Here’s How To Get a Truck in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 14, 2023

The Pick-up Truck Race in Gran Turismo 7 offers a unique racing experience distinct from traditional car races.

This event, consisting of four separate races, showcases the versatility and excitement of pick-up truck racing.

It’s an opportunity for players to engage in a different form of competition, testing their skills in a new vehicle class within the diverse world of Gran Turismo 7.

Event Structure and Location

The event is structured as a sequence of four races, each presenting its own unique challenges and racing conditions.

Players can find this event in the World Circuits menu of Gran Turismo 7. This menu serves as the gateway to a wide range of racing events, with the Pick-up Truck Race being a notable inclusion for its distinct focus on pick-up trucks.

Unlocking the Pick-up Truck Race

Progressing Through the GT Café

To unlock the tracks for the Pick-up Truck Race, players must progress through the GT Café. The GT Café acts as a narrative and progression hub in Gran Turismo 7, guiding players through various tasks and milestones.

The Pick-up Truck Race as a Unique Challenge

As players complete assignments and challenges within the GT Café, they unlock new content, including the tracks needed for the Pick-up Truck Race.

This system ensures that players have adequate experience and skills to tackle the unique challenges of racing with pick-up trucks.

Discovering the Tracks

Progressing through the GT Café gradually reveals the tracks used in the Pick-up Truck Race.

These tracks are designed to highlight the distinct handling and performance characteristics of pick-up trucks.

From tight turns to long straights, each track offers a unique environment that challenges players to adapt their driving style to the capabilities of their pick-up truck.

Acquiring a Truck in Gran Turismo 7

Obtaining Your First Pick-up Truck

For new players wondering how to obtain a pick-up truck in Gran Turismo 7, there are several pathways.

Trucks can be acquired through various means, such as purchasing from the Brand Central or Used Car Dealership, winning them as rewards for completing certain races or challenges, or receiving them as gifts through the game’s progression system.

Strategies for Truck Acquisition

One effective strategy is to participate in races and events that reward vehicles. This not only enhances your driving skills but also increases your chances of obtaining a pick-up truck.

Strategies for Truck Acquisition

Additionally, keeping an eye on the Used Car Dealership can be beneficial, as it often offers a rotating selection of vehicles, including trucks, at more affordable prices compared to the Brand Central.

Preparing for the Race

Once a player acquires a pick-up truck, they can prepare it for racing by customizing and tuning it in the garage.

This preparation is crucial, as it allows players to optimize their truck’s performance to suit different tracks and racing conditions.

Upgrading the engine, tweaking the suspension, and selecting the right tires are all part of the preparation process.

The Pick-up Truck Race as a Unique Challenge

The Pick-up Truck Race in Gran Turismo 7 represents a unique and enjoyable aspect of the game. It not only diversifies the racing experience but also challenges players to master a different class of vehicles.

Through progression in the GT Café, unlocking challenging tracks, and acquiring and customizing pick-up trucks, players can immerse themselves in this exciting and distinctive racing event. This event exemplifies the depth and variety that Gran Turismo 7 offers to racing enthusiasts.

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