Art of Rally Now Free on Epic Games

Art of Rally Now Free on Epic Games
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 24, 2023

Attention racing enthusiasts! Art of rally is now free on Epic Games Store for a limited time.

This gem, from the creative garage at Funselektor Labs, offers more than just speed—it’s a homage to the golden age of rally sport, wrapped in a package of stylized aesthetics and challenging gameplay.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to download Art of rally for free and be part of the community celebrating the spirit of rally racing.

Remember, this free game on Epic Games won’t last forever; you only have until December 23 to add it to your collection.

This is not a drill; start your engines and prepare for a gripping Art of rally download experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Limited-time offer to get Art of Rally for free on the Epic Games Store.
  • Experience the golden age of rally racing in a distinct and stylized format.
  • Act by December 23 to add this captivating rally game to your library.
  • Positive reviews and a solid Metacritic score stand testament to its quality.
  • Prepare for more as this deal is part of Epic Games Store’s holiday promotion mystery giveaways.
  • Art of Rally offers a picturesque, top-down racing adventure across global tracks.

Art of Rally Free Deal: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been on the lookout for an exhilarating rally racing game to add to your collection, the journey ends here.

The Epic Games Store has revved up its holiday spirit by offering the art of rally now free for a limited time. As a racing enthusiast, you’re invited to experience the gripping rally racing experience that has garnered attention on Metacritic for its authentic recreation of the sport.

Art of Rally Free Deal: What You Need to Know

To claim your free copy of the game, simply visit the Epic Games Store before December 23, find the art of rally page, and hit the “GET” button.

It’s that easy – once clicked, the game is yours to keep forever. Garnering praise for its nostalgic reflection of historical rally eras, the game offers a robust selection of over 50 cars, enabling you to drive through meticulously crafted stages that represent various global rally locations.

Art of rally provides more than just a free game; it delivers a full-fledged rally racing experience that connects you to a broader community of gamers who are equally passionate about the genre. The opportunity to access one of the epic games store free games is fleeting, so ensure your spot on the starting line and be part of this vibrant rally racing narrative.

Keep your engines idling for more surprises, as this is just one of many gifts, with rumors of 17 total free games set to ignite the gaming community this holiday season.

Unleash Your Racing Skills with Art of Rally’s Free Release on Epic Games

Step into the golden era of rally with the free release of Art of Rally on the Epic Games Store.

This exceptional offer immerses you in a stylized world of rally racing, where you’ll rediscover the thrill of handling a classic rally car through iconic stages and tracks.

Packed with nostalgic appeal and a modern twist, it’s an experience that redefines what a rally world experience can be.

Explore the Golden Era of Rally Racing in a Stylized World

Art of Rally’s stylized world doesn’t just pay homage to the golden era of rally; it rejuvenates it with an artistic flair. As you slide and drift through sweeping curves and challenging terrains, the game’s polygonal art style offers a distinctive look at the adrenaline-fueled world of rally racing. Whether you’re a seasoned rally enthusiast or new to the sport, the vibrant environments and nostalgic aesthetic are sure to captivate.

Discover Over 50 Classic Cars and Iconic Global Tracks

Dive into Art of Rally’s expansive garage boasting an array of over 50 classic cars, each meticulously crafted to represent the iconic vehicles that have marked rally’s rich history. Your skills will be put to the test across global rally tracks from the snow-covered roads of Finland to the dusty paths of Kenya. Experience the challenge of varied weather conditions and the beauty of intricately designed stages that bring the Art of Rally classic cars to life.

Navigate Epic Games’ Simple Download Process

Getting your hands on this gem is a breeze with the Epic Games Store download process. Even if you’re wondering how to download a free game on Epic Games, worry not; the platform makes it straightforward. With just a few clicks, you can add Art of Rally to your digital collection and jump straight into the driver’s seat to begin an unforgettable rally adventure—all without spending a penny.

Seasonal Giveaways and Sales: Epic Games Store and Rivals Offer Festive Cheer

The festive period has brought a plethora of deals and digital delights to the gaming community.

Seasonal Giveaways and Sales: Epic Games Store and Rivals Offer Festive Cheer

As the cold wind blows and the snowflakes settle, the warmth of the gaming world shines with the Epic Games Holiday Sale. Presenting a bounty of discounts and a captivating roster of free games, Epic Games Store leads the charge in bringing joy to gamers worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of the high-adrenaline racing game sale or intrigued by the latest strategy offerings, there’s something for everyone – with the added thrill of an expanding free game roster during this season of giving.

Join the Excitement of Epic Games’ Holiday Sale and Free Game Roster

In the spirit of the season, epic discounts pepper the Epic Games Store, featuring games that are both critically acclaimed and fan favorites. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy at a fraction of the price, or dive into the espionage and intrigue with Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Alan Wake 2 and EA Sports FC 24 also join the discount brigade, ensuring your holidays are packed with action and adventure. But hurry, these deals – and your chance to add Art of Rally to your collection for free – won’t last forever.

Compete in Art of Rally’s Daily and Weekly Online Events

Your racing skills will be put to the test with Art of Rally’s inclusion of both daily challenges and rally weekly events. By joining these online events, you have the opportunity to leave your mark on global leaderboards, mastering nuanced rally techniques and tackling every curve and straightaway with precision. The allure of competition elevates the gaming experience, setting the stage for intense, pulse-pounding encounters behind the wheel.

Other Platforms Join the Winter Sale Fiesta

It’s a winter wonderland of game deals as other platforms also usher in the season’s cheer. With the Steam Winter Sale and GOG Winter Sale in full swing, discounted prices and surprise giveaways like Caveblazers up until December 25 offer a chance to both relive classics and discover new gems. Prepare to delve into an abundance of titles as these game platforms’ winter deals unfurl a world of potential new gaming adventures, waiting to be explored by you.


How can I download Art of Rally for free?

You can download Art of Rally for free by visiting the Epic Games Store, searching for the game, and clicking on the “GET” button to add it to your library during the promotional period.

Is Art of Rally now free on Epic Games permanently?

No, Art of Rally is available for free on the Epic Games Store for a limited time. The offer expires on December 23, so make sure to claim it before the deadline.

What are the system requirements to play Art of Rally?

The system requirements for Art of Rally vary depending on your device. It’s recommended to check the game’s page on the Epic Games Store for detailed information on minimum and recommended system requirements.

What makes Art of Rally different from other racing games?

Art of Rally stands out with its stylized approach to the golden era of rally racing. It offers a top-down perspective, a wide selection of over 50 iconic cars, and tracks from various global locations, delivering a unique rally racing experience.

Can I participate in online events with Art of Rally?

Yes, with Art of Rally, you can join in daily and weekly online events to compete against other players and climb the leaderboards. These events add to the game’s replayability and competitive edge.

Are there any other games being given away for free by Epic Games Store?

Epic Games Store has announced a series of giveaways during its Holiday Sale. The titles are revealed periodically, so keep an eye on the store for more free games following Art of Rally.

Will my progress in Art of Rally be saved if I claim the free offer?

Yes, once you claim Art of Rally and add it to your Epic Games library, your progress is saved automatically when playing on the Epic Games platform.

Are the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale and free games available worldwide?

Yes, the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale and the free game offers are generally available worldwide, but always check the specific terms for your region on the Epic Games Store page.

Besides Epic Games Store, which other platforms are offering winter deals?

Other gaming platforms like GOG and Steam are also holding their Winter Sales, offering discounts and free games. Each platform has its own set of deals, so it’s worth checking them out for further savings.

Does Art of Rally include multiplayer features?

Art of Rally primarily offers leaderboards for daily and weekly challenges where players can compare their times and compete for the top spot. There isn’t a traditional multiplayer mode, but the competition aspect is very much present.

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