Best Sim Rigs to Buy in 2024

Best Sim Rigs to Buy in 2024
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
September 7, 2021

Those who are experts in sim racing know what the importance of a sim rig is.  They know the vital role they play in sim racing.

 If you’ve been considering buying a new sim rig, now might be the time.

With so many options and price points to choose from, it can be hard to know what is best for your needs.

Our experts have done extensive research into these products and we recommend that people buy one of four popular models in 2021.

Best Sim Rigs to Buy in 2024

What are they? Keep reading this article and you will see 😉

What Is a Sim Rig?

It is the structure that the racing drivers use for seating themselves.

Sim rigs include shifters, wheels, and pedals.

They also contain the entire monitor.

If we say that it is the building block of a racing setup, it is not wrong.

What to look for while looking for a sim rig?

There are many points that you need to keep in consideration.

Here are those important points.

  • Form or Shape

  • Size

  • Budget

  • Number of Devices


The size of the rig varies depending upon the height of the racer.

What to look for while looking for a sim rig?

If you are a tall person, you need longer rigs so that you may stretch your feet.

Don’t just check a few options, but ask the seller to go for customized rigs to meet your demands.

Number Of Devices:

The next point to keep in consideration is the number of devices a rig possesses.

Commonly, you need just three devices.

If you are an endurance sim racer, there is a need for just wheel and pedal mounts.

On the other hand, you will need a rig with handbrake attachments and gear shifter mounts for rally sim racing.

Best Sim Rigs Of 2021:

Next Level Racing F-GT is the best rig of 2021.

It has a dual seating mode, and you can adjust it according to your requirements

Best Sim Rigs Of 2021:

You can either adapt it for endurance racing or open-wheel racing according to your need.

Its frame is made using alloy steel and is sturdy enough to serve you for years.

You won’t find any rig better than this one.

Above all, this product is available at a very reasonable rate.

You can get it for just 499 USD. So leave all the other options behind and go for it.

Final Words:

F-GT from Next Level Racing is the best sim rig of 2021. It has all the fantastic features. Stop going towards any other option, and pick this one as we are sure you will fully like it.

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