Best iRacing GTP Cars to Buy: Our Top Picks

Best iRacing GTP Cars to Buy: Our Top Picks
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 1, 2023

In the world of iRacing, the GTP class is in high demand with four fantastic options available for purchase. But which one is the right fit for you?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide to help you succeed in this class.

Recently, iRacing introduced new content featuring top-tier prototypes, expanding the GTP class with the BMW, Cadillac, Acura, and Porsche. These cars are the stars of the North American endurance racing category.

Best iRacing GTP Cars to Buy: Our Top Picks

This marks the start of official racing, and iRacers are eager to jump into the action-packed IMSA series races. To be competitive, choosing the right car is crucial.

Key concepts in this article

  1. The GTP class features four cars with distinct handling characteristics.
  2. The Acura ARX-06 suits drivers who prefer cars that rotate easily.
  3. The Cadillac and BMW offer neutral handling, ideal for longer races.
  4. The Porsche 963 provides a safe driving experience with its understeering tendency.
  5. The Porsche 963 is probably the most popular GTP car in the iRacing community.

How much do GTP cars cost on iRacing?

With four options to consider, each priced at $12, it might not be feasible to purchase them all.

How much do GTP cars cost on iRacing?

But fear not, as we have crafted the perfect buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice within the iRacing GTP cars lineup.

What is a GTP car?

The Grand Touring Prototype (GTP) was a classification used for sports prototypes in sports car racing during the IMSA GT Championship from 1981 to 1993.

IMSA maintained this classification to distinguish these high-performance vehicles competing in the championship.

iRacing GTP cars list

Let’s now take a closer look at each of the 4 cars and see what makes them unique in their own way.

iRacing GTP cars list

BMW M Hybrid V8

The BMW M Hybrid V8, introduced in Season 1 of 2023, is the oldest LMDh car in iRacing. While it initially generated excitement, its performance in the real world doesn’t quite match up to expectations.

At high speeds, the BMW is stable, almost too stable, but its neutral handling requires near-perfection for optimal lap times.

Trail braking into corners is crucial, and smooth power application is necessary to maintain control. The car’s suspension setup makes it prone to lock-ups on the brakes, more so than other models.

BMW M Hybrid V8

Compared to the Cadillac and Porsche, the M Hybrid V8 is easier to understand, with simpler brake migration settings. This means fewer adjustments are needed throughout a lap, resulting in better consistency and speed. The BMW is just as fast as other cars in its class, but it requires more setup work, making it less suitable for beginners.

Overall, the BMW M Hybrid V8 in iRacing offers stability and speed, but it demands more precision and setup adjustments to unlock its full potential.

Cadillac V-Series.R

Driving the Cadillac is a unique experience. With its compliant suspension, it offers better grip and allows for more kerb usage than other cars.

This means you can tackle tricky braking zones with confidence. Unlike the Bavarian LMDh, the Cadillac is forgiving and easy to control, reducing the chances of spinning out on corner exit.

But the Cadillac’s true standout feature is its soundtrack. As the only naturally aspirated car in its class, it produces a brilliant burbling growl that adds to the excitement of your late-night drives.

Cadillac V-Series.R

In summary, the Cadillac provides a balanced and enjoyable driving experience, with improved grip and a captivating engine sound.

Acura ARX-06

The Acura ARX-06, one of the latest GTP cars in iRacing, stands out from its class.

Acura has chosen not to compete in the World Endurance Championship, instead focusing on smaller American circuits. This different approach sets it apart.

With its eye-catching design, the Acura ARX-06 is undeniably attractive. Although its engine note may sound flat, the turbo flutter upon lift-off adds an exhilarating touch.

Its aggressive nature is also reflected in its handling, with a highly responsive front end. Unlike other GTP cars, it requires less steering angle to rotate.

Acura ARX-06

When it comes to straight-line speed, it becomes evident that this car is not built for the long straights of Le Mans.

Testing at a low downforce specification reveals its limited top-end potential. However, when racing with higher downforce trim, it manages to outpace the competition by a few kilometers per hour.

Porsche 963

Out of the four cars, the Porsche 963 is definitely the go-to for a safe and thrilling drive. Its overall design prioritizes stability, minimizing the chances of spinning out when accelerating or braking. However, mastering this beast requires patience and finesse.

Unlike the Acura and Cadillac, you won’t be able to barrel into turns with the Porsche.

But fear not, this car will still keep you on the edge of your seat as it gracefully glides through corners without losing control. Its precise handling ensures minimal tyre scrubbing, maintaining excellent grip and delivering impressive lap times.

Porsche 963

When it comes to power, the Porsche doesn’t disappoint. With just a tap on the accelerator, you’ll experience less wheel spin compared to the other cars.

This not only keeps your driving smooth and consistent but also gives you an advantage during intense battles, especially when nailing those tricky corner exits.

And let’s not forget, the Porsche’s Le Mans specification guarantees a slightly higher top speed, making it a force to be reckoned with at tracks like La Sarthe and Monza.

Experience the thrill of the most popular choice on the road. Get behind the wheel of the Porsche 963 and unleash its full potential.

Which GTP car is the best for iRacing?

Overall, these four cars in the GTP class show similar performance but have their own unique characteristics.

The Acura ARX-06 is ideal for sim racers who prefer a car that rotates easily. The Cadillac and BMW offer stability, especially in longer races, with neutral handling.

The Porsche provides a tighter handling experience with the front end pushing more.

Each car requires a different approach, but traction is abundant in the Porsche. These cars cater to various driving styles and preferences, ensuring an exciting racing experience.

Is GTP same as LMP1?

The name LMDh, originally Le Mans Daytona hybrid, underwent a change to GTP by IMSA and Hypercar by the WEC. However, despite the different names, they refer to the same concept.

In IMSA, this car replaces the DPi, or Daytona Prototype International, while in the WEC, it replaces the LMP1, or Le Mans Prototype.

Let’s simplify it: LMDh, GTP, and Hypercar all represent the exciting evolution of these racing prototypes in different championships.

What’s the most popular iRacing GTP car?

Probably the most popular GTP car in the iRacing community is the Porsche 963. It has a good balance of stable handling and good top speed, making it a popular choice for endurance races.

However, the other GTP cars also have their own fans and are often chosen based on personal driving style. Ultimately, the best GTP car to buy in iRacing is whichever one suits your driving style best.

To Wrap Up

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to the GTP cars in iRacing.

From their unique characteristics and driving experiences to their popularity and evolution, you now have a deeper understanding of these high-performance prototypes.

But remember, no matter which car you choose, each one offers its own challenges and rewards on the track.

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