Here’s How to Change View in Gran Turismo 7

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 14, 2023

Gran Turismo 7 offers players a variety of camera angles to enhance their racing experience.

This flexibility caters to different preferences, whether a player seeks a deeply immersive experience or a more detached, strategic view of the race.

However, the game doesn’t explicitly instruct players on how to switch between these camera views.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on navigating through different views in Gran Turismo 7 to suit your racing style.

Switching Views During Races

Switching Views During Races

How to Change Camera Angles

Changing views in Gran Turismo 7 is a straightforward process.

Players can cycle through different camera angles at any point during a race by simply pressing the R1 button.

This offers four distinct perspectives:

  1. First-Person Cockpit View: The default setting, providing an immersive first-person perspective from within the car.
  2. Clean View: This angle eliminates the visual of both the driver and the car, offering an unobstructed view of the track.
  3. Dash-Cam View: Focused on the dashboard, this view offers a blend of immersion and functionality.
  4. Chase View: A third-person perspective from behind the car, reminiscent of classic arcade racing games and useful for beginners due to its broader field of vision.

Customizing Camera Settings

In addition to switching views, players can fine-tune the cockpit and chase views through the “View” section in the display settings menu.

This customization includes adjustments to camera sensitivity, offset, and the player character’s field of vision in first-person mode.

For a cleaner view, HUD elements can also be disabled from this menu, allowing for a more unobstructed racing experience.

Choosing the Best Camera Angle

Choosing the Best Camera Angle GT7

Preference Varies Among Players

The optimal camera angle in Gran Turismo 7 varies significantly from player to player:

  1. Chase View: Often preferred by fans of classic arcade racing, offering a wider field of vision. It is particularly advantageous for beginners.
  2. Cockpit View: Ideal for players seeking an authentic, immersive racing experience. With HUD elements disabled, it replicates the real-life racing experience closely, though it may take some time to get accustomed to the first-person perspective.

Experimentation is Key

New players are encouraged to experiment with all four camera views to discover which one aligns best with their playstyle.

Switching camera angles not only alters the visual experience but can also significantly change the game’s feel, making it a useful strategy to keep the gameplay experience fresh and engaging.

In conclusion, while Gran Turismo 7 doesn’t directly guide players on changing camera views, the process is intuitive, and the options available cater to a wide range of preferences.

Whether seeking an immersive first-person experience or a more strategic third-person view, players can easily find and adjust the camera angle that best suits their racing style.

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