Top 3 Drift Karts for Kids & Adults in 2022

There are millions of individuals that participate in go-karting as a form of competitive racing every year across the globe.

Drift karts are great for the entire family since they’re simple to operate, safe to drive, and capable of some amazing drifts.

There are a large number of different types of drift karts on the market, each with its special features. However, with so many alternatives to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you and your child?

We’ll look at the top-rated drift karts for both adults and children in this article.

We highly recommend going drifting with the family or even just taking your children out for a day of fun on their own.

What are the best drift karts?

To help you make an informed buying decision, we looked at criteria including battery life, weight limit, and other considerations like these three drift karts (also known as drift carts). A few of them are aimed only towards children and would be ideal as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Some of them are aimed at adults and older teens. Even so, they’re all excellent and a blast to use.

If instead, you’re looking to get a go-kart for your son, then check out these 5 Best go karts for kids!

  1. Razor Crazy Cart Shift

Drift karts built for smaller children, like the Razor Crazy Cart Shift, are hard to come by. It has a carrying capacity of 120 pounds and a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour. Parents have the option of allowing their kid to drift up to 13 km/h (8 mph) or capping the speed of the drift kart at 2.5 mph.

The kart’s architecture is kept simple by the Power Core Hub Motor, which eliminates the need for chains, tensioners, and sprockets that need regular maintenance.

Parents need to know that the Crazy Cart Shift doesn’t have brakes and is designed to slow down rather than stop fully. Given that it can’t move very fast, to begin with, this isn’t a drawback for this particular vehicle.

Even while it’s critical to keep in mind, it’s just as critical to inform the teen driver of the issue.

The ultimate result is a kid-friendly kart that’s great for drifting. The Crazy Car Shift has a very straightforward design, making drifting a breeze.

At a steering ratio of 1:1, the response is perfect, giving you complete control of the kart. When used in conjunction with the kart’s fixed-incline rear wheels, you get the best of both worlds: driving and drifting.

This Razor model has a 90W electric motor and a rechargeable and very efficient 12V battery. About 40 minutes of drifting activity is more than enough time with this battery pack.

The Crazy Cart Shift, like the rest of the Razor range, comes equipped with a charger and a rechargeable battery. Regrettably, the drift kart’s battery life is restricted to 40 minutes at peak speed. Utilizing this kart often also requires your child to get used to charging it regularly.

It takes around two and a half hours to completely recharge, so keep it plugged in while they are at school or sleeping.

  1. Razor Ground Force Drifter

Our next drift kart is designed for somewhat older children but may be used by those as young as 8 years old. The Razor Ground Force Drifter costs more than the Crazy Cart Shift but is an upgraded version of the latter. With a weight capacity of 140 pounds, this go-kart is suitable for many youngsters.

To begin, let’s take a look at the kart’s appearance. It mimics derby and racing automobiles a lot more than the previous model. Already, the Ground Force Drifter’s abilities are clear.

Just to give you a heads up, this machine is quicker and more powerful than its predecessor. The top speed of the Ground Force Drifter is 12 miles per hour. This may not seem to be a significant increase in speed over 8mph, but it is.

The Crazy Cart Shift has a 40-minute maximum battery life, although this is 40 minutes traveling 12 mph instead of 8 mph like the Crazy Cart Shift. Calculations show that the Ground Force Drifter’s battery offers much more runtime.

There is still a two-to-three-hour charge time on it.

To withstand the faster speeds and sharper bends, the wheels include solid rubber tires.

There is a chance that they will be scratched up, but other than that, they should be OK for drifting. Their concept was inspired by real-life go-karts, both visually and functionally. When compared to the front tires, the rear tires are bigger, while the front tires have a more circular shape with fewer hollows.

As a result, most bends have better and broader turns.

The Ground Force Drifter performs well on streets and sidewalks, but that’s about all it can handle. Similar to real go-karts, these wheels were not designed for use on grass, mud, or other unpaved surfaces.

This kart is far heavier than it seems. The overall weight is around 57 pounds, which may be too much for younger children to move around comfortably when they are not riding. Additionally, transporting it into and out of storage may be a bit problematic.

Razor’s Ground Force Drifter is a fantastic alternative for youngsters disappointed with the starting experience provided by slower, smaller drift karts. It’s an amazing value, especially given the extra features and capabilities included in this package.

3. Razor Drifting Crazy Cart

This kart is designed with drifting in mind. Designed for the same age group as the Ground Force Drifter, Razor’s Drifting Crazy Cart focuses on stunts and spins.

The fundamental characteristics of these two drift karts may make them seem comparable at first glance, but there are several important variances that we’ll go over immediately.

Instead of a lever, the Drifting Crazy Cart has an acceleration pedal. Using the proper foot pressure changes the amount of speed you can get from low to high. This adds realism to the overall driving experience.

This drift kart’s generous amount of legroom is one of its best features. The seat and the front frame rest on a metal platform rather than having narrow footboards that confine riders to a single position.

In contrast to other Razor drifting karts, it has just three wheels make this one special. Nothing about its design is for show; its only purpose is to allow for effortless floating.

The Drifting Crazy Cart’s specialty in twists spins, and drifts are what sets it apart from other carts. Aside from the wheels’ design, the huge lever on the right-hand side of the chassis also contributes to this. The drift bar is what you’re seeing here.

Drivers can better control their spinning and drifting using the drift bar. An advantage of this lever over regular drift karts is that it enables the driver to regulate the turn’s direction without having to lean left or right.

The drift lever has four directions of operation. Backward and forwards are not the only directions included; sideways and diagonally are as well. When the drift lever and steering wheel are used together, youngsters may accomplish stunts that are impossible in a regular go-kart.

While the Drifting Crazy Cart is an excellent drift vehicle, it is lacking in other ways. With an automobile capable of spinning in either direction at a speed of 12 miles per hour and without brakes or seat belts, this may be cause for concern. While Razor’s warranty should cover any issues with the rear tires, numerous customers have complained about their short lifespan.

Drifting Crazy Cart is a no-brainer if you have a child that is always spinning and drifting or know someone who does. This is a specialized kart that excels at a specific duty.

How much does a drift kart cost?

Drift karts may cost anything from $100 to $700. Product costs are significantly influenced by the components and materials that are utilized in its construction. Price ranges from around $200 to several thousand dollars for electric drift karts. The majority of motion-powered drift karts are priced at $100.

The top 3 drift go-karts are cost as given below.

  1. Crazy razor cart shift $470

  2. Razor ground force drifter $402

  3. Razor drifting crazy cart $499

How fast do drift karts go?

Most karts’ top speeds are between 40 and 50 mph, which is a safe and manageable speed to drive at all times. You won’t fly off the track and injure other racers or spectators if you go at a leisurely speed.

The top-rated drift karts can go up to 45 mph. To be labeled as “safe,” go-karts that are on the street are subject to severe standards that make finding one difficult. It cost tens of thousands of dollars, and there was a mountain of red tape in the way.

Street-legal karts may have a higher top speed than those designed for indoor racing, but that’s not a given.

Can you drift in a go-kart?

Yes, of course, you can drift in a go-kart, that’s what drift karts are for! 😉

Drifting the kart is an effective means of gaining an advantage. As the racers will confirm, real racing frequently comes down to a few hundredths of a second. When it comes to sports, three-tenths of a second might represent the difference between winning and finishing second.

Rally racers use drifting to their advantage since they compete in races on different surfaces including dirt, snow, and mud. Drift displays are immensely popular, especially in Asia, and it’s also a legitimate sport in and of itself.

However, drifting karts in genuine go-kart racing means losing traction, speed, and precious seconds.

Drifting on a go-kart is mostly composed of three elements.

1. The angle of the front slip.

In drifting, the rear slip angle exceeds the front slip angle so much that the front wheels frequently point in the opposite direction to where the car is supposed to be going throughout the turn.

2. The practice of reversing one’s course.

If the cart is turning left but the wheels are pointing right, the results might be confusing. This maneuver is also known as counter-steering or opposite lock.

3. Moving up and down the slide

As a result, your go-kart will wander. It’s as though they’re slipping around the bend.

Drifting is governed by physical principles.

Rolling tires have higher coefficients of friction on go-kart tracks than sliding tires because of this. As a result, traction will always be greater on a rolling tire.

The more your traction (grip), the quicker you can stop, turn, and accelerate. Faster corner entry, quicker take-off, and faster departure are all possible when you choose a crisp racing line.

When drifting karts, you lose traction, which means you lose speed as well.

Drift karts for adults


If you want to go into karting, you’ll need to understand more about how the sport works and how to run a go-kart before you begin. Learning the ins and outs of your kart is a fantastic method to increase your overall performance, regardless of your ability level.

After learning about the features of the go-basic kart and how simple (yet enjoyable!) it is to drive one, you’ll be speeding around the track in no time.

Travel karts are available in several configurations, but they all have the same fundamental characteristics, no matter where you travel. Even though a go-kart is basically a scaled-down version of a Formula One car, they are nonetheless very powerful vehicles.

Although the bulk of the adult goes karts you’ll see at our tracks are powered by four-stroke petrol engines the size of a typical car’s engine, which is around 200 cm3, junior karts are powered by 120cc engines.

The steering wheel is the kart’s critical control center; it informs the rear wheels which direction to turn. Along with every other critical component of the kart, our trackside staff tests the steering column regularly to ensure it is responsive and ready for high-speed thrills.

To drive a go-kart successfully, you must master these elements in addition to steering. A standard kart has no gears; instead, it has an accelerator pedal for supplying gasoline to the engine and a brake pedal for controlling speed.

Anti-double pedaling technology is available in many karts, preventing you from accelerating and braking at the same time and protecting the clutch.

Drift karts for kids


Drift karts are specially designed carts for drifting. There aren’t many moving parts in this car’s design. Four independent wheels and an A-frame make up the kart’s chassis.

Because they’re simple to drive, safe, and fun, they’re very popular over the world, including in the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

The best children’s drift kart is one that the whole family can enjoy. Purchasing a new drift kart for your child will be a fantastic gift, and they will enjoy it for the rest of their life.

The automobile is expansive in terms of design, color, equipment, and other luxuries. There are several distinguishing qualities. As such, we wish to provide a full analysis of the most powerful karts available on the market today, including electric, pedal, and gas.

A new drift cart purchase, particularly for a newcomer, might be challenging. To avoid wasting money, extensive market research is essential. This is why we’ve put together a top-six list of the most reliable and high-quality drift karts on the market.

Having a complete understanding of their benefits and drawbacks will assist you in making an informed selection quickly. Some of the karts are geared at children alone, while others are designed for teens and adults.

A junior kart may achieve speeds of over 25 mph when driving low to the ground and approaching a tight turn, but an adult kart can reach speeds of over 40 mph when driving low to the ground and approaching a tight turn.

These are the best-selling drift karts for kids in 2021.

  1. Red Razor Crazy Cart Shift 

  2. White Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

  3. Razor Force Drifter Kart

Final Thoughts

The following are the top three drift karts. We hope you’ve found something that matches your criteria or those of the youngsters for whom you’re buying one of these vehicles.

It’s almost as if the folly had caused a breach in the relationship between the two of them. It was great to meet everyone and provide them with something interesting to do, and the drift karting was also a lot of fun for everyone.

With the twists and turns, the speed and power, or just providing outstanding value for the asking price, each of these vehicles has something unique to offer at the top of the list of the best cars to buy.

As long as you make an informed and educated decision, you and your children will have a wonderful time together. This has been an enjoyable read, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

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