Best Cruise Ships with Go Karts in 2022

Cruise ships have always been a symbol of luxury travel before even the Titanic in the early 1900s. Today these ships have additional features that you would find onshore theme parks. From roller coasters and carousels to go-kart tracks, cruise ships are slowly becoming premium travel service providers. For those who enjoy some worthy go-kart experience, here is everything you need to know about cruise ships with go-kart tracks.

Which cruise ships have go-karts?

Currently, only the Norwegian Cruise Lin provides go-kart tracks on its top decks. These ships include the Norwegian Joy, the Norwegian Encore as well as the Norwegian Bliss. Each ship go-kart track has a capacity to accommodate ten riders at a time and uses electric go-karts that can clock up to 50 km/h.

The first go-karting cruise ship debuted in 2017 and the second one in 2018, while the latest was debuted a year later.

best cruise ships with go karts
Best cruise ships with go karts

Does Carnival cruise have go-karts?

Yes, Carnival Cruise Line has go-kart tracks on its decks. Additionally, it also has features such as waterslides, skydiving simulators, and bumper cars among other theme park-like features. However, their go-karts are not the fastest, with a maximum speed of 30 mph. However, there are some added thrills in that some sections of the track swing out a few feet over the verge of the ship.

Does Norwegian Encore have go-karts?

The Norwegian Encore has a go-kart track called the Encore Speedway, and stretches 11,500 feet, covers whopping two stories, and has enough room to accommodate up to 10 riders at a time.

Just like the Carnival cruise go-karts, all the karts are electric-powered and can hit up to 30 mph, which is a bit slower to allow racers to navigate all the 10 turns.

The track features four sections that dangle over the edge of the deck, in one case, around 13 feet above. All races take eight minutes, and the 11,500-foot track also features a viewing track for spectators to enjoy the race as well as use lasers to tag racers and offer them an additional turbo boost.

Its tracks are the first of their kind on a cruise ship. However, they are not just theme-park karting tracks; they come with an authentic racing experience like you will find in traditional go-kart racing.

In addition to where spectators can site, the tracks also covered pit lane, floodlights to allow racers to ride at night or poor-lite region, and a digital system that records your laps.

This karting track on the Norwegian Encore offers a completely exceptional experience in the middle of the water.

If go-karting races are not your thing, the tracks are situated towards the rear of the ship, giving those who like quietness and peace time to relax and enjoy your cruise.

Norwegian Encore with go karts
Norwegian Encore with go karts

The race tracks on the Norwegian Encore

Although this karting track is located on a ship, it is comparatively large even for enclosed karting standards. Precisely, the race track is 350 meters long and 5.5 meters wide. In addition to the 10 corners along the tracks, there are also some straight parts of the track to provide racers with overtaking opportunities.

Additionally, they are multi-level tracks, thus you can find some inclinations at some points to provide great views of the water.

To enhance the racing experience onboard, the electric-powered karts create sounds of F1 engines while running, making the whole thing more authentic.

Since the track is just 5.5 meters wide, it can be tricky to overtake at certain points, but this only makes the whole experience more fun.

What I can advise anyone planning to go go-karting onboard the Norwegian Encore is to remember this is a luxury escapade and some drivers may want to drive slow to take in the views of the ocean.

As for experienced racers wanting to finish first, be mindful of this too. Take your time and you will have plenty of opportunities to overtake them.

Go-kart models onboard

The Norwegian Cruise Line seems to use just one model of go-karts on its tracks – the electric-powered SiNUS iONs, which have been customized to resist corrosion of the salty ocean environment. These models are of the highest quality and are very fun to ride.

Since most people on cruises are typical with family or friends, these go-karts feature two seats. However, not discriminate against solo travelers, there are also one-seaters available onboard.

Also, because they are electric-powered, these go-karts are extremely quiet albeit the authentic F1 engine sound they produce to make the experience authentic and to feel like the kart is going faster than its 30 mph speed limit.

The Norwegian Encore Cruise Line offers safety gear to racers, including balaclava and helmets with visors. Each helmet sock fits similar to a ski mask over your head, thus preventing the actual helmet from coming into contact with your hair or skin. Additionally, the helmet socks, after every use, are washed.

How much are go karts on Norwegian Encore?

Each race session takes about 8 to 10 minutes, costing $15 per session. That is not too much to a price for an unbelievable experience of go-karting on top of a luxurious cruise ship.

A single lap is enough for those who just want to have a taste of go-karting. But to satisfy your appetite fully, you should consider going for several laps, since it is possible to bundle them up.

And if you are not fully quenched, consider purchasing the Unlimited Weekly Pass, which costs around $199 and lets you race whenever time you wish and whenever sessions you want for the entire week you are onboard the cruise. Splurging for this plan also comes with other perks, for instance, you will be able to benefit from the priority line, which means you don’t have to wait in line too long.

How fast are go karts in Norwegian Encore?

The go-karts on the cruise ship have a top speed of 30 mph, but with its realistic engine sound effects, it can feel like they are going faster than their actual speed.

Nevertheless, the 30 mph is enough to quench any speed-junky considering the location of the race track.

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