Mercedes AMG GT3 iRacing Nurburgring Setup

So I guess you’ve probably been looking for the latest and best setups in iRacing around Nurburgring but struggled to find any good one?

We all know how essential having a strong car setup in iRacing is, especially in a track such as Nurburgring.

With all those medium to high-speed corners of sector 1, you’ll want to be perfectly good both in terms of driving and car setup.

Driving fast around Nurburgring with a Mercedes GT3

For you to be quick around here, you’ll need the car to be stable on the rear and also good in the high speed corners.

You get that by increasing the mechanical grip from the car, including cambers, anti roll bars, dampers etc…

You’ll also want to have lots of grip in the medium to high-speed corners, and that is achieved primarily with cambers and aero settings.

In fact having near-maximum downforce in a track Nurburgring is always a great choice.

In terms of driving though, you’ll want to make sure the braking is strong, as well as throttle application.

In terms of throttle, you’ll want to be patient and wait for the car to rotate nicely instead of going too soon on power which will cause lots of push understeer.

So make sure the car is straight enough which will guarantee you to use the whole traction of the car.

Regarding the braking, be sure to maximize the initial peak and then hold the brakes accordingly by trail braking into the corner.

All these things combined with a professional proven setup will make you extremely fast, I promise.

Free Nurburgring car setup – Mercedes GT3

Here’s a great setup for the Mercedes AMG GT3 I recommend people checking out, which is totally free.

As always, happy sim racing! 🙂

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