The 7 Best Shifter Karts for Adults in 2022

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Looking for the best shifter karts to drive in 2022? We’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we will share with you our picks for the 7 best shifter karts for adults.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver, we’ve got the perfect kart for you!

shifter kart start

I understand that some drivers are skeptical before getting into shifters because they think it will be too difficult to get good at it.

But the truth is that shifters are some of the most fun karts to drive, and with a little bit of practice, you can be shifting like a pro!

And also, if one day you’d want to get into professional race car driving (Formula 1), nothing will prepare you for it better than shifters.

Here are the 7 best Shifter karts for adults


CRG Road Rebel Shifter Kart

CRG Road Rebel Shifter Kart

Featuring the iconic Honda CR125 Stock Engine, this shifter comes with a complete MyChron 4 Basic data system to help with racing. The brakes are a VENO5 steel disc and the wheels are made of magnesium.

Its body is fully black and comes with Factory CRG Graphics. The chassis is 32mm and is designed for all modern 125 shifter engines. The kart also features a GFS fuel system, 6-speed gear, and ’01 cylinder among other great features.

The kart also comes with fiberglass seats that fit properly and are suitable for racers 180lbs and under,


  • Steel brake systems
  • Magnesium wheels
  • The chassis accommodates all modern engines

Intrepid Cruiser Shifter Kart

Intrepid Cruiser Shifter Kart

The Intrepid Cruiser comes with everything needed for shifter karting. Its lightweight frame is made of aluminum, but so is the small toolbox for all your spares and tools.

The chassis is designed for a 125cc 6-speed transition engine. But it can also accommodate all modern shifter engines, including the likes of Honda CR250cc and Honda CR125 engines, Vortex ROK Shifter, and Super Shifter.

The seats are factory fiberglass seats, which are removable. This means that you can change seats to suit the driver, whether is adults or kids. The seats are fully padded.


  • Versatile chassis to accommodate all modern shifter engines
  • Front and rear brake system
  • Removable seats

2021 OTK KZ Shifter 401R

2021 OTK KZ Shifter 401R

This shifter kart features a 2021 Tony Kart chassis type made of a 30mm diameter steel tube with a 1045mm wheelbase. Its chassis is compatible with all 125 centimeter cubic shifter engine units.

Its engine is Vortex ROK Shifter and has OTK fiberglass racing seats that adults and kids. But if you are a bit larger in frame, you can always swap the seats with ones that fit you.

It features soft and comfortable grip steering wheels, updated floor pan as well as floor pan mounts, aluminum vibration-resistant stay for the rider fairing support.

This is a pretty great shifter kart for enthusiastic drivers, dedicated regional or national racers, or even semiprofessional racers.


  • Vortex ROK Shifter engine
  • OTK Factory BSS shifter brakes
  • Magnesium wheels

GP14 125 Shifter Kart SR

GP14 125 Shifter Kart SR

This kart was designed specifically to race in the shifter category and is built to compete at very high levels be it in the national or global championships.

What many racers like about this shifter is that it comes in a variety of chassis alignments – cast iron or ceramic VEN05 brake rotors and aluminum or magnesium components.

It is made from the best material, especially when it comes to compromising between resistance and lightness. It is designed entirely using aluminum or magnesium tubes 32 mm in diameter.

The kart has two adjustable bars – one at the rear and another at the front – to allow change of the configuration.

Personally, I think the brand did an incredible job in differentiating the frames of its shifter, considering that most frames from most manufacturers tend to look very similar. The main feature that changes the appearance of the frame of this kart is the fuel tank area. Here, the tubes require only one curve to link the rear and front axles. This enables the front of the kart to profit from enhanced directionality when approaching a corner, thus helping the rider to perfectly position the shifter on entry.


  • Magnesium tires
  • Movable foot supports
  • Three position spindles
  • Removable fourth rail

CRG Rotax DD2 125cc Shifter Kart

CRG Rotax DD2 125cc Shifter Kart

With a top speed of 87 mph (140 km/h), this shifter is one of the fastest on the market. It also has 34 horsepower, which might not sound powerful enough for large drivers, but this kart is the real deal!

It is fitted with ceramic-infused brake pedals, one at the front wheel and another one at the immovable rear axle.

In bends, you can easily pull 3.0G, but it will depend on factors such as tires and the condition on the track. But still, that is some crazy number considering an F1 car usually pulls 4.5G!

Just for speed alone, the DD2 125cc is perhaps the best shifter in the Rotax series.

Despite being super-fast, this shifter is still relatively affordable.

It is one of the few if not the only one, that features a factor paddle shifter and electric Start 125 centimeter cubic shifter engines.


  • Electric start 125cc engines
  • Black CRG magnesium tires
  • Alfano Data System

GP8 Honda CR125 Shifter Kart

The GP8 shifter kart is ideal for racers 15 years and above. Just like most shifters on this list, it also has a 32mm diameter chassis, which is designed specifically for 125 centimeter cubic shifter engines.

Its frame comes in the color blue as well as featuring some interesting GP racing graphics. The kart also has VENO5 steel brake pedals in the front and VENO5 ceramic brake pedals in the rear.

The 8-position geometry of the front end allows for camber and castor positioning. It also comes with MyChron 4 data system for RPM, lap times, shift lights, and so on.

If you are looking for an affordable and high-performance shifter, don’t look any further than this!

When it comes to the comfort of the rider, the shifter has fiberglass racing seats, but you can always change to suit your size.


  • 8-position front end
  • Two brake system
  • Magnesium wheels


BSR Racing Kart Pro

BSR Racing Kart Pro

Blue Shock Race is one of the most notable shifter kart manufacturers in the world. With BSR Racing Kart Pro, they became the first kart brand to supply electric karts to a national championship.

The BSR Racing Kart is one of the best shifter karts on the market because of its top speed, power, and strong construction.

It uses a 25kW electric motor that supplies some crazy amount of power. Because of its industry-grade performance, the 350A controller alongside the engine is air-cooled via numerous vents.

However, its sheer power is manifested on the race trail. With a maximum speed of around 84 mph and 6,000 rpm, this kart is one of the fastest you can find on the market today.

Its engine’s torque delivery is prompt that the kart can easily reach 62 mph in a matter of seconds. With those numbers, it is pretty easy to see why the BSR Racing Kart Pro is highly regarded as one of the best shifter karts for adults.


  • Powerful motor
  • Top speed of 84 mph
  • Accelerates to 62 mph per second


Alright so here were our top 7 picks for the best shifter karts on the market today.

We hope that this article has given you a little better understanding of what to look for when shopping for a shifter kart.

All the karts on this list are high-performing and should satisfy even the most demanding drivers.

So go out there and find the perfect shifter kart for you!

Shifter Karts FAQ

How does a shifter kart work?

Shifter karts operate differently from traditional go-karts.

While normal karts use a direct drive single-cylinder engine, shifter karts function with 125 shifter engines.

This also means that shifter kart engines come with 6 gears and not just one, unlike the traditional karts.

It is because of the 125 shifter engines that many karting aficionados feel shifter karting is not as pure as standard karts, which have direct drive.

Due to these many components, shifter karts can be extremely difficult to drive if you have no prior experience. In addition to many things that require some getting used to, drivers are also required to alter their driving techniques.

Traditional karts use centrifugal clutches that soften acceleration and sap power.

But shifter karts transmit power to the ground via their six gears.

Just like normal car vehicles, shifter karts employ a chronological shift pattern – pull back to engage higher gear and then push forward to change to a lower gear.

Shifter karts also have only two pedals – throttle and brake. Their clutch is operated by hand, and it is only useful when you want to start the car.

The steering column is located in between the throttle and brake pedals.

Because of this configuration, shifter karts can be an ideal way for race drivers to familiarize themselves with the left-foot braking system.

How to shift a shifter kart

how to shift a shifter kart

Shifting a shift kart can be tricky for novice racers who are used to direct drive systems. Therefore, it is crucial to understand this before getting started.

As I have mentioned, shifter karts have six gears that you need to shift in order to fully utilize its many engines.

Since these karts are 6-speed manual transmission, you need to familiarize yourself with how to change the gears because the kart will not automatically do it for you.

Failure to shift the gears, the engine of the kart will become overheated due to high RPMs.

Luckily, if you have experience driving a manual transmission vehicle, shifting a shifter kart will not be too much of a trouble because you already know when to change gears,

In addition to learning how to shift gears, you also need to know to count the gears because shifter karts don’t have a gear counter.

This means you need to always remember which gear your kart is in.

But even if you are used to driving a manual vehicle, shifter karts will still throw you off with their complicated gears, most importantly because the clutch is used only to start the kart and not to change gears.

To shift to a higher gear, you need to slightly let off the throttle off as you pull back the shift lever, and to downshift, you need to blip the throttle as you push forward the gear lever.

The gear shift is a little dial located next to the steering wheel.

Note that the shifter karts usually don’t have a rev-limiter; this means you cannot use the downshifting in order to downgrade the gear to slow the kart down. This can result in engine overheating, and the engine can easily blow.

Instead, if you want to slow down maybe you are approaching a corner; you should step on the brake pedal reasonably hard, and when the car has slowed down, you can swiftly shift down a couple of gears.

Shifter kart hose powers (hp)

Shifter karts use single-cylinder motocross motorcycle engines with 80cc, 125cc, or 250cc depending on the category.

In terms of power, it can range from 17.2 hp at 12,800 rpm to 37.3 hp at 11,000 rpm. But it is not rare to find a shifter kart with more than 50 hp.

Shifter karts top speed

On average, shifter karts can travel up to 120 mph. These are not for young kids because someone might get seriously injured with that kind of speed and power.

But if you are still new to shifter karting, you can always gear it down so it can only go around 50 mph or 70 mph.

Due to its six-speed transmission, the engines can get moving very quickly, even with small distances shifter karts can reach up to 80 mph to 100 mph.

Are shifter karts street legal?

If your shifter kart has the proper safety features and passes the speed test, it can be deemed street legal. Shifter karts are mostly found in private backyards or tracks, but if you feel like cruising around on an open road or downtown, you will have to make sure it complies with the regulations by making some additions.

How much is a shifter kart?

You can get a shifter kart anywhere within the $4,500 – $14,999 price range for a new unit, but second-hand vehicles can cost between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on the model.

Where to buy a shifter kart

There are plenty of sprint racing go-kart shops on the internet where you can buy a shifter kart from. But as always, I encourage you to go to a dealership in person and buy your shift kart, because this way you can examine the parts and test-drive the car before buying.

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