R8 LMS Evo 2:18.248

As always, Happy sim racing! 🙂

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