Top 5 Diet Tips to be Fitter and Faster on Track

So, in this article, I wanted to quickly share with you my tips and tricks to eating while at the racetrack and what I feel are the best things to do in terms of eating and drinking before and after races. So, I feel that throughout my years, I’ve gained a lot of experience around this.

And I can share with you my personal opinion about what I would and wouldn’t eat or drink during a race weekend.

Here’s the list of the 5 diet tips to be faster and fitter on track:

  1. Don’t eat heavy meals
  2. Eat lots of fruits
  3. Eat nuts and dates (If not allergic)
  4. Keep yourself Hydrated
  5. Have some mineral salts

Don’t eat heavy meals

So, tip number one is to not eat heavy meals. And really, I can tell you with certainty that this is so important. And it made me such a big difference once I realize this, especially to not eat heavy meals before getting into your kart.

So before driving, like literally an hour before driving, you should not eat any heavy meals. If there’s a lunch break, and there’s around two hours before you get back into the kart, then you could also have some heavier meals. Like a big plate of pasta with sauce or whatever.

But if you do have a limited amount of time because there’s a lot of sessions throughout the day and you don’t have a lunch break or the lunch break is very short, I would recommend you to not eat heavily.

Because again, once you will get back into the kart, you will feel it. Because your digestion is still going on and it will take a lot for you to digest. Especially if you have a very important session after lunch.

So, let’s say you have qualifying or you have the final race which is the main race of the weekend then in that case, I would really suggest you to take it easy, and better to eat something that doesn’t stay undigested.

Eat lots of fruits

So, with our regards, let’s go to tip number two which is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (if you don’t mind). And really that’s what I like to do when I’m a racetrack, I like to really eat bits of fruits throughout the day.

That allows me to satisfy my hunger needs but also to give me the vitamins so that I can stay healthy and have lots of energy. So that’s good. I like to have fruits such as bananas, apples.

go kart drivers diet and nutrition tips
go kart drivers diet and nutrition tips

Eat nuts and dates (If not allergic)

And then as we go to tip number three which is to eat nuts and dates. So, I really like to have these ones because they have a lot of calories. And at the same time don’t leave you like feeling heavy on your stomach. So, to be honest, dates are my favorite snack to have in between sessions. I highly recommend you to try them if you’ve never done so.

It’s going to give you so much energy and at the same time keep you very light. And you have such a great feeling once you get back into the kart.

And I wish I could have discovered them earlier in my career. I actually learned about dates when I was 15, 16 years old already driving in cars full time in Formula Three. But I wish I could have learned them earlier because I mean I knew they existed but I never tried them.

So, I encourage you to taste them and see how it goes for you. Of course, be careful if you have allergies because you might be– there’s a lot of people who have allergies for nuts and dates so please be aware.

Keep yourself Hydrated

And tip number four is to keep yourself hydrated. Now, this is so important because if you don’t keep yourself hydrated, you will suffer, you will struggle a lot especially in the summer months where you might be sweating a lot. So, I encourage you to drink at least two liters of water a day.

So of course, keep drinking throughout the whole day. Have your bottle next to you so that after every session, you can sip a bit of water.

And it’s really fundamental to keep yourself hydrated otherwise you will feel thirsty and you will feel like a dry mouth. That’s not good. That means you’re close to being dehydrated and that’s not good.

Because if you are not well hydrated then you will suffer from concentration loss. Your focus will not be as good so it’s going to be easy for you to make mistakes and not have good performance on track.

So, I always paid a lot of attention to this especially when you go up to Formula cars. It’s really important because you sweat even more being an one hour in the race car. So, it’s very important for you to rehydrate yourself.

Have some mineral salts

And then tip number five is closely connected to the previous one, which is to have some mineral salts.

And this is really important because again, it will keep you hydrated. Because when you drive with your go-kart, you’re going to sweat and you’re going to sweat a lot specially in the summer and you’re going to lose a lot of liquids, lots of mineral salts, therefore, you have to reintegrate them with some minerals.

So, you can take some mineral salts, you can buy them pretty much anywhere. But I suggest you to have Polase Sport. I like to have Polase, it’s really good.

But there are many different brands and products available. You can check with your personal trainer with your doctor or with your nutritionist.

But please make sure that you have some mineral salts. Of course, you don’t want to exaggerate, otherwise that’s going to be a problem. But if you have one mineral salt portion per day, it’s going to be fine.


So that’s it, I hope you enjoy this top five diet tips. I feel like this can help you out quite a lot. If you follow these.

Of course, each and one of us has different preferences so you should see what you prefer most. But I encourage you to keep hydrated, don’t eat heavy meals, eat lots of fruits and make sure you have lots of energy but at the same time don’t keep yourself too heavy.

Remember: I’m neither a doctor nor a Nutriotinist therefore these informations should not be taken as advice but information only. Please ask the professional advice of your doctor.

Otherwise, it’s going to affect your performance. Having said that, I hope to see you soon.

Ciao 🙂

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