The 6 Best Coleman Go Karts in 2022

Are you looking for a new go kart? You have come to the right place! Our team of experts has chosen six of the best Coleman go karts on the market.

We based our selections primarily on cost, style, and durability. Coleman is one of the top manufacturers in the world and has provided various go karts for years.

Keep reading to know everything about these six best Coleman go karts rides.

Does Coleman make good go karts?

Is Coleman a major manufacturer of go karts? A Coleman go kart is a great choice when looking for a fun, inexpensive way to go kart.

This affordable go kart is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

The high-quality go karts are making your adventures come to life. Perhaps these are the most amazing go karts you can get.

These go karts are not just for racing but for any sport you can think of, including learning how to drive an actual car.

It is the perfect choice for just about anyone who loves to get behind the wheel, at least occasionally.

They have designed six go karts. And each one is an exclusive top performer with the latest designs and amazing safety features for safe rides.

How fast does the Coleman Go Kart Go?

The Coleman Go Kart will go as fast as 15-35 mph. They have impressive safety features with sturdiness to ensure high quality.

If you want to have an instant quick tour around the block, take it down to about 12 mph (19kph).

It has efficient performance on all topographies, but the speed varies depending upon the road condition you are traveling on. e.g., on a smooth trail, the speed is maximum compared to a ride on a bumpy road or rocky trail.

For you, here are the six best Coleman go karts for efficient rides. The number one on this list is:

Coleman go kart CK 100-S.

When you combine a four-stroke OHV 1 cylinder 98cc engine, low-pressure tires, and a hydraulic foot-operated disc brake operation – it is going to be one heck of an adventure.

You can get anywhere in the Coleman go kart CK 100-S.

Notable Features

  • Safe and secure rides: You are locked behind the week with the point of harness and bolstered race-inspired seat. With it, there is a heavily paddled cage for safety and a kill switch for quick and easy power off.
  • Age Range: It is recommended of 13 years’ age range and individuals with at most 150 lb weight.
  • Speed: The top speed is 15 mph for efficient traveling.
  • Tough and Powerful: It is made with a powerful 98cc four strokes engine with heavy-duty 16 and 13 tubular constructions. It is a gas-powered go kart.
  • Smooth Driving:The low-pressure tyres provide a smooth ride, even on rough trails. The torque converter CV system with easy pull operation makes it reliable and easy to operate.
  • Colour Variation: There are two color variations: red & black and blue & black
  • Performance: With stunning design and excellent features, it gives a spirited performance. The powerful engine with a strong structure makes its performance among the best.
  • Durable design: With sturdiness and sneak design, it’s easy to operate and efficient. The structure’s durability increases its life for many years ahead.


It is available in most of the primary online and retail stores. You can get the best value against the money with Amazon for $1,077.

It comes with free shipping and amazon buyer policies with positive customer reviews, making it a lucrative offer.

Coleman go kart bk200

The Coleman Powersports BK200 is one of the beefiest karts you will find.

It has gusto thanks to its 196cc 9-hp motor, enabling it to hit speeds around 35 mph and handle the weight with the capacity of up to 400 pounds!

The seats are adjustable for differing heights.

The seatbelt harnesses make this great as an activity that caters to both the adults and children simultaneously in varying stages from beginner and passing through a pro.

And what is even better about these go karts?

They come equipped with built-in kill switches, so getting started can be easy peasy despite being keyed ignition made just like your car keys – only easier because there isn’t any having trouble finding insertion slots while trying.

It was designed to modify and improve an old go kart model. Now the larger durable frame and powerful engine handle more rigorous rides.

Notable Features

  • Speed Capacity: It handles about 400 pounds of weight with a top speed of 35 miles per hour. It’s designed to take rough and rigorous travel rides.
  • Power Engine: The bk200 has got nine horsepower with 196 cc. Powerful engine power.
  • Easy to operate: You can adjust the seats for individuals with different heights. And it is super simple to start with the keyed ignition.
  • Safety and security: It has a built-in safety measure with a safety harness to ensure secure and safe rides.
  • Reliable Brakes:It is a converter for extra low-end torque and has rear and front hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Smooth ride: The upgraded suspension with roll bars provide a smoother side with extra safety.
  • Age Range Anyone above 16 years of age can start riding this Coleman go kart. Remember to wear helmet and follow all precatory measures as you start riding it carefully.
  • Battery: The battery type for this go kart is 12V9AH. With it, the fuse used is of 15 ampere
  • Fuel Capacity: The gas tank capacity for Coleman BK200 is six liters that are 1.59 gal. The recommended fuel type used to operate it is unleaded 90 or higher octane.


The best value for money! You can’t go wrong with a best-value offer that comes from the most reliable online retail store.

Plus, this is an amazon customer-approved product, so you know what to expect when buying it.

You can get it with free shipping from Amazon, with a week trial period that starts when you make your account.

Coleman go kart kt196

For those looking to get into go-kart racing, the Coleman Powersports KT196 is a great choice. The hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping while you’re whipping this bad boy around.

The low-pressure tires promise great traction, so there’s no risk of skidding or spinning out while maneuvering around turns; it also has padding for seats that make riding more comfortable than before (even if it does look like fun!)

It is designed in the US. And the go kart parts services are readily available.

After buying, it’s best to get the go kart assembled by a professional or an expert.

And do remember this go kart is designed for the riders, not the passengers.

When driving, please keep your hands and feet within the go kart, and don’t take it in water that is more than 3 inches deep. It will need maintenance if it is not ridden for a longer time.

Notable Features

  • Safe and secure rides: It has got roll balls for extra security along with a rear carrier back to get storage for providing more services.
  • Speed and Capacity:This 196cc engine can handle weights up to 400 pounds and hit speeds of 15 mph with its torque converter system that gives it extra oomph on off-road terrain!
  • Suspension:It provides dual a-arm adjustable shocks. With it are the chain drive and CVT transmission.
  • Powerful Engine:It has a four-stock one cylinder 196 cc powerful air-cooled engine and a 90+ octane rating.
  • Age Range:Anyone above 13 years can start using the Coleman go kart kt 196. Remember to wear the helmet and follow all precatory measures when you are rising this go kart.
  • Fuel Capacity:Its fuel capacity is 3.6 liters that’s about .95 gal. The recommended is unleased 90 or the higher octane.


This go kart kt196 is a fun, reasonably priced kart that children of all ages can use.

This particular kart has a classic, comfortable design and a great price.

This model is a concealed-wheel kart, so it has a high-speed, low-maintenance riding experience without the need for a lot of maintenance.

You can get it at best deals from Amazon, tractor supply, and camping world.

Coleman go kart ck196

The Coleman Powersports CK196-T 196cc Gas Powered Go Kart is perfect for any rider who wants to have fun in the great outdoors.

This rugged go kart features a powerful four-stroke engine, durable all-terrain tires, and an automatic CVT drive torque converter that will get you going fast with its simple pull start operation!

When used off the road, there are no rules about how far out into nature one may venture without being self-restrained by man-made boundaries like speed bumps.

When driving, remember each municipal and provincial government has separate laws for operating off-road go karts in that areas.

You can decide if your kid is ready for go kart by analysing the strength, skill level, size, and clear kid safety judgment.

Notable Features

  • Colour variations:It comes only in a black and red color combination.
  • Speed: With 27hp at your disposal, this lightweight ride can reach speeds up to 23 mph on flat ground or 24+ miles per hour.
  • Origin and Security:It is designed in the US. For extra safety, it has also got roller bards.
  • Suspension: It has a rear: dual hydro shock and front dual a-arm. With it, a CVT transmission is followed, starting with recoiling and using a chain drive.
  • Powerful Engine: With beautiful age, it has a powerful air-cooled one-cylinder four-stroke 196 cc engine.
  • Age Range:Anyone above 13 years can start using this Coleman go kart CK 196.
  • Fuel Capacity:Its fuel capacity is 4 liters, that’s 1.06gal. The recommended fuel type for this go kart is unleaded 90 or higher octane


It is available online on Sams Club, Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. Right now, the product’s best price is about 1099 USD at Walmart.

It’s perfect as Walmart is the biggest US and global retailer.

Coleman go kart rtk 200

It’s time to take the go-kart racing scene by storm with this Real tree 196cc gas-powered vehicle. With a durable frame and all-terrain tires, you’ll never lack traction when pounding down dirt roads or paved courses alike!

The powerful four-stroke engine means that there are no limitations on where your adventures can lead; whether it’s around our track in shortcuts mode (check out those high speeds), over obstacles at top speed without slowing down because it has impressive braking power thanks to hydraulic disc brakes, which give even novice drivers peace of mind knowing they won’t get carried away too far off course while letting other cars pass safely by either side-of if just enjoying scenic scenery.

Notable Features

  • Age Range:Only kids older than 13 years can use it by following all other precatory measures.
  • Camouflage feature:You have an option for exclusive real-time camouflage
  • Fast Speed:It speeds at max to 23 miles per hour (37km/h).
  • Powerful and Durable: The powerful 196cc engine with heavy-duty metal frames is durable.
  • Steadfast Brakes:It has a hydraulic disc rear brake and rugged tertian tyres.
  • Easy and reliable operation:Use the automatic torque converter with an easy-to-use pull start operation.
  • Fuel Capacity:The gas tank capacity for this go kart is 4 liters (1.06 gal.). Remember to use unleaded 90 or higher octane as fuel type for this go kart.
  • Suspension:For the front tyre it has dual a-arm adjustable shocks. Similar to the rear type, it has Double adjustable shocks.


The exclusive camouflage is the real-time most beneficial advantage. You can get Coleman go kart rtk 200 at the best prices on Walmart for 1379 USD. It’s a perfect choice as Walmart is the biggest domestic and worldwide retailer.

Coleman go kart sk 100

Coleman go kart SK 100 is the variation of the previous version as an old go kart model was redesigned with the same engine.

Anyone over 13 years of age can use this go kart. Remember, provincial governments have different off-road regulations, so do check them. It is a perfect go kart for operators.

You can go climbing or descend from a hill with this go kart. With exciting new sleek design kart body and exciting features, you can have hours of fun outside with this go kart.

The SK100 98cc gas-powered engine with an easy pull-start operation will power you through the trails all day.

It has got plenty of muscle, so it does not matter if your skills are still developing!

With a reinforced seat and four-point safety harness to keep them locked in behind the wheel no matter what happens on this fun-filled adventure, you are safe.

They have Built heavy-duty 16 & 13 Gauge Tubular Construction to make sure years’ worth of adventures can happen for kids at any.

Notable Features

  • Color Variations: Itis available in a red and black color combination that gives the stylish rider looks.
  • Safety: it is equipped with safety nets, race-inspired seat, and harness 4-point safety protection for safe rides.
  • Age Range:A perfect choice for boys and girls over 13 years of age. If you are under 16, then remember adult supervision is recommended for the rider’s safety.
  • Powerful engine: The modern, sturdy frame with a 98 cc gas power engine makes it more powerful and durable.
  • Clutch:The proven automatic centrifugal clutch is amazing.
  • Smooth Ride:The low-pressure tires give a stable and soft ride on smooth and bumpy roads.
  • Fuel Capacity:The fuel capacity for this go kart is 1.6 liters (.42 gal). Recommended fuel type for this go kart is unleaded 87 or higher octane.


The go kart sk 100 is available on all major online and retail stores. You can get the best pricing for this go kart at the biggest international retailer Walmart by paying only $812.

Final Thoughts

The Coleman Go Kart Go is a great all-terrain vehicle that anyone can use. It is not your ordinary four-wheeler. Each Coleman Go Kart has a different sort of design than most of the four-wheelers out there.

And it is designed with an enclosed enclosure that keeps you safe and comfortable during those long hours of driving.

We have seen dozens of karts that are just the opposite of another model. Many go karts are expensive and can be frustrating to use, so it is best to get a realistic price.

The 6 Best Coleman go karts is a compilation of the best and most popular models we found on the market today.

These six great rides will provide you with hours of fun at any skill level. Have you seen the perfect go kart for your family?

If so, let us know by sending us an email at

We do love to hear from you!

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