The Best Sim Racing FOV Calculator for iRacing and ACC

What is FOV? (Field Of  View)

The Field of View is a very important concept for sim racers and gamers in general.

It’s the size and location that you see when looking out from your eyes, or more simply put: “the viewable area in front on your face.”

You’ll learn more about FOV within another article we will publish shortly!

The field of view, or FOV for short in racing games is always measured by degrees.

Best FOV Calculator - Solox

It’s the arc visible space before you-the line that should never curve unnaturaly so gamers will have an immersive experience playing their favorite sport on screens without any unrealistic curvature.

The horizontal plane also has its own FoV measurement which can be broken down into two parts: Vertical and Horizontal FoVs

FOV Input variables

To get the best possible experience from your monitor, you need to know a few measurements. For example:

  • What size screen do I have? Is it single or a multiple screen? (i.e. triple screen monitors)

Is it single or multiples while also being aware of aspect ratios and distances between eyes and screens in relation o this form factor (i.e., close-up view versus wideangle)?

There will be more variables covered below but these three should help when adjusting settings on ACC so that everything looks just right for yourself!

  • Aspect Ratio
  • Eye-Monitor height
  • Eyes to monitor distance

Is this an Assetto Corsa and iRacing FOV?

Yes, you can use this FOV calculator for both iRacing, ACC and even Assetto Corsa.

Sim racers have said that it’s working really well and helping them a lot, so I hope that can be the case for you as well. 🙂

FOV makes you faster in iRacing or Assetto Corsa?

It’s not just about being faster and being able to see more of the track.

It also helps with your spatial awareness, which will give you an advantage when it comes time for braking points and apexes!

So don’t worry if there are some adjustments needed.

At first- get yourself used having played normally before adjusting this setting up or down depending on what kind of game play style works best for how fast paced things may be during gameplay itself

(I find myself usually needing less space so default works perfectly fine).

Is FOV really important?

FOV is one of the most important factors determining your sense of speed, depth, time and distance.

Your natural field-of view helps you determine where in relation to surroundings, which can be crucial on a race track or street for critical turns at high speeds.

It’s also really handy when it comes time to learn new tracks because having less visual distractions will make those tight corners feel more manageable than otherwise!


There’s no better way to get a good feel for the FOV of your sim racing setup than by using this free fov calculator.

You can easily copy and paste any screen resolution, head size (in inches), or degree angle into the generator and see what it would look like in real time on an IRL monitor.

The best part? It’s all done without downloading anything!

That means you don’t have to worry about installing some sketchy software that might give hackers access to your computer.

So why are you still here reading this? Go check out the field of view calculator now!

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