Berryman’s Dominant Double Win in F4 Esports at Donington

Berryman's Dominant Double Win in F4 Esports at Donington
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 9, 2023

In the second round of the 2023 British F4 Esports Championship at Donington Park, Stormforce Racing ART’s Peter Berryman dominated, taking the championship lead from FreeM UK’s Josh Poulain.

Key Concepts in this article

  1. Peter Berryman leads the British F4 Esports Championship with 71 points.
  2. Stormforce Racing ART tops team standings with 85 points.
  3. Henry Moore is the frontrunner for the UK FF1600 Esports Cup.
  4. An investigation is expected after a collision in Race 2 of UK FF1600.
  5. The next race will take place at Snetterton 300 on 11th October.

Berryman’s Dominant Performance

The first round of the championship at Brands Hatch Indy witnessed a high rate of attrition, resulting in several high-profile drivers, including defending champion Luke McKeown, leaving with no points.

Gordie Mutch and Remy Gilbert emerged as winners amidst the chaos, each securing a victory. Meanwhile, Josh Poulain of FreeM UK showcased his overtaking skills, earning two third-place finishes and taking the lead in the championship.

Berryman's Dominant Performance

In Round 2, Peter Berryman of Stormforce Racing ART displayed excellent form, following his previous second-place finish with a dominant pole position at Donington Park.

His teammate McKeown closely trailed behind. This dynamic performance sets the stage for an exciting and competitive race weekend.

Race 1 Review

Peter Berryman took an early lead in Race 1, dominating the pack as Josh Lad, Gordie Mutch, and Luke McKeown fought for positions behind him.

Despite a disappointing start for championship leader Josh Poulain, who qualified in 19th place due to a misjudgment at Donington’s National layout chicane, he quickly made his way through the field and into the top 10.

This exciting race highlighted the skills and determination of these talented drivers. Don’t miss out on the thrilling action!

Unfortunately, during Round 2 of the race, Moreno Sirica from Williams Esports made a critical mistake at the Roberts chicane. By taking too much kerb, Sirica ended up wobbling into the path of Ted Bradbury, causing both drivers to spin out.

Despite the damage, Bradbury displayed incredible resilience, starting from 29th place and impressively climbing to sixth. However, Sirica’s chances of scoring points were completely shattered.

Race 1 Review

In an exhilarating race, JHR by 29 eSports’ Mutch pulled off a daring move on McKeown and Lad as they approached Roberts with just three laps remaining.

The battle for second place was fierce, but unfortunately, Mutch ended up in fourth position after going too deep into the corner and braking too late. Lad and McKeown claimed the coveted podium spots. The excitement and tension grew with each passing lap, creating a thrilling and unpredictable race.

At the front, Berryman secured a dominant victory, while Lad and McKeown settled for second and third places respectively.

It was a disappointing race for the former championship leaders, as Remy Gilbert finished in eighth place, leaving Josh Poulain behind.

This turn of events marks a significant departure from Round 1. This article is SEO-optimized and presented in a unique format for easier reading!

Race 2 Review

In an exciting turn of events during Race 2, Gordie Mutch showcased his attacking skills by executing a brilliant move to overtake Isak Arvidsson of SimRace Sweden eSports and secure the lead on the first lap.

However, Arvidsson accidentally made contact with Mutch at the chicane, causing Mutch’s car to spin in front of the trailing pack.

As a result, Josh Lad of Williams emerged as the new leader while McKeown and Arvidsson avoided the incident.

Berryman, after overtaking Caruana at Redgate, joined the intense battle among the top four drivers, with Poulain keeping a close eye on the action. Stay tuned for more thrilling moments!

Despite showcasing impressive pace, Josh Lad faced a tough break as he was taken out of the lead for the second consecutive round. The incident, which appeared to be netcode-induced upon closer inspection, occurred when Josh Poulain tapped Lad into the gravel at McLeans.

Race 2 Review

This reduced the seven-way fight for top honours to five contenders. Unfortunately, another incident at McLeans pushed Lad to the tail end of the points scoring positions.

In a thrilling battle for the win, Caruana, Berryman, and Gilbert emerged as the top contenders, closely followed by James Armstrong from FreeM and Lucas Müller from Dörr Esports.

The lead was fiercely contested between Berryman and Caruana, with Caruana strategically slipstreaming the Northern Irishman towards the Roberts chicane on the final lap.

Despite attempting an outside move, Caruana lost momentum and ultimately surrendered second place to Gilbert in the final moments of the race. Exciting racing action at its finest!

At the chequered flag, the top five finishers were separated by less than half a second, with Müller shading Armstrong to claim fourth place. This close competition adds excitement to the race!

Berryman FiRace 2 Win – A Big Win For British F4 Esports Championship

Berryman secures Race 2 win, showcasing impeccable timing. The last couple of laps were intense, but his preparation paid off. With strategic positioning and a strong finish, he claims victory.

This outstanding achievement propels Berryman to the top of the championship standings, with Remy Gilbert in pursuit at second place. Notably, Stormforce Racing ART’s double triumph marks a historic milestone for the British F4 Esports Championship, establishing them as the leading team.

ART, led by Luke McKeown, has established a dominant lead of 34 points over FreeM UK in the ongoing competition. This impressive performance by ART sets a high standard that the other competitors must strive to match in the upcoming race at Snetterton’s 300 layout.

UK FF1600 Esports Cup – Round 2 Review

In an exhilarating showdown at Donington’s UK FF1600 Esports Cup races, Adam Tomkins and championship leader Henry Moore engaged in a thrilling head-to-head duel. The race came down to the wire, with the outcome uncertain until the last corner of the final lap.

Tomkins, initially in the lead, pushed too hard into Roberts, creating an opportunity for Moore to execute a switchback move and claim victory. Meanwhile, Dan Amor, Moore’s main championship rival from Round 1, encountered early contact that sent him to the back of the field.

UK FF1600 Esports Cup - Round 2 Review

Despite this setback, he managed to fight his way back to 13th place. Experience the excitement of this race as the competitors leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of glory.

Henry Moore continues his impressive performance in Race 2, swiftly moving up to the podium positions. He battles against Jason Cooper and Siro Zambra on the final lap. Moore leads the race, while Zambra secures second place after a collision with Cooper.

A stewards investigation is expected. With three wins out of four races, Moore solidifies his position as the frontrunner for the UK FF1600 Esports Cup. Don’t miss the thrilling action!

British F4 Esports Championship after Round 2 – Donington Park National Race 1 results 

  1. Peter Berryman from Stormforce Racing ART
  2. Josh Lad from Williams Esports with a +3.441s gap
  3. Luke McKeown from Stormforce Racing ART with a +4.062s gap
  4. Gordie Mutch from JHR by 29 eSports with a +4.654s gap
  5. Matt J Caruana from Kimura Racing with a +5.071s gap

British F4 Esports Championship after Round 2 – Donington Park National Race 2

  1. Peter Berryman from Stormforce Racing ART
  2. Remy Gilbert from GUILD Racing, with a time difference of +0.151s
  3. Matt J Caruana from Kimura Racing, with a time difference of +0.193s
  4. Lucas Müller from Dörr Esports, with a time difference of +0.257s
  5. James Armstrong from FreeM UK, with a time difference of +0.450s

Driver standings after Round 2 Results – 2023 British F4 Esports Championship

  1. Peter Berryman from Stormforce Racing ART leads with 71 points.
  2. Remy Gilbert from GUILD Racing follows closely with 48 points.
  3. Gordie Mutch representing JHR by 29 eSports holds the third position with 43 points.
  4. Josh Poulain from FreeM UK secures the fourth spot with 40 points.
  5. Matt J Caruana from Kimura Racing accumulates 35 points for the fifth position.
  6. Lucas Müller from Dörr Esports achieves 31 points, placing sixth.
  7. Josh Lad from Williams Esports earns 19 points, securing the seventh position.
  8. Alexander Davidson representing Puresims Esports attains 18 points, placing eighth.
  9. Moreno Sirica from Williams Esports holds the ninth position with 17 points.
  10. Luke McKeown from Stormforce Racing ART completes the top ten with 14 points.

Team standings after Round 2 Results – 2023 British F4 Esports Championship

  1. Stormforce Racing ART: 85 points
  2. FreeM UK: 51 points
  3. GUILD Racing: 48 points
  4. JHR by 29 eSports: 43 points
  5. Kimura Racing: 39 points

Upcoming race dates for the season

  • Media Day: Silverstone National – 20th September
  • Round 1: Brands Hatch Indy – 27th September
  • Round 2: Donington National – 4th October
  • Round 3: Snetterton 300 – 11th October
  • Round 4: Oulton Park International – 25th October
  • Round 5: Silverstone GP – 8th November
  • Round 6: Knockhill – 15th November
  • Round 7: Donington GP – 22nd November
  • Round 8: Brands Hatch GP – 29th November

Looking Ahed

As the series progresses, each race promises high voltage competition.

As we look ahead to the next round at Snetterton’s 300 layout, the focus remains on these drivers as they continue to set the pace in the British F4 Esports Championship and the UK FF1600 Esports Cup.

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