The 5 Best Project Cars 2 Forums to Join

The 5 Best Project Cars 2 Forums to Join

Project Cars 2 is such a great racing game, though it’s not always easy to find the right information or help needed when first starting out.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best Project Cars 2 forums you can freely join today.

If you’re looking for proper setup advice, tips, or just want to chat with other fellow sim racers, these five forums are a great place to start.

Project Cars 2 Forums List

  1. Project Cars 2 Game
  2. Steam racing Community
  3. GT Planet
  4. ISRTV
  5. NeoSeeker

Let’s now have a look at each of these forums in more detail, to see what they can offer you.

1. Project Cars 2 Game

This is actually the official Project Cars 2 forum, and as such it’s probably the best place to start when looking for information or help.

The forum is well moderated, and the developers from Slightly Mad Studios are often on hand to answer questions and provide feedback.

There’s a healthy amount of discussion on the forum, and you’ll find everything from setup advice to post-race discussions.

You’ll even find threads related to epic screenshots and race videos which are definitely worth checking out.

2. Steam racing Community

This is a huge forum dedicated to all things sim racing, and it’s a great place to find information and advice on a variety of different games.

They’ve got an entire section related to Project Cars 2, and it’s packed full of useful information.

You’ll find everything from basic setup advice to beginner guides and detailed discussions on specific tracks and cars.

You’ll also find a healthy community of members who are always happy to help out.

3. GT Planet

GT Planet is another huge forum dedicated to many sim racing topics and games.

Fortunately, they’ve got their own section for Project Cars 2, which is packed with plenty of useful information.

You’ll find similar content to the Steam racing Community forum, with setup tips, game announcements and new downloadable mods.


ISRTV is a more niche-specific racing forum, but it’s got an entire thread dedicated specifically to Project Cars 2.

It’s a great place to find information on how to improve your racing skills, with detailed guides and discussions on a variety of different aspects of the game.

There are some online multiplayer tips as well as career mode pieces of advice.

ISRTV is definitely worth signing up to if you’re looking for more in-depth Project Cars 2 information.

5. NeoSeeker

Last but not least we’ve got NeoSeeker, which is a general gaming forum but has sections dedicated to many popular racing games.

Their Project Cars 2 thread is one of the most active, with discussions on everything from basic setup to hardcore mods.

You’ll also find helpful guides and walkthroughs for career mode, online multiplayer and more.

So what’s the best Project Cars 2 forum?

The Project cars 2 official game forum for obvious reasons. Being the developers, Slightly Mad Studios post frequently and are always happy to help.

The other four forums are all great places to start though, with GT Planet having one of the most active threads.

Whichever you choose, you’ll find a wealth of information and a friendly community to help you get the most out of Project Cars 2.

Make sure to check out the other 4 forums available as well, as they all have their own unique content which may be more suited to your specific needs.

As always, happy sim racing!

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