ACC Mercedes AMG GT3 Hungaroring Setup

So I guess you’ve probably been looking for the latest and best setups in ACC around Hungaroring but struggled to find any good one?

We all know how essential having a great car setup in Assetto Corsa Competizione is, especially in such a high demanding track like Budapest.

So, how can you improve your lap times to the level of the top professional sim drivers?

One sure way to do that is by getting the exact same setup they’re using and then practicing like CRAZY!

That’s the key to success in any discipline as well as in sim racing.

Driving fast around Hungaroring in ACC Gt3

Do want to be like the best in ACC and get your name on the top of the leaderboard?

Hungaroring’s Sector 2 and sector 3 are probably among the most difficult sectors in the whole GT World Challange calendar.

You’re always in a corner and you’ve never quite got the time to rest as well as cool down the tires.

Maintaining rhythm and consistency is key for unlocking pure performance around this track.

Regarding setups, you’ll want to be great on traction by having soft rear anti-roll bars and near maximum aerodynamics settings since you’ll need maximum downforce in sector 2.

And by the way, the straights here an almost inexistant and so you don’t have to worry about tp speed like you instead would in Moza.

Free ACC Setup for Mercedes AMG Gt3 in Hungaroring.

Here’s a great Budapest setup for the Mercedes AMG GT3, which by the way is totally free to access.

Hungaroring Mercedes-AMG GT3 1:45.421

As always, happy sim racing! 🙂

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