All you need to know about Indoor Go Karts

All you need to know about indoor go-karts

Just like normal go-karts, indoor go-karts are reliable and durably designed. These go-karts have:

  • Large powerful motors
  • All-wheels disc brakes
  • Safe racing cockpits

They come in different shapes and sizes and both have a speed of over 50 mph. they’re simply the perfect adrenaline rush you’ll ever have without spending too many dollars.

How fast are indoor go-karts?

Adults’ indoor go karts can attain a top speed of 40mph while kids’ indoor karts can go up to 25mph. these are the maintained speeds that make it easy to control the kart and prevent you from flying off the track and causing accidents.

How to drive indoor go-kart fast

Avoid sliding

Just keep in your mind that sliding will slow your speed. In the fact that sliding is a lot of fun, it may get you in an accident and for sure average drivers will overtake you. Every slide can cost you 0.100 to 0.500 of a second per corner.

Always be close to the apex

The apex is the middle of the corner and you need to travel much closer on every corner. Now, this is an important idea that sets that differentiate the fastest driver and faster driver. Additionally, it sets the difference between slower and slow drivers since slow drivers often drive towards the middle of the track.

For example, the rider is on a 180-degree turn and they’re 2 feet off the apex while in the middle of the turn. Now, to get to that point, it’s either the rider made the oncoming straight 2 feet longer or they made an early turn and drove straight line towards that point.

Now, let’s account for the first possibility. Assuming that the rider made incoming straight 2 feet longer, the rider has to make the exit straight 2 feet long as well in order to get back online.

If you add 2 feet to your apex, you’ll just be adding 4 feet to the total length of the track. Even with maintaining the same speed and curve as the fastest rider, you’ll still arrive at the finish line 4 feet behind. And you can imagine this is just from a single corner.

Regarding the second possibility, that the rider made an early turn.

Remember, the objective of the corner is to around the kart that is moving in one direction and send it to another direction. You must do this with the same energy and moment that you entered the corner with. Now, the sharper the corner the higher the amount of energy will be required.

Therefore, with wide corners, you can carry the most momentum in and out. Basically, when you make an early turn, you’ll be forcing the kart to rotate within the sharper circle since you’ll be driving straight at the apex and do all the rotation on the exit.

This will be slow and that means you would have made the track longer. Also, it means that you’ll likely be slower through the turn, making you lose over 4 ft. in this turn.

Time your actions perfectly by finding marks

Now, this is how to perfect your timing. The track has some kinds of marks which can help you determine your breakpoint, turn-in point, and left-off point. You can handle this by using cameras in your sessions.

Using cameras, you can examine marks on the entry and exit of corners in slow motion during your quickest laps. This gives you targets that you can aim for every time.

Always keep your eyes on the apex

The apex is the most critical point on any corner. Every time you need to be much closer. The expert riders are always within a centimeter of apex every time and you’ll often see their tires hitting the wall of the apex. If you are even by 2 inches, you will lose feet of track in every single lap.

So the only thing to do is to observe the apex from way back up on the straight. At this point, you’ll still need to use marks to time your turn and bake points.

Head up and lean back for hard braking areas

New drivers are likely to lean forward more while racing. The problem with this is that you’ll be taking downforce away from your back tires and you’ll become loose. However, as you gain more experience, you’ll be able to tell the difference when leaning forward and backward with your braking and turning.

With that in mind, a kart is sometimes bound up and may not accelerate out of turns. Going to the gas early will make the kart drag out of turns. remember, when you get on the gas, the weight shifts to the rear.

And if you’ve not fully completed the turn, the single rear axle pushes both rear wheels to the ground at the same time. With that, the kart will appear to go in a straight line, since the axle is solid and both wheels must move at the same speed.

And now, in a situation where the larger rear wheels want to go straight and the front wheels want to turn. Of course, they’ll fight, and being larger the rear wheels will win. This will drag the kart down and make you a slow rider.

Indoor go-kart prices

If you’re interested in buying them, Indoor go-karts are usually available starting from $1,200.47, if instead you’re looking for a 20 minutes kart rental session it can cost you anywhere from 25$ to 50$ per driver.

Indoor go-karts for kids

Kids are more energetic. With that, a go-kart is one of the funniest and unique ways to keep them engaged. With a large number of go-karts in the market, it can be quite challenging to pick what is right for your kids. So here are a few indoor go-karts you can choose from:

Razor dune

This is a perfect combination of spectacular speed but is easy to control and safe. It is equipped with a 350-watt motor, allowing it to reach a top speed of 10 mph. it suitable for any 8 years and above.

Also, it has knobby tires and a strong suspension to give your kid an exciting karting moment without overspeeding. Moreover, it features a sturdy steel tubular making it easy to navigate in terrains.

Hauk lightning pedal go-kart

It is highly versatile, providing a pure riding experience for any young rider. Also, speed can easily be controlled or regulated by the pedals. The go-kart has an adjustable seat with a high backrest for extra comfort.

Ninebot electric go kart kit

It has a unique and exciting concept. Importantly, its frame is compatible with Segway’s Ninebot S, a self-balancing electric hoverboard.

It features dual Ninebot S 400W motors. It has a total range of 13.7 miles making it suitable for both kids and adults.

Indoor go-kart for adults


This is an electric-powered indoor go-kart with an 8V 4kW AC electric motor. It is an ideal go-kart for family entertainment venues. OTL EGK is suitable for 58 inches adults. It features an adjustable seat and steering column.

Furthermore, it has other safety features like a removable padded, roll bar, a 3-point safety harness system, and an emergency stop button. These safety features ensure that riders are protected at all times.


BIZ Karts is a go-kart company that is based in London. This is their latest go-kart release. It comes with several advanced features. Regarding its performance, it features a 10.5kW interior permanent magnet motor which delivers a 45 Nm torque. Moreover, it has a 48V 350A controller, which uses a 51.2V 2kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery. Additionally, it comes with extensive features such as an emergency stop button, a forward and reverse mode, a remote shutdown option, and LED indicators.

Also, it features many customization options, including a speed boost system, seat padding, and battery cooling. ECOVOLT NG+ is suitable for individuals who are looking for an indoor electric go-kart with several customization options.

Ferkart RKZ

This is a new go-kart industry that was launched in 2019, in Connecticut, Unite states. Their go-karts are manufactured in china but designed and developed in the US.

The RKZ features a brushless electric motor and a new lithium battery. With its robust motor, the RKZ can reach a top of 60 mph. apart from its effectiveness, it also features advanced technology.

How old do you need to be to drive an indoor go-kart?

For adults, they must be 16 years and above. On the other hand, kids need to be at least 8 or 15 years of age.

The bottom line

If you’d wish to drive indoor karts for the first time, then this is your opportunity.

It is your time to give indoor go-kart a try!


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