The 5 Best Off-Road Go Karts for Kids & Adults in 2022

Off-road, go-karting is a thrilling sport that uses 4-wheeled powered karts designed specifically for off-road application as opposed to racing go-karts, which use paved road circuits.

Today, off-road go-karts have become very popular due to the increasing popularity of off-road karting.

If you are thinking of getting into this sport, you have come to the right place because today I will be talking about everything you need to know about the most popular vehicles used in off-road go-karting.

What is an off-road go-kart?

There is something about racing along thin pathways, soaring up rocky surfaces, and wandering on sand that is just super-exhilarating.

The vehicles used in this sport as I have mentioned above, are known as off-road go-karts or off-road buggies, or dune buggies.

Off-road gokart horsepowers and top speed

A go-kart engine power is expressed in horsepower (hp). This value is often defined by the displacement, torque, running speed, and design of the engine.

Closely related to the horsepower is displacement (cc). Displacement signifies the total volume that a go-kart engine cylinder can hold. Most off-road karts usually use a one-cylinder engine and the cc represents cubic centimeters. The larger the cc value the bigger the engine.

Another factor that affects the speed and power of a go-kart is torque, expressed as ft/lb. The torque is the measure of the rotational effort that the engine’s piston applies to the crankshaft, or to put it simply, it is the ‘turning force’. The greater the torque, the more powerful the kart’s engine.

Running speed is expressed as rpm and it indicates the number of revolutions per minute an engine’s crankshaft is doing. Most off-road go-kart engines have an rpm range of 2,500 rpm to 10,000 rpm.

There is a difference between the horsepower of off-road go-karts and indoor go-karts. The former usually requires a wide range of horsepower to be able to navigate the tough terrains. When choosing the right horsepower for your off-road go-kart, things like terrain, size of the track, the weight of the rider, and utility cost will affect your decision.

But so that you are on the right track – if you will excuse the pun – here is a list of considerations when deciding the horsepower of your off-road go-kart.

  • The terrain will affect the speed, horsepower, and acceleration: Before choosing the horsepower and speed of your go-kart, first survey the terrain of the track, weather, asphalt, elevation, and weight. A vehicle with high horsepower (HP) will be able to handle all sorts of hurdles.
  • Understand the shaft orientation of the go-kart engine. Typically, go-kart engines have horizontal or vertical shaft orientation, which also affects the form of the engine.
  • Switch engines if you are torn between off-road and indoor riding. However, switching engines can be extremely tedious unless you like getting hands-on.
  • High horsepower is not always a good thing. Your go-kart can burn its tires if it has a high horsepower engine. This is because the acceleration and speed can be too much for the wheels to handle, thus they spin in place and eventually rip apart.
  • High hp-engines make turning very difficult, particularly on routes with sharp corners. You have probably seen this in vehicles.
  • Also, higher horsepower tends to add weight to the go-kart. This will slow the vehicle down or even tire the internal components

Some off-road go-karts can have as much as 22 horsepower, which is pretty impressive although it is not often allowed on all courses. But the standard horsepower for most off-road go karts is between 4 and 16 horsepower.

In terms of speed, an average off-road go-kart can clock 45 mph.

Top five off-road go-kart brands

We have hundreds of go-karts brands in the market today and sieving through to find the best can be a daunting exercise. Luckily, when bodies like CIK-FIA were established, brands were forced to meet certain go-kart standards, including safe design, groundbreaking aerodynamic features, and many more.

At the moment, there are numerous go-kart brands located all over the world, each with its own culture of manufacturing its products.

The Razor

This brand is known for its top-of-the-line off-road go-kart models. As a manufacturer, the brand has to gain lots of traction with a legion of go-kart racers swearing on its products. They manufacture extensive, cost-effective off-road go-karts for both adults and kids.

It is notable for making some of the safest karts that use gas or electricity. Over the years, Razor has worked hard to build a global brand and become a trusted industry leader, subsequently becoming a favorite brand amongst families and teens.

As new trends emerge, Razor also evolved the innovative approach that has enabled them to manufacture not only some of the safest but also stylish off-road go-karts.


Trailmaster has managed to develop a great name for itself in the field of off-road go-karts, especially its 200cc model. This model alone has massively propelled the brand to the levels where it now competes with the best in the market including The Razor.

All off-road go-karts are subjected to free shipping, no hidden fees at checkout. All products also come with one year warranty that covers everything including transmission and engine. Trailmaster also sells only premium quality products, which is made easier because the brand does not have hundreds of go-karts models to confuse you or make it harder for you to make a decision. It is just the TrailMaster go-karts.

Each off-road go-kart comes with a simple pull-to-start powerful engine, safe design, comfortable seats, and long-lasting tires.

Although their go-karts are not usually spacious to accommodate tall adults and big riders, they can nevertheless fit an average rider comfortably who is at most six feet tall.

To be completely honest, most Trailmaster go-karts are designed for young riders, and that is why most come with speed governors.


With both battery and gas-powered units, MotoTec has also managed to create some of the best off-road go-karts that are loved by a lot of riders.

Although their vehicles are not as robust compared to their competition, they can offer hours of thrill.

If you ask me, MotoTec off-road go-karts are ideal for young riders seeking to use something more realistic and functional with less maintenance hassle.

Nevertheless, the brand deals in top-quality go-karts that can endure any type of rough terrain.


Headquartered in Asia, Kandi is among the top #5 off-road go-kart brands today. They don’t just sell dune buggies, but manufacture them and are on a mission to the electrifying transportation system in cities across Asia and the world.

Kandi Technologies is based in China and is known for manufacturing a variety of all-terrain off-road vehicles. Their go-karts are known for their high horsepower and speed. Despite top speeds, the brand also has several safety features such as a lather padded safety cage, 4-point harnesses, and rock-resistant boards.

If you really want high endurance go-karts for off-road activities, then you should get one of Kandi’s go-karts. They are designed to go in rugged terrains and hills.

Coleman Powersports

For quite some time now, Coleman Powersports has been dominating go-kart marketing. They are known for their extremely robust off-road go-karts that feature the highest level of construction and incredible power.

However, it requires some sharp learning curve to drive one of their go-karts. Nevertheless, it offers riders an unbelievable riding experience.

Their off-road go-karts are perfect for adults and kids alike.

The price range for each brand

Razor’s Price

Razor off-road go-karts cost between $400 and $900.

Trailmaster’s  Price

Depending on the model, Trailmaster go-karts can cost between $500 and $1300. But in between that price range, you will find a go-kart that suits your needs.

MotoTec’s Price

MotoTec off-road go-karts go for $500 to $900 but you can get a sweet deal buying from the brand website or dealership.

Kandi’s Price

Kandi is one of the premium off-road go-kart brands on the planet, and their karts go for $4600.

Coleman Powersports’s  Price

You can get Coleman Powersports go-karts with $500 to $800.

Where to buy off-road go-kart for adults

The best place to buy off-road go-karts is from the brand’s website or store. One of the biggest advantages of buying directly from the brand or dealer is that you will receive a warranty and other benefits.

Alternatively, you can also buy one from Amazon, Alibaba or use links in our product reviews below.

Off-road go-kart for adults

Kandi Smart 150cc 2-seat Gokart

Manufactured by Kandi, this off-road go-kart comes with 5500 RPM and a single-cylinder water-cooled engine.

It has an automatic transmission as well as a full suspension. In addition to that, it also has pretty incredible high performance and features a variety of colors.

When it comes to horsepower, the Smart 150cc has 10.5 hp and a speed of around 35 mph. This go-kart is a deal for off-road racing thanks to the numerous safety features as well as the fact that it is super-easy to drive.

Additionally, this go-kart also comes with keyed electric ignition and adjustable seats. It also features a padded frame, horn, headlights, steering wheel, and side mirrors.


  • Air-cooled engine
  • Padded frames
  • Two-seater
  • Ground clearance

Trailmaster 200cc Mid XRX Go Kart

Made by Trailmaster, this off-road go-kart features some great headlights and better shocks. It also features an electric start and rapid motor.

Its sporty seats are extremely comfortable and give the go-kart a sleek look. The seats have seat belts that will ensure your safety when riding. It also comes with a horn.

Because it is not as large as other go-karts in the same category, this vehicle is not suited for tall adults, but kids and people who are six feet or under can enjoy riding it.


  • Speed governor
  • Speed of 31 mph
  • Has 200cc gas-powered engine
  • Weighs 720lbs

Coleman Powersports

Coleman is a utility go-kart that can be used for all sorts of off-road activities. It is extremely powerful and features electronic injection, which is trustful and reliable and offers direct riding power.

Additionally, it has a CVT transmission and a 4-wheel drive. Its aluminum wheels are wide to provide stability. It also has lock modes and hydraulic disc brakes.


  • CVT transmission
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Double suspension

Off-road go-karts for kids

MotoTec Off-Road Go-Kart

This is the ultimate child’s ride. Made by MotoTec, this go-kart comes with a very powerful 48V, 1000W motor, positraction, roll cage, adjustable seats with seat belts, hydraulic brakes, and durable frames.

It is rugged and constructed to last many years. Anyone from 13 years and up can rid of this go-kart.


  • Roll cage frame
  • Hydraulic disc
  • Tubular wheels
  • Power 48V, 1000W motor

Trailmaster Kids Go Kart XRX MINI BLACK

Available in a variety of colors, the XRX MINI BLACK off-road go-kart features a centrifugal clutch transmission. It also comes with extremely bright LED headlights and a 4-stroke water-cooled engine.

It is quite easy to put together from the box and is gas-powered. Additionally, it can accelerate to 40 mph, though it has a speed governor.

A remote kill switch makes it ideal to start it as well as make it safe for kids.


  • Kill switch
  • Electric start
  • Speed limiter
  • LED headlights

Razor Dune Buggy

It is compact and powerful with a speed of up to 10 mph. The Razor Dune Buggy Red has a very dominant electric-powered motor and a long-lasting steel frame.

The padded seat has a seatbelt, meaning you can ride comfortably regardless of the terrain. It has a maximum weight of 120 lbs, thus it is very much suitable for kids, particularly 8 years and up.

Intriguingly, it does not need fuel to operate, which means it is one of the cost-effective kid’s go-karts in the market. Moreover, it has a hand throttle and brake controls.

You can go for the red or blue model, and it has a variable speed.

The Dune Buggy is one of the top-rated off-road go-karts for kids, and worth the price.


  • Steel frame
  • Brake controls
  • Two colors (red & blue)
  • Pneumatic tires

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