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Sim tips from an ex F2 & Gt3 driver

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If you want to set purple sectors and fastest laps, you need to get some sim coaching. All the best athletes in the world have got their own coach.
Usain Bolt, Novak Djokovic and Michael Phelps have all had the same coach for many years.
Having your personal sim racing coach that teaches you all the tips based on his accomplishments and experience, could turn you into a champion very quickly.

You can’t become the next esports champion on your own.
You need someone to help you out with telemetry analysis, racing lines, race craft, and tips for driving in the wet.
Especially when you race for the first time on a new track.
You need all of these skills if you want to succeed as a sim racing driver and possibly become the next iRacing or Formula 1 esports champion.   Check out Alessio Lorandi‘s accomplishments on Wikipedia.

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