All you need to know about the Segway Go Kart [2022]

The segway go-kart is not the regular go kart you’ll meet every day. According to many users, the go-kart provides a real extraordinary experience. Doubtlessly, the segway go-kart is a fast kart designed with advanced features, including its app-controlled smart features.

The modern version is remarkably designed with premium materials making it quality and durable. Particularly, this last feature is important as it guarantees the rider’s safety while riding the amazing go-kart.

This is a self-balancing Segway electric-powered kart that both adults and children can use. According to various reviews, Segway go-kart has been described as an adults’ kart and kid’s dream car.

Who should buy the Segway go-kart?

Anyone including kids and adults can purchase it. However, don’t be in a hurry to have this Segway go-kart if you don’t have a Ninebot Mini. But no need to worry about it, you can go and purchase them all at once.

Can be used by people of all ages

The Segway go-kart weighs 100kg, which is equivalents to 15.4 stone. With that, this fantastic go-kart is not only designed for kids.

Unboxing the Ninebot go-kart

From the store, you’ll receive the Segway Ninebot with a large box measuring about 109 x 87 x 51 cm. the package comes with a chassis, a power adapter, an adapter pad, 6 x AA batteries, and Ninebot various tools.

Because the chassis weighs about 30 kg and can be hard to lift on your own, it is recommendable to seek help especially while unpacking the kit.

The Segway go-kart unique handbrake system

This feature makes the Segway go-kart unique as compared to other traditional go-karts. It features an effective handbrake mechanism that is compatible with electronic footbrake. This gives you full control over the entire go-kart.

Additionally, this unique mechanical handbrake enables the rider to make quick turns around sharp corners. In general, this braking system makes the go-kart more manageable and safer. So you have two choices – either pull the handbrake of the go-kart or tap the brake pedal.

It also allows you to perform a lot of drifting on the local racetrack using the handbrake system.

Users’ perspectives on riding the Segway go-kart

According to one of the riders, while riding the Segway go-kart, they noticed that the 4 cm ground clearance limited them to a top slope of 15 degrees.

He continued by saying that using the go-karts handbrake is great fun more so on loose surfaces.

How to install the battery

  • Ruck up the steering column by lifting the steering wheel

  • Insert the quick release lever in the bracket and tighten it.

  • At the rear of the chassis deconstruct the Velcro straps.

  • Roll the NineBot under the rear part of the chassis.

  • Place the chassis into the adapter pad

  • Tighten the Velcro Straps under the Ninebot unit

  • Hold them over and secure them

  • Pool apart the go kart’s ends

  • Tighten the two bolts per each – take care as the Nineboit may power up and drive off without while not connected to the chassis. And it may drive off with you.

  • At the Ninebot mini-app settings, change to go-kart mode.

  • Power down and connect the Ninebot to the go-kart

  • Turn on using the extension cord

Important features of the Segway go-kart

The following are some of the interesting features of the Segway Ninebot Gokart:

Easy to use

If you want a great experience, connect your Ninebot to the go-kart kit. Then you can enjoy exciting experiences at a maximum speed of 10 mph.


Unlike many other traditional go-karts, Segway electric go-kart is fully adjustable. And this is important since it influences the comfort and safety qualities.

You see, with an ill-adjusted go-kart, you may suffer injuries as it may collide with a vehicle. Additionally, this flexibility makes it suitable for both children and adults.

A double braking system

The kart’s hand brake, and brake pedals can both serve as a braking system. This provides more protection for the kart’s body by reducing the impact force.

Trio driving modes

Segway go-kart comes with a flexible frame length suitable for everyone regardless of their age. Segway go-kart features 3 driving modes. Its flexible steering wheel suits different riders of different heights. It has the ability to carry a maximum load of 100 kg.

Easy to assemble & portably designed

The Segway go-kart is exciting to ride and easy to assemble. By following the manual assembling instructions, you can easily detach and assemble the go-kart after riding.

Segway go-kart can fit into most car trunks. With that, you can transport it anywhere without struggling.

Adaptable to road

Segway go-kart features 10.5 pneumatic tires which provide a comfortable ride regardless of how bumpy the road is. Its Knee-control bar provides precise steering.

Quality assurance

You can get a new tutorial and assembly instructions from the Segway app. Also, you can get the warranty information and customer care service.

Intelligent app management

This acts as an anti-theft function. Additionally, it is designed for kart’s self-diagnosis, speed limit, adjustments, and remote control.

A bright LED

The Segway Ninebot go-kart is equipped with a smart powerful LED light that enhances the effectiveness of the kart.

Advanced safety features

Segway go-kart has a functional UL 2272 certification. This indicates that the kart meets high standards of fire and electrical security.

Smart battery management

Segway go-kart features a smart battery management system for reliable battery performance. Additionally, the IP54 waterproof protection system allows you to use the kart in all kinds of weather.

How much are Segway go karts?

Segway go-karts are available for $1,149. It’s quite expensive but the advantages are unquestionable.

You can check its current prices and customer reviews here on Amazon.

How fast are Segway go karts?

Segway go-karts have a top speed of 23 mph (37 Km/h).

Segway go karts Argos

Argos is a large company that manufactures and sells many different kinds of go karts. They make profits by being the middle man between the supplier and buyer. Without further ado let’s discuss a few Segway go-karts specifications.

Segway go-karts Argos are cool and dark in color. It is another way to enjoy exciting and fun moments. They come in a wide range of designs with advanced features. It features Bluetooth speakers to allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while on a move.

Additionally, it has an auto-balance feature to help you easily get on and off your board.

Segway go-kart attachments

A hoverkart is often converted into a go-kart by using a go-kart attachment. The attachment can also be referred to as a conversion kit. It is an external accessory that is mounted on your hoverboard and converts your scooter into a Segway go-kart or a hover kart.

Here are some examples of Segway go-kart attachments:

Hover-1 falcon conversion kit

This is a convenient kit that converts your hoverboard into a hovercard within minutes. You only need to mount the hoverboard at the back using the attached Velcro fasteners. Something special about this attachment is that it is compatible with different types of hoverboard sizes. It has an adjustable leg bar making it suitable for riders of different heights.

Two dots hoverboard kit

This is another perfect choice if you want an authentic kart racing experience. It features everything you need to turn your hoverboard into an excellent Segway go-kart.

Quick and simple installation lets you enjoy a suspension, system front and back acceleration with head levers, and braking system within built disc brakes. Additionally, it has an adjustable frame making it suitable for both adults and kids.

EverCross Hoverboard kit

This is similar to the Hover-1 falcon conversion kit. It is also compatible with all hoverboards of all heights. Moreover, it is durable and supports up to 90 kg.

Supersale Hoverkart

This is an attachment with a unique steering style. While steering with a handlebar, like many other hoverboards go-karts, the bars are located in front. This makes the steering position more natural and comfortable.

How to assemble Segway go-kart

You’ll have to deconstruct the Ninebot slightly in order to connect to the go-kart chassis. With that, you’ll need to remove the kneebar. Then, you’ll proceed with the following steps:

  • At first, lay down the device

  • Secondly, pop out the front screw cover

  • Use the Allen driver to open the two hex screws

  • Insert the bracket removal tool right into the exposed holes

  • Put together the two interlocking metal mold pieces, then insert the nuts and screws.

  • Clamp the whole piece over the exposed lower end of the handles.

  • In the front section, insert the longer M6 screw. Do this while tightening the screw into the front, pulling the kneebar off the base unit.

  • Open the power cable flap on the front

  • Tighten the locking ring

  • Put the adapter pad onto the footplates.

  • Release the little dial at the scooter’s nose

  • Note the polarity then insert the 6x AA batteries in the panel.

Segway go-kart for adults

Although Segway go-kart is designed to suit everyone regardless of their ages, there are there some models which are designed for adults. However, this doesn’t mean that kids are limited! With a few adjustments, they can as well enjoy. So, here are some examples of Segway go-kart for men:

Segway – Ninebot Go-kart pro-Lamborghini edition

This is an electric-powered Segway go-kart with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. it is yellow with Lamborghini badges and an official Lamborghini certificate chassis number, which distinguishes it from go-kart pro.

It features pedals that can be used to accelerate, brake or reverse. The steering wheel height can be adjusted in three gears for complete control.

Segway Ninebot kart pro

Segway Ninebot lets you race like a pro. It is designed with premium materials and has advanced features.

It has an adjustable frame and steering wheel, making it suitable for riders between 4’5 to 6’3. The powerful frame can sustain up to 100kg. Additionally, it fits into many vehicles’ trunks, allowing you to transport it freely.

How to tell if your Segway is charging

Depending on the model, they often have tiny lights near the charging pin. The light should turn red when you plug in the charger. The red light indicates charging. And if the light is dimmer check your charging pin and connect again. When red turns green then your Segway go-kart is fully charged. Charging should take at least 4 hours. The charger comes with the product pack.

Segway go-kart bundle

This is a bundle that includes a white go-kart kit and a Ninebot S. it combines the S pro and the go-kart accessory kit. The base of the Ninebot S self-balancing scooter in the back acts as the rear wheel and the power source of the entire go-kart. More importantly, you can ride it normally by disconnecting the S pro.

Segway go-kart straps

It is a pack of straps that are compatible with the Segway attachments. They are used to join the attachment and the self-balancing scooter. They’re approximately 23 inches. They are designed with a buckle for securing.


It has an amazing acceleration – it is easy to handle at tight short turns. That’s what we always expect for a go-kart.


In the fact that it is said to be suitable for all riders, it can limit long riders (long heights). The length is not comfortable, it’s tight. The go-kart has a range of 5-8 5-9 range and 175. Considering an individual who is 160s, it becomes unsuitable.


In general, Segway go-kart is meant for people of all ages, including adults. As mentioned before, the Segway go-kart is suitable for individuals with a range between 4’5 to 6, 3.

Negative reviews should not determine whether you should purchase it or not. Different people have got different tests and preferences. Talking about reviews, Segway go kart has many positive reviews.

With that, we can conclude that it satisfies well and the benefits are unquestionable. Lastly, it is designed by highly reputable developers.

That’s all about the Segway go-kart. Therefore if you’ve not yet enjoyed it, it’s time to give it a try.

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