Bentley Continental GT3 Nurburgring ACC Setup

So I guess you’ve probably been looking for the latest and best setups in ACC around Nurburgring but struggled to find any good one?

We all know how essential having a great car setup in Assetto Corsa Competizione is, especially in such a high technical track like Nurburgring.

You’ll need to be very precise in terms of braking efficiency and car control, especially in sectors 1 and 2.

Driving fast around Nurburgring in ACC GT3

Free Nurburgring Setup – Bentley GT3

Here’s a great Nurburgring setup for the Bentley I recommend people checking out which is by the way totally free.

Nurburgring Bentley Continental GT3 1:53.982

Fortunately, the GT World Challenge track layout is the same as the F1 GP which is a lot easier than the Nordschleife.

I remember back in the days when I raced there in the Mercedes GT3 from GetSpeed that it took me some laps before really getting on the limit.

For you to be lightning-fast around here, you’ll have to be phenomenal on the brakes and go ASAP on throttle to use all the traction from the car.

The Bentley is maybe not the easiest car to drive fast in ACC, but it’s still a great car when it comes to traction and braking.

Here’s all the other Bentley ACC GT3 setups in case you were interested. 🙂

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