Top 3 go kart tracks in Destin, FL (Reviews & Prices) [2022]

If you are a fan of go-kart riding and looking for the best and top go-karts in Destin, here is the list of top 3 go-kart Destin :

  1.  Five Flags Speedway
  2. The Track – Destin
  3. Deep South Speedway

 Five Flags Speedway



Paved inner 1/4 oval and front straight, water, scales, concessions, electric scoreboard, racing equipment, gasoline, and tyre vendors




7451 Pine Forest Road

Pensacola, FL 32526

The Track – Destin

go kart tracks destin fl
go kart tracks destin fl


The Track’s Wild Woody is available at all sites! Myrtle Beach is home to the Mighty Myrtle.

The Wild Woody and Mighty Myrtle, The Track’s distinctive raised go-kart circuits, take go-karts to new heights. Drivers ascend three and a half stories before turning around and descending with an exhilarating drop at the bottom.

Minimum Height/Age: 4’8″ to drive a single kart*; 16 years old with ID to conduct a double Kart; 3’0″ to ride in a double kart as a passenger. Maximum Weight: 300 lbs. for single karts; 500 lbs. combined for double karts; * 4’10” in Destin and Gulf Shores to drive single and double karts. Destin and Gulf Shores are also options. On the Slick Track, a small track with a unique surface meant to enable racers to slip and slide as they drive around the track several times, things might become a little slick and a whole lot of fun.

Requirements for the ride:

To drive, you must be at least 5’0″ tall.

Weight Limit: 300 lbs.


Destin, Gulf Shores, and Pigeon Forge are all options. The Family Track lives up to its name by providing a fun experience for the entire family. The curving course has single and double go-karts on a conventional figure-eight track with an overpass, which is the epitome of vintage go-karting. To drive single or double karts, you must be 16 years old with ID and at least 4’6″ tall; to go double karts, you must be 16 years old with ID and at least 4’6″ tall.

3’0″ to Ride in a Double Kart as a Passenger; 3’0″ to Ride as a Passenger. On Double Kart; 3’0″ to Ride as a Passenger on Double Kart; 3’0″ to Ride as a Passenger on Double Kart; 3’0″ to Ride as

Maximum Weight: Single Karts: 300 lbs.; Double Karts: 500 lbs. combined.

Requirements for the ride: 

To drive, you must be at least 4’10” tall and weigh no more than 300 pounds.



3500 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71913-6278

10am to 11pm

Deep South Speedway

Deep South Speedway is a 4/10 mile dirt oval speedway with a steeply banked track. DSS is on the Gulf Coast, between Pensacola, FL and Mobile. AL. It’s located on Highway 59 between Stapleton and Loxley, Alabama, 4 miles north of I-10 (exit 44). The speedway is one of the most beautiful racecourses in the south. The 4/10 mile is based on a distance of 10 feet from the outer wall. On the inside rim of the track, it is 3/10 miles around. The front straight is 8 degrees banked, while the rear straight is 14 degrees banked.

Each curve has a banked angle of 22 degrees. The front straight is 65 feet wide, while the rear straight is 80 feet wide. From the inner rim to the outside wall, both turns are over 90 feet wide.




32971 AL-59

Loxley, AL 36551

Opening hours

Mon Closed

Tue 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Wed10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Thu 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Fri 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Sat 9:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Sunday Closed


If you’re looking for a new, exciting activity to enjoy this weekend with your friends or family in Destin, Florida, then give go karting a shot.

There are three tracks that have different speeds and difficulty levels available so everyone can find something they love!

Deep South Speedway is the perfect place if you want to test out your skills on one of their high-powered karts.

Family Fun Park has more kid friendly options like bumper cars and carnival rides. And Five Flags Speedway is the best option if you really want an adrenaline rush – it offers some of the fastest speed options around!

Which track will be your first stop?


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