Creating Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2

Creating Authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
November 27, 2023

In this exploration, we delve into the extensive features that the game offers, the flexibility of the Custom Championship Editor, and the thrilling experiences it can create.

The Abundance of Content in Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 boasts an impressive collection of 180 vehicles spanning various classes, from the nimble karts and formula cars to the powerful GT and touring cars, prototypes, and race trucks. 

With over 50 tracks, each offering different variants and representing various eras, the game stands out for its richness in content. 

Since the 1.5 update, the improvements in driving physics position Automobilista 2 as a serious contender among simulation games.

Championship Mode: Crafting Racing Adventures

For solo players, the Championship Mode in Automobilista 2 serves as a treasure trove of racing enjoyment. 

Players can either choose from pre-made championships such as Stock Car Pro Series, F3 Brasil 2017, Formula Inter, Formula Vee, and Copa Trucks, with slight customizability. 

Championship Mode: Crafting Racing Adventures

Alternatively, the true gem lies in creating a personalized racing season through the Custom Championship feature.

Exploring the Custom Championship Editor

The Custom Championship Editor in Automobilista 2 emerges as a powerful yet user-friendly tool for crafting bespoke championships. 

Comparable to the Custom Championship feature in Content Manager for Assetto Corsa, this editor takes customization to new heights. 

From selecting vehicle classes and tracks to defining race conditions, scoring types, and AI strength, the editor offers a comprehensive array of options. 

The ability to save configurations ensures that players can revisit their meticulously designed championships.

Balancing Realism and Creativity

While the editor allows for outlandish combinations, like a multi-class season with F-Ultimate2, Fusca Classic, and Copa Trucks, its true brilliance shines when used for authentically recreating real racing championships. 

Balancing Realism and Creativity

Striking a balance between realism and creativity, players can immerse themselves in the authentic recreation of championships, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Authentic Custom Championships in AMS 2: Rules of the Game

In this segment, we focus on authentic Custom Championship favorites, excluding licensed racing series in Automobilista 2. 

This intentional omission encompasses renowned series like the Brazilian Stock Car Series, Copa Trucks, and multi-class vehicles of Império Endurance Brasil. 

Instead, the spotlight is on non-licensed (generic-fictional) content that becomes the canvas for quasi-authentic championships through modding and the magic of the Championship Editor.

Navigating Licensing Limitations

Automobilista 2, akin to Sports Interactive’s Football Manager, faces limitations in licensed content. However, the modding community compensates for this shortfall by providing original skins, helmets, overalls, gloves, and custom AI files. 

Navigating Licensing Limitations

These additions inject a dose of authenticity, bridging the gap between the game’s vanilla state and a fully immersive Custom Championship experience.

A Guide to Modding Automobilista 2

For those seeking assistance in navigating the modding landscape of Automobilista 2, a comprehensive guide titled “Modding Automobilista 2 Is Easier Than You Might Think” is available. 

This guide aids players in implementing mods seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition into the world of customized content.

The Formula Galore in AMS 2

Considering the wealth of options, selecting the most authentic Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 might involve choosing three random formula classes. 

However, the article opts for a more diverse approach, delving into specific Formula One seasons, each offering a unique and authentic experience.

F1 1990 (F-Classic Gen 3): A Journey into Nostalgia

The F1 1990 Season Mod introduces players to the nostalgic realm of Formula 1 racing in 1990.

F1 1990 (F-Classic Gen 3): A Journey into Nostalgia

With the McLaren MP4/5B and the rebranded F-Classic Gen 4, players can immerse themselves in the nuances of the season. 

Despite minor inaccuracies in shifter configurations, the mod captures the essence of the F1 1990 season.

Level of Authenticity: F1 1990 Season Mod

Crafted by the Immersion Modding Group, the F1 1990 Season mod delivers an authentic experience. 

Boasting car liveries, driver helmets, gloves, overalls, and a Custom AI with realistic skills, the mod recreates the ambiance of the 1990 season. 

The inclusion of 12 real tracks from that era further enhances the authenticity, with notable mentions such as Interlagos, Imola, and Spa-Francorchamps.

BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season (M1 Procar): Roaring Through History

The BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season Mod takes players back to the thrilling era of 1979 and 1980. This championship, held as part of the supporting program for European Formula 1 races, showcases the iconic BMW M1 Procars. 

BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season (M1 Procar): Roaring Through History

The mod, created by gringohairpiece, brings forth an authentic experience with meticulously detailed skins, textures, and even track-specific variants.

Level of Authenticity: BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season Mod

The level of authenticity achieved by the BMW M1 Procar 1979 Season Mod is commendable. Featuring 73 skins for the 1979 season, including textures for all drivers and cars, the mod pays homage to the championship’s historical context. 

While the absence of Custom AI is notable, the community provides solutions, ensuring a well-rounded immersive experience. 

The inclusion of original venues such as Azure (Circuit de Monaco) and Hockenheim 1977 adds to the historical accuracy.

2023 IndyCar Series (F-USA 23): Embracing Modern Racing

Shifting gears to the modern era, the 2023 IndyCar Series, represented by the F-USA 23 class in AMS 2, offers a contemporary racing experience. 

2023 IndyCar Series (F-USA 23): Embracing Modern Racing

Despite being a relatively new addition, this class captures the essence of real-life models, providing an engaging driving model and an ingenious P2P system.

Level of Authenticity: Formula USA 2023 Mod

Authored by Henrique Freitas, the Formula USA 2023 mod brings the 2023 IndyCar season to life. Despite being in version 0.86, the mod includes 32 cars with liveries inspired by the real season. 

While the Custom AI is a work in progress, the mod’s potential shines through. Players can expect a level of authenticity that surpasses the generic AMS 2 cars, albeit with room for future improvements.

Crafting Your Racing Legacy

In conclusion, Custom Championships in Automobilista 2 transcend the boundaries of conventional gaming experiences. 

From nostalgic journeys into Formula 1 history to roaring through the iconic BMW M1 Procar championship and embracing the modernity of the 2023 IndyCar Series, players can shape their racing legacy. 

The fusion of realism, customization, and community-driven mods propels Automobilista 2 into the realm of simulation gaming excellence. 

Whether reliving the past or embracing the present, the possibilities within the Custom Championship feature are as vast as the tracks that await eager racers in AMS 2.

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