All you need to know about the Hammerhead Go Kart [2022]

All you need to know about the Hammerhead Go Kart [2022]

Go karting has a way of providing a boatload of amusement to the entire family and you can even get one and unleash the fun of motorsports right in your private backyard. But not all types of go-karts are ideal for family activities. If you want to include kids in the adventure, you are going to need an entry-level kart like a hammerhead. This article today focuses on everything you need to know about this kind of go-kart, so stick around!

Are hammerhead go-karts made by Polaris?

Yes, in 2015, Polaris Industries acquired Hammerhead. Since then, Polaris has been producing hammerhead go-karts and supplying them across the globe. Hammerhead g-karts’ parent club HH Investment Limited was known for manufacturing a line of gas-powered go-karts with power ranging between 49cc and 500cc.

Hammerhead 150cc features


For quite some time now, the Hammerhead 150cc has been one of the best-selling go-karts in that category (150cc engine) because of its many standard features compared to many of its competitors. It is also among the very few off-road buggies to receive quite an astonishing amount of positive ratings from the American market.

The GTS 150, its product name, has fallen out of the stereotype thanks to its impressive construction and practical features, including adaptable bucket seats, adapted steering wheel, 5-point seatbelts, and a hi-tech speedometer just to name a few.

After the acquisition, Polaris saw the ingenuity in the Hammerhead product line and decided to introduce the 4-wheeler in its fleet of off-road buggies. They also fitted the GTS karts with Polaris-tech features, which dramatically improved the aesthetic and performance.

For many riders, this is a dream go-kart, and thus it is befitting to explore what is under the hood. Below are some standout features found in the Hammerhead GTS 150cc series.



The Hammerhead 150cc uses a 4-stroke, air cooling GY6 Honda engine. Its stock carb is very powerful, with bolts tightly fastening the float bowl to the system.

In terms of fuel, the engine uses unleaded gasoline RON 91 or PON 87, containing less than 5% methyl tertiary butyl ether, less than 10% ethanol, or less than 5% methanol with the right corrosion inhibitor and co-solvents.

The fuel tank’s capacity is 6.6 – 8.5 liters or 1.75 – 2.25 gallons.


The 150cc has an electric ignition system and the charging system uses a triple-phase alternator. The ignition timing is non-adjustable but the kart has an idle speed of 1,700 ± 100 RPM.


Its front suspension comes with dual A-arms and the rear one is a swingarm with dual shocks. However, both suspensions are not explained in the manual. They are nonetheless made from steel with a 59-inch wheelbase.

The suspensions offer the kart a ground clearance of around 5.3 to 5.8 inches, which is enough for any terrain.


The hammered 150cc goes for $2,999 to $3,299 depending on the trim and year of release. Some latest models are priced at $3,499 to $3,999.

Note that this price does not include set up, freight, license, title, or other fees.

Top speed

The hammerhead has no published top speed figure, though according to some owners, it is around 50 mph, which can increase when you use some mods.

Hammerhead 250cc features

Notable for its versatility and candid design, the Hammerhead 250cc has received lots of rave reviews from new riders and enthusiasts, just like the 150cc. The 250cc is one of the very few trustworthy Chinese-made off-road karts in the market today.

It is designed to endure dune and other rugged terrains thanks to its 4-wheeler construction, four-point seatbelts, unique Polaris technology, and race-grade seats.

The kart provides incredible low-end torque, a digital speedometer, smooth suspension, and an adaptable steering wheel.

Perhaps the main difference between the 150cc and 250cc is the increased capacity. But while it is not the fanciest or quickest go-kart in its category, it offers value for money when you factor in the price pint and the myriad of impressive features.

The 250cc was launched in the middle of the 150cc success in the market, but it somehow carved its own market segment of enthusiastic riders.

The 250cc was a massive hit in the North American market and Europe, and both dealers and riders were extremely impressed with its features.



The 250cc does not use ethanol-based fuel, but it is also 4-stroke single-cylinder liquid cooling. The gas tank has a capacity of 8.5 liters or 2.25 gallons. It has a compression ratio of 10.1:1, which contributes massively to its top speed despite the fact it doesn’t affect power output.


After a series of engine configurations along the way, the 250cc shifted to CV shafts from the chain drive. Apart from the clutch setup, everything is similar to the 150cc units.


The 250cc uses an electronic ignition system, but rather than a triple-phase alternator, it uses flywheel magneto as a charging system. But its ignition timing is not adjustable.

Top speed

Unlike the 150cc, the 250cc has an advertised top speed of 46.6 mph or 75 km/h, making it one of the fastest hammerhead go-karts.


Prices for the 250cc range from $3,299 to $3,999. But unlike the 150cc, this model does not come with Limited Edition or Platinum trim that can increase the price. Also, this price does not include freight, tax, setup, dealer, or lice fees.

Hammerhead go-kart motor

The Hammerhead go-kart motor produces a horsepower of 9 hp to 14 ho with a top speed of 45 mph to 50 mph. The motor is built for an hour after hour riding and uses CVT transmission to ensure reliable, maintenance-free power production.

Hammered go-kart tires

All 250cc four tires feature a dual hydraulic discs system. The tires are tubeless and are attached on aluminum wheels to enhance tire-and-wheel resistance to corrosion and rust as well as enhance longevity.

All 150cc karts use dual hydraulic disc brake system. Rims are made of either aluminum or steel, depending on the trim and model.

The rear tires are wilder, thus giving the go-kart an excellent handling grip.


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