You will receive a zip file containing both the Qualy and Race setups (plus 2 eSports setups) of the specific car & track you chose. If instead, you purchased a bundle, you will receive a zip file containing all Qualy and Race setups from each of the 23 ACC tracks.

To actually “use” your setup you’ll need to A) Extract the zip file you’ve received; B) copy the json file of the setup; C) Paste it in the ACC setups folder of the specific car and track of the setup (documents > acc > setups > #car > #track); D) Go to the setups section after you’ve started the session and you will find the setups in “Load Setups”.

You can also use them on PS4/PS5 and Xbox! The only difference is that while you can copy and paste the setups file on PC, on PlayStation and Xbox you will instead need to add each value manually on the setup section after you’ve started the session in ACC. In order to read the value you will need to visit accsetupcomparator.com and upload the setup file (the json one, not the zip) and then manually add each value on your ACC setup section. Always remember to make sure you’re using the same track and track from the setup otherwise the setup won’t work.

The short answer is: “it depends”. It mainly depends on what current setups you’re comparing them from, though from a standard ACC setup you can easily expect to find 4 to 6 tenths (or more) in lap time. From other setups providers it’s difficult to compare, though our sim racers seem to like them a lot and immediately get up to speed after a few laps.

A slightly oversteery car (1/10) will inevitably make you faster because you’ll have to wait less for the rotation at the apex and thus be able to pick up the throttle earlier. And the lap time will therefore improve by a tiny bit in all the mid-exit of the corners (mainly slow speed corners though.. Of course you can’t have too much Oversteer otherwise you will then struggle with braking stability and traction, though a little bit is always a good thing to have even though the car feels harder to drive. But that’s the thing: would you rather have a stable car setup and easy to drive or a difficult to drive yet fast setup? I know it’s frustrating when you lose the rear of the car and you end up spinning, but after a while you’ll get used to the aggressive front end and your lap times will improve drastically.

Regarding different cars, no, unfortunately, you can’t since the setup won’t be properly loaded by ACC. So you’ll always need to make sure that you paste the setup in the exact car of ACC’s setup folder. But regarding the track, since version 1.9 you can now use the same setup on different tracks without any issue.
Remember though, even for EVO and non-EVO cars it makes a difference and the setup will not work on the “wrong” car (Example: The Audi RS LMS EVO and Audi RS LMS EVO II can’t run on the same setup!)

We normally never receive complaints related to the setups but sometimes people select the wrong setups at the checkout and then we just send them the setup they actually needed. Other than that, if you can’t get the setup to work on your PS5/Xbox we can always help you with the procedure or even consider giving you a refund. Also, if you have any other issues or you just don’t like the setup then again, we will make sure you’re happy. We just don’t want people to take advantage of it.
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