Zuera Karting Track Tips and Tricks to be Extremely FAST [2021]

Here’s the top 3 tips to be extremely fast a round the Zuera karting track:

  1. Focus on all of the exits
  2. Keep your head down in the straights
  3. Get a good exit out of T4
  4. Get a good exit out of the last corner


Zuera karting track
Zuera karting track

Focus on all the exits 

The first key area of focus for being ultra fast is to make sure your exits are extremely good.

That’s because of the really long straights that come right after them.

And getting them right can make a really big difference!

Think about the exit of the last corner for example, if you get that wrong you’ll surely be suffering in the main straight.

And that isn’t because of the engine!

It’s up to you to fix that and get better exits overall.

So the way to do that is by slowing the kart down a bit more under braking and aiming to be sooner to full throttle.

And being sooner to throttle will help your RPM go up in a big way, especially considering the fact that you race with a small sprocket in order to maximize top speed.

You should also really focus on using the exit kerbs properly so that you can open up the exit and maximize speed.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBuV4cCMfHw[/embedyt]


Keep your head down in the straights

If you don’t do it, you’re not gonna lose half a second.

But if you do it, you’ll definetely make yourself a favor.

That’s because there’s tons of drag if you keep yoursel up in the straights. And you don’t want that to happen!

It’s difficult to precisely quantify the lap time gain, but you can definetely grab a tenth or two by doing it.

Esapecially all the way from the last corner down to turn 2 or even in the shorter straight out of turn 4.

Check out our full guide on why you should keep your head down in the straights.

Get a good exit out of T4

As we’ve mentioned above, getting good exits is crucial here in Zuera since it will improve you lap time and top speed by a lot.

But we’ve got 2 corners where you shoul pay extra attention if you want to set fastest laps and purple sectors.

Those corners are T4 and the last corner.

You should always remember that getting good exits is important but here it’s even more important since you’ll run with a very small sprocket and so every tiny mistake will be detrimental for your lap time.

In T4 you’ve got to brake hard and late but you should also focus on getting an exceptional exit too!

Make sure you pick up the throttle soon (just before the apex) and use all the kerb on exit.

You’ll see how much it will benefit your speed down the following straight and overall your laptime!

Get a good exit out of the last corner

Same as we’ve said for T4, the exit out of last corner has to be EPIC!

Especially if you’re fighting for positions during the early stages of a race!

You really ant to get back nearly to white line on entry so that you can open up the corner and exit like a torpedo!

You cannot believe how mucj this can benefit you all the way down to Turn 2!

Be sure to keep your head down in the straight too since it will reduce your drag and maximize the speed even more.



If you’re looking for some fast and easy ways to be faster around the Zuera Go Kart track, we hope this blog post has been helpful.

Here are our top 4 tips that will help you improve your lap times in no time!

The first thing is to focus on all of the exits so you know where they are and can take them quickly when needed.

Secondly, keep your head down in the straights so you don’t lose any valuable time while it’s still flat out.

Thirdly, get a good exit out of T4 by carrying as much speed as possible through there without losing momentum.

Finally, getting a good exit out of the last corner should give you enough speed going into the longest straight line of the track and of all the tracks in Spain!


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