The 5 Best Off-Road Go Kart Engines in 2022

What do you think is the most essential part of a go kart? It’s not a trick question, and yes, the answer is the engine.

The engine is considered the heart of the go-kart. Now, of course, we all are aware that without a machine, a kart won’t work. It is useless. So, it is one of the essential parts of the kart.

Now maybe you are building a new kart yourself, or you are looking to replace your engine with a new one. 

It can be quite a tricky decision to make with all the options out there; that’s why we have got you covered with this blog. We will talk about the top engines to look out for and the attributes each company offers. To help you make an informed decision on what type of engine you should opt for.

Before investing in the engine, we need to keep a few things in mind, start looking according to the criteria, and shortlist the best engines.

There is the HP of the engine, how fast it works, and whether it is a petrol-based or electric engine. They all have their benefits, and it can be pretty confusing to decide which one to buy for your cart.

It all depends on the purpose of the kart. Are you using it for short-range or long-range?

Is it going to be used in competitive terrain and so on?

There are many engines available according to different specifications available for other customers.

Now we will ease that burden for you and this blog will provide you with a list of the 5 bestgo kart engines in aspect to the performance, the HP, the max speed it will offer and what extra features it provides you. This will help you choose the best out of the five.

  1. Predator

One of the ideal engines for the go-kart, especially for the intermediate and beginners’ karts, as it has one of the most user-friendly starting and stopping the engine. Predator is a great engine providing a 6.5HP for a smoother performance.

It is a great engine to look out for when you are planning to invest in an off-road go-kart engine. Predator off-road go kart engine is designed to be very fuel-efficient with the overhead valve system feature.

The engine has an overall decent design; it features a horizontal shaft that is mounted on top of the ball bearing. And one of the best features that make it the ideal choice for all the weather conditions is the build quality of the engine.

The build has a decent and durable cast iron cylinder that makes it resilient to all kinds of weather conditions, protecting the engine from wear and tear.

The engine makes it the list with its efficiency and the auto-shutdown features that stop the kart from running on low oil. Otherwise, it can cause long term damage to the engine. Hence the durability of the kart engine increases.

The engine is type 4Stroke OHV with the 37.5lbs weightage of the engine. It got a fuel capacity of 0.9 gallons, and on low oil, the auto-shutdown sensor helps control any damage to the engine. The dimensions are 15.4” *12.6” *13.6.” 

So, if you are looking to buy a smooth and efficient engine for an intermediate kart, then predator is your go-to. You can easily find the engine on Amazon.

  1. Briggs and Stratton 

Next on the list, we got our Briggs and Stratton 550 series with 3.5HP. The engine is an excellent choice with its great size-to-performance ratio because of its high performance and fantastic build quality.

The engine has a more compact design, and it provides greater fuel efficiency with its featured overhead valve that makes it one of the ideal and compact engines out there. It runs more efficiently without heating up too much. 

The engine can run in all 50 states because it meets all the requirements that are needed. The engine features a single-cylinder, and it is a 4-stroke engine type. The 550 series runs smoothly and effectively with its Dura Lube lubrication system.

The lubrication elongates the engine’s life as it helps with the wear and tear, and there is a protective layer in the engine for smoother functioning.

The engine works with a simple push of the start engine button, but it is ideal because it has a great size to performance ratio. Because of the compatibility, the engine fits in almost all kinds of off-road go-karts, which is one of the most significant advantages of this engine. 

The weight of the engine is 28.7lbs with dimensions 10.3” *13.7”*12.9”. The engine has a fuel capacity of 0.42 gallons.

Amazon has the Briggs and Stratton 550series engine available.

  1. Ducar

Ducar is a high-performance engine with 212cc. The engine features a cast-iron cylinder sleeve makes for a more resilient engine, as this system helps provide sustainability in all kinds of weathers, making it an ideal choice for you.

The engine makes it a perfect engine for you; its single-cylinder and 4stroke type engine, makes for a high performing and effective engine. 

The engine works smoothly, and the efficient design of the pull start engine makes it a decent built engine. The build system is also top-notch with features like a flywheel, ball bearing block and hardened dish valves.

The engine ranks in one of the top engines for the off-road go-karts, providing you with a smoother functioning and high speed and working on the rocky terrain.

The engine has automotive type valve spring retainers and keepers that are not usually found on the other engines making it one of the ideal engines to use in your kart chassis.

The weight of the engine is 104lbs, and the engine has a fuel capacity of 0.40 gallons. They got 6.5, HPmaking it an ideal engine for your go-kart.

  1. Box stock OHV

Next in line, we got the box stock with the 6.5 HP; the box stock is one of the simplest yet inexpensive types of engine available in the market. The engine runs smoothly with their build system, and it provides higher speed and control over the engine.

The box stock comes with a flywheel built of aluminium, 10.8lb high performing springs that make for a high performing engine that is smoother and efficient for racing. 

If you need the engine for competitive racing, the box stock is the best option for you with high horsepower and a sturdy and decent build system that is simple yet impressive on a budget.

For competitive terrains, the box stock provides a sturdier engine that works better for racing purposes. 

  1. Black Clone OHV

Last but not least, we have our 196cc racing engine that provides 6.5 HP for amazing performance in the racing field. The engine is very compact and offers high and smooth performance for competitive purposes.

The black clone OHV is a very efficient type 4 stroke engine with exceptional horsepower to deal with higher speed and provide a decent build system. 

The black clone provides for the smoother functioning of the engine. The engine is one of the best engines out there for competitive terrains and racing purposes.

Deciding on what type of engine to use in your go-karts can be a tricky thing. This blog will help you shortlist the better ones for your go-karts and what type is not so compatible for you.

The list is here to provide you with information that will help you to make informed decisions.

The following brands are manufacturing top class and high-quality engines for smoother functioning and providing you with higher HP for a better go-kart experience. There are tons of engines out there for you to investigate because there s no single perfect engine for everybody.

There are different aspects and specifications for everybody, so before making a decision, you should consider what kind of engine you are looking for. 

It can be a petrol engine or an electric engine, that makes the difference the petrol one works on internal combustion hence needs petrol, even though the petrol ones are loud they are better for off-road tracks.

The electric one has a battery; it requires less maintenance, better weight distribution they are quiet and better for short ranges,

It would help if you also looked for safety, and the most important thing is your budget.

Buy the one that you are comfortable with.

You should define its value and look for the aspects that you need in your engine. It is always a personal decision that varies from person to person.

I hope that the list helped you in making an informed decision on which engine is the best for you.

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