The 3 Best Electric Go Karts in 2022

Electric go-karts have gained popularity over the years and we can see why. Extremely fast acceleration among many other amazing features makes electric go-kart people favorites.

The reason for faster acceleration is the robust motor which provides an instant torque that allows it to reach a maximum speed much faster. Additionally, electric go-karts have evenly distributed weight which allows balanced handling, especially around corners.

Moreover, they have no noise and have zero emissions, making them environmentally friendly than traditional gas-powered go-karts.

Top 3 electric go-karts in 2021

BSR racing kart pro

This is a perfect electric go-kart for adults due to its fast acceleration, build quality, and competitiveness. It features a 25kW brushless electric go-kart motor which delivers an amazing amount of raw power. Due to its effectiveness, the engine and its controller are cooled through various events.

We can see the true power of this go-kart on the race track. With a maximum speed of about 130- 135km/h and a top RPM of 6000, it is one of the fastest electric go-kart production in the market.

It delivers instant torque and achieves a 0-100km/h acceleration within 3.3 seconds.

It is easy to conclude that this electric go-kart is extremely powerful and perfect for professional kart racing.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from a quick swap battery system. This prevents you from charging batteries in-between races. This go-kart features a 35Ah or 42Ah which lasts for 10 to 20 minutes.

The rechargeable batteries take 30 minutes to charge. In general, the BSR racing kart pro is a robust electric go-kart suited for professional go-kart racing.


This is one of the most popular rental go-karts on the market. It is highly versatile and durable making it a perfect go-kart for indoor karting. They’re manufactured in Italy and exported all over the world.

These amazing karts are powered by a robust 48V 4kW electric motor. This helps the go-kart to archive a maximum speed of up to 45 mph within 5 seconds. And most importantly, these Italian karts are very customizable. Also, have several additional features.

OTL Storm EFD features an immersive touch screen display fitted onto the steering wheel, giving you the ability to view the battery and other information. Moreover, it features pedal shifters and an f1 sound engine, giving you a realistic racing experience.

It also includes other features like push to start button, Led lights, adjustable paddles, and steering, speed boost, etc.


RiMO SiNUS iON is another amazing electric go-kart. It features two 2.8KW powerful electric motors that achieve a top output of up to 23 kW. With a maximum speed of about 65 km/h, this amazing electric go-kart is extremely fast throughout the race event, making it one of the most popular rental karts.

RiMO SiNUS iON karts are fitted with an innovative lithium battery (LiFeMnPO4) they take one hour to charge completely and last one hour on the race track. These electric go-karts are made in Germany.

Other additional features include the break energy recovery6, a freely programmable controller, and electronic differential. What gives these go-kart stunning looks is the beautifully designed exterior and symmetrical design.

What is an electric go-kart?

An electric kart is a type of go-kart that is powered by electric motors and rechargeable batteries. This is unlike traditional go-karts which were powered by gas or petrol.

Electric go-karts are meant for recreational purposes. However, high-performance models can be used for serious kart racing.

How much is an electric go-kart?

An electric go-kart has an average price of about $12,000. Although most professional electric racing go-karts start from $12000, you can still get an entry-level electric go-kart with a set of specifications for $8000.

Best electric go-kart to buy

The electric go-karts I’ve mentioned before are one of the best go-karts for both recreational and serious kart racing. However, we can add a few here which are also best and available in the market:


BIZ Karts is a go-kart company that is based in London and has been producing racing go-karts since the 1990s. Their latest release so far is ECOVILT NG+ and this go-kart has several improvements and technical innovations as opposed to its predecessor.

Regarding its performance, ECOVOLT NG+ is fitted with 10.5kW IPM (interior permanent magnet) motor which delivers a 45 Nm torque.

Additionally, it has a 48v 350A controller. This controller is connected to a 51.2v 2kWh LFP battery. This electric go-kart also has extensive features like an emer5gence break switch, forward and reverse mode, remote shut down for track operation, and LED indicators. These features make it a great go-kart for both personal use and kart racing.

Also, it has several customization features including the speed boost (for overtaking), seat upholstery, battery cooling feature, flexible steering column, brake lights, and much more. This amazing electric go-kart is available for $13962 only.

Sodi LRX

This is the second electric go-kart release from Sodikart manufacturers in France. It is a model combination of the LR5 and RSX. It is a user-friendly go-kart that is geared more towards recreational racing than performance racing.

Although it is fitted with a similar engine as the RSX, the LRX lack some performance features. Therefore it’s not well equipped as compared to RSX. However, this go-kart is guaranteed to give you a quality karting experience.

Although it is designed for the younger audience, the LRX is a full-sized go-kart measuring 1,850 mm x 1,270 mm. this length is equal to RSX’s length but LRX is a bit narrower. LRX features adjustable pedals, steering wheel, and seats, making it a perfect choice for everyone regardless of their heights.

Additionally, it is equipped with three different battery options, a lead-acid battery or lithium battery each with either 26Ah or 32.5Ah configuration.

Just like the RSX, LRX is designed to NFS52, FFSA CIK-FIA recommendations for recreational go-karting. You can get Sodi LRX for $4750 only plus shipping.

VMG electric kart

VMG electric kart is manufactured in the United States of America. It is fitted with a 48V electric brushless AC motor. This robust motor is said to have an equal performance of a 20hp gas-powered go-kart. It is equipped with a 400A programmable speed controller.

VMG electric kart has two different variants, one has standard absorbent glass mat batteries and an upgrade version that has a more efficient lithium battery.

But that’s not all! The VMG electric also has other innovative features like a rollbar, 3-point safety belt system, adjustable steering, electric seat adjustment, and much more.

What is more unique about VMG electric kart is that it’s quite affordable than other go-karts, regardless of its great features. It is available for $3550 only, quite chipper.

Ferkart RKZ

Ferkart is a new kart company that was launched in 2019. The company is located in Connecticut, United States. Although their go-karts are made in China, they’re developed in America. The RKZ is fitted with an asynchronous brushless electric motor. Additionally, it comes with an advanced lithium battery that can hold longer.

Due to its innovative motor and light chassis, RKZ is capable of attaining a maximum speed of up to 60 mph. according to Ferkart, this is the fastest electric go-kart they’ve ever produced. Apart from its innovative features, RKZ is also equipped with some advanced technologies.

Through high-density polythene molecules, RKZ has impact protection. It also features hydraulic brakes, LED headlights and taillights, adjustable seats and pedals, and more. And more importantly, it is highly customizable.

With that, you can customize it with available stickers or make your own. RKZ go-kart is available for $10050.

Where to buy an electric Go-kart

With plenty of online and local markets, purchasing an electric go-kart has never been a challenge. The only thing to worry about is being scammed. However, there are several online platforms with legit deals.

You can purchase an electric go-kart from Amazon, Walmart, or on companies’ official websites. You can conduct the manufacturers and send your quotes.

What motor to use for electric go-karts

With several models and makes in the market, getting the most effective motor for your electric go-kart can be quite challenging. each of these benefits has its importance and choosing what is best for your electric motor will often depend on your specifications.

So here are some of the best motors you can use in your electric go-kart:

Mophorn 2000 W electric go kart motor kit

This is a powerful and intricately designed motor. It is reliable and features various components which are important for your go-kart performance. The kit contains a 2000 watt brushless electric motor, a speed controller, a screw set, and wrenches.

This electric go-kart motor has an output of 2000 watts. Also, it features a rated voltage of 60 volts and a rated current of 42 amps. It delivers a 5,600 RPM speed, making it high efficiency and perfect for mid-heavy electric go-karts.

Additionally, it has 11- teeth sprocket. This sprocket is compatible with an 8mm pitch.

Something unique about this go-kart motor is that it comes with a speed controller. Therefore, you don’t need to look for a compatible speed controller by yourself.

ZXTDR 800 W electric go kart motor

This is another option. It is cost-effective with great performance. It has a rated speed of 2755-3045 RPM. Additionally, it has a rated current of 29.2 amps. The important thing about ZXTDR 800 W is that it6 features a mounting bracket, making it easy to install on your electric go-kart. The shaft has an 11-teeth sprocket. This sprocket fits well in 25 roller chains.

This electric motor has a torque of up to 2.3 Nm, making it a perfect choice for small and mid-size go-karts. To get the best out of this motor, you’ll need a heavy-duty battery and a speed controller.

3000 W electric go kart motor kit

This is now a beast. 3000 W electric go-kart motor has a 3,000 watts output, making it a great choice for off-road and heavy electric go-karts. It is a 72 volts brushless motor with a rated current of 45 amps and a rated speed of 4,900 RPM.

Additionally, it comes with tools and a speed controller and is all compatible with each other.

Are electric go-kart streets illegal?

Yes, as normal gas powered go karts, electric karts are not street legal and you should not drive your go-kart on the neighborhood roads, sidewalks, or in public areas.

Electric go-karts for adults


This is one of the perfect electric go-karts for adults. It is powered by an 8 V 4kW AC electric motor. However, it’s not powerful as OTL storm EFD.

OTL EGK has a top speed of 60 mph (96/km/h). It is available for $8000.

VMG electric kart

This is another top choice for adults. The design seems to be simplistic but has a great performance. It also has a top speed of 60 mph. It is available for $5249

Ferkart RKZ

This is an American-china beast. It is manufactured in China but designed in America. It has a maximum speed of 60 mph and it’s available for $10050.

Electric go-karts for kids

Razor force drifter kart

Razor force drifter kart is a perfect electric go-kart for kids. It is equipped with a 250W electric motor that helps the kart reach a maximum speed of 12 mph. razor force kart is only available for $519.99.

Here is another electric go-kart, a great choice for kids. It is suitable for kids aged 3 to 8. It is fitted with a 24V electric motor, which helps it reach a maximum speed of 8 mph. Radio flyer goes kart is available for $298.

Rollplay flex kart

This is one of the fastest electric go-karts for kids. It is equipped with a 1000W electric motor which allows it to reach a top speed of 20 mph. it is available for $450.

The bottom line

If you’ve not yet enjoyed the vast advantages that come with electric go-karts it’s time now. Give them a try and post positive reviews like other users.

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