Best F1 23 Mods To Step Up Your Game

Best F1 23 Mods To Step Up Your Game
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 23, 2023

Sim racing on PC greatly benefits from the vibrant community and their contributions in the form of third-party content, commonly known as mods. These mods can range from small tweaks to car designs to game-changing additions like the Custom Shaders Patch in Assetto Corsa.

While AC and rFactor 2 are renowned for their extensive modding scenes, other games also have a wealth of community-driven content. Even the F1 series of games from EA offers a diverse range of mods, allowing players to personalize their gameplay experience.

Best F1 23 Mods To Step Up Your Game

Despite being relatively new, F1 23 is already accumulating a growing collection of available mods. With a wide selection of content on RaceDepartment, we have curated some of the best mods for F1 23 to enhance your sim racing experience. Explore these mods and delve into the exciting world of sim racing to the fullest.

Key Concepts In This Article.

  1. F1 23 mods enhance the gaming experience with added features.
  2. The “Play as Calderon, Chadwick, Mayer” mod increases inclusivity.
  3. Real track sponsors mod improves the game’s immersion.
  4. Customizable liveries deepen player-team connection.
  5. Mods extend the thrilling world of real-life Formula One into gaming.

The F1 23 Performance Mod: Enhancing Realism and Evolution in Formula One

The 2023 Formula One season has been full of surprises, with the order of teams constantly shifting. Upgrades are introduced at different races, causing significant changes in car speeds from one race to another.

Unfortunately, the official F1 23 game cannot keep up with these dynamic changes in real time. However, thanks to the modding scene, we have a solution. RaceDepartment user Herbert Vig has developed the F1 2023 Performance mod, which brings a realistic running order based on each real-world event.

With this mod, McLaren is no longer struggling to keep up. After the recent Hungarian Grand Prix, they have emerged as the second-best team. The mod ensures that the game reflects the actual performance of the cars, providing a more immersive and accurate experience for players.

The F1 23 Performance Mod: Enhancing Realism and Evolution in Formula One

If you’re a Formula One enthusiast looking for a game that captures the essence of the ever-changing nature of the sport, the F1 23 Performance Mod is a must-have. Download it from RaceDepartment and enjoy a more realistic and evolving Formula One experience.

Play as Female Drivers and Enhance Your Gaming Experience

In the popular game F1 23, players have the opportunity to take control of various drivers’ cars and immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Formula One and Formula Two. While the game initially features only one female driver, Tatiana Calderon, there are additional options available through a simple mod.

With the mod titled “Play as Calderon, Chadwick, Mayer,” players can unlock the ability to play as not only Tatiana Calderon but also Callie Mayer, a character from the Breaking Point storyline, and Jamie Chadwick, one of the most accomplished female racers in the world.

This mod allows all three women to be playable in career mode and other game modes, providing a fresh and inclusive gaming experience.

To install and run this mod, players will need the Semi Modular Mods Base Files, a comprehensive program that extracts and modifies game files. This base file is essential for many of the top F1 23 mods, making it a valuable addition to any player’s collection.

By incorporating this nifty mod into your gameplay, you can personalize your F1 23 experience and enjoy the excitement of racing as these talented female drivers. Take your gaming to new heights and explore the limitless possibilities of F1 23 with this fantastic mod.

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Real Track Sponsors: Enhancing Immersion in F1 23

When it comes to sim racing, immersion is key. And F1 23 delivers on that front with its authentic liveries, drivers, and tracks from the real-world series.

However, there’s one aspect missing in the game – realistic track surroundings. While the majority of circuit sponsor boards in-game are related to gaming, real-life tracks feature a different set of sponsors.

Introducing the Sponsors Update mod, which brings true-to-life sponsors to the game’s tracks. Not only does this enhance the racing experience by making it more immersive, but it also adds a touch of accuracy to screenshots.

The mod creator diligently updates each track throughout the year, aligning it with the respective Grand Prix. This ensures that the collection of circuits is always up-to-date and faithfully represents their real-life counterparts.

While some might view this as a minor detail, many players grow tired of seeing the standard F1 23 signage repeated across every track. The Sponsors Update mod caters to the needs of those fans, providing a more diverse visual experience.

Top Livery Mods in F1 23

When it comes to enhancing the immersive experience in F1 23, one cannot underestimate the power of liveries. These customizable designs allow players to truly embody a team and feel connected to something greater. Not only do liveries make players easily recognizable online, but they also create a special bond between the player and their car.

One standout livery mod for F1 23 is the hand-painted Toro Rosso design. While the front end may sport the standard red paint, it’s the artistic bull graphic on the rear that brings a nostalgic touch from the team’s past, delighting many F1 fans.

Top Livery Mods in F1 23

Another noteworthy mod is the chrome design that adorned the McLaren MCL60 during the British Grand Prix. This design pays homage to the team’s history, particularly the iconic chrome color they sported back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

With the addition of Vodafone as a sponsor, the livery became even more captivating, and it was during this era that Lewis Hamilton secured his first title. T13Ollie’s mod on RaceDepartment brings this vintage aesthetic to F1 23, capturing the essence of the team’s carbon weight-saving design.

In summary, liveries play a crucial role in enhancing the overall F1 23 experience. From the Toro Rosso’s artistic bull graphic to the McLaren’s iconic chrome design, these mods add a touch of nostalgia and personalization to the game, making it even more enjoyable for players.


In conclusion, the realm of F1 23 gaming extends far beyond its base features. With an array of mods, players can enjoy a highly personalized and immersive experience that mirrors the thrilling, ever-evolving world of real-life Formula One racing.

Whether you’re exploring the game as a top-ranking female driver, racing on accurately sponsored tracks, or donning a livery that resonates with your team’s history, the customization possibilities are virtually endless.

So, gear up, download these fantastic mods, and dive into the thrilling world of F1 23. Your authentic racing adventure awaits!

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