ACC McLaren 570S GT4 Silverstone Setup

Have you been looking around for the latest and best setups in Assetto Corsa Competizione but struggled to find any good one?

We all know how essential having a great GT4 car setup in ACC is, especially in such a high demanding track like Silverstone.

All those high-speed corners together with long straights will require you to be very precise in turn in while at the same time getting good exits.

You’ll in fact want to run enough downforce though not too much to avoid losing time on the straights.

So you’ll need to get a perfect balance between downforce and drag.

If you don’t wanna spend time and energy on a DIY setup though, then the best option is to just get a proper setup developed by pro driver

Only with it you’ll be able to improve your driving and set competitive laptimes with consistency.

McLaren GT4 Silverstone – video onboard

Where you can get ACC Silverstone setup – McLaren GT4

Here’s a great setup for the McLaren GT4 I recommend people check out.


Driving fast around Silverstone with the McLaren GT4

Make sure you’re able to hit all the apex kerbs properly without having to slow the car down too much under braking.

You’ll need to brake at the right time and make sure you get your turn in line precisely.

If you get that right then the apex speed, as well as exit acceleration will improve as a consequence.

Here’s all the other McLaren 570S GT4 Car setups in case you were interested. 🙂

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