Best Go Kart Racing Teams to Join in 2022

Best Go Kart Racing Teams to Join in 2022

When it comes to go kart racing, having the right team means everything for your racing results career projections.

That’s because not everyone can become world champions or get to Formula 1,

In fact, only the 0,01% of those who get started in go karts can actually make it to F1.

So in order for you (or your kid) to increase your chances of success, you might wanna spend some extra time and money with the most successful teams.

The most important aspect of a go kart racing team is its professionalism and how it ensures that you and fellow racers improve your driving skills and racecraft.

And who better than the most successful racing teams in go kart history to teach you how it is done.

World championship-winning teams will substantially increase your chances of success.

Here are the best go kart racing teams that should be on your radar for 2022 or 2023.

I’ve broken them down in terms of age since most teams have specialized in specific categories and are successful in those like Babyrace Academy is for 60 Mini.

Best go kart teams for kids 9-12 y.o.

Babyrace Driver Academy

The best team between 9 and 12 years old is Babyrace.

The italian-based team was founded back in 2007 and has ever since won dozens of different races including World Championships and Italian Championships.

#1 60 Mini Kart Team

In the past Bayrace used to serve multiple categories whereas in the last few years they’ve shifted focus towards 60 Mini only.

That has turned out to be a huge success with the team winning nearly every single championship since 2020, including most WSK championships to date.

Best teams for 13-15 y.o.

Tonykart Racing Team (OTK)

Regarding teams for drivers between 13 and 15 years old, the first name that pops out is Tonykart.

The European team is a world leader in various categories including OKJ and OK categories.

They keep on innovating and developing new products to help their drivers achieve the best results possible.

The level of competitiveness of their chassis is always really high leaving little space to other go kart manifacturesrs.

Best teams for 15+ y.o.

RickyFlyn Motorsport

For teenagers over 15 years old, the best go kart teams for 2022 and beyond are clearly RickyFlyn Motorsport.

The British team has become synonymous with success since 2010 when they first started racing internationally and winning multiple championships with drivers like Lando Norris.

Their team members are extremely experienced and know all there is to know about what it takes to be successful in go kart racing, which will benefit new drivers in a big way.

Best go kart teams for adults


When it comes to adult racers, the first name that comes to mind is BirelArt.

The Italian-based manufacturer of go karts always keeps on innovating and improving their designs to offer the best possible go kart racing experience.

This is one of the most renowned go kart racing team that came out in the 80s.

Their main area of strength are the KZ2 shifter karts which are extremely fast and tough to beat for all go kart drivers, beginners or experienced ones.


Last but not least we’ve got CRG with multiple world championships, European Championships and Italian Championships.

The Italian manufacturer has been around from a long time and they’ve dominated the scene for a few years.

In terms of shifter karts, they are the best team and kart manufacturer together with BirelArt.


So here were the best go kart racing teams of 2022 and beyond.

Based on your age (or your kids age) and category you race in, these teams will make a difference and help you see more success on the racetrack.

They are some of the best in the world when it comes to go kart racing, meaning that they are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Your chances of becoming successful and seeing the results they do will double or triple if you pick one of these top five teams.

They’ll teach you how to improve your driving skills, racecraft and even give you a kart that will be shoot for race wins.

Make sure to keep an eye out for these names and sign up with them as soon as possible so that you can join them for races and championships.

Remember taht when it comes to kids below the age of 12, Babyrace is the best team to race with.

Here you can view their website so that you could ask an inquiry or further information.

Hope the article was useful, happy go kart racing! 🙂

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