The 7 Best Steering Wheels for Gran Turismo 7

The 7 Best Steering Wheels for Gran Turismo 7
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
June 6, 2022

Looking for the best steering wheel to buy for Gran Turismo 7?

If you’re finally thinking to switch from jostick to steering wheel, here’s the complete wheels guide you’ll need to race on GT7.

The 7 Best Steering Wheels for Gran Turismo 7

As you can imagine, picking the right steering wheel among the dozens available in the market isn’t an easy task and will require you to do some research to evaluate the best options.

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you and selected the best steering wheels for Gran Turismo 7, based on our own experience and reviews from other professional racers.

The 7 Best Steering Wheels for Gran Turismo 7

Remember that since Gran Turismo games only work on PlayStation, you’ll need to make sure your steering wheel is compatible with PS4 (and possibly PS5) to avoid bad surprises.

So without further ado let’s have a look at the 7 best steering wheels for GT7.

What are the best steering wheels for Gran Turismo 7?

The best steering wheels for GT7 are:

  1. Thrustmaster T300 RS
  2. Logitech G29
  3. Thrustmaster T-GT II
  4. Logitech G923
  5. Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro
  6. Thrustmaster T248
  7. Fanatec Podium F1

Let’s now have a look at each of them in more detail.

1. Thrustmaster T300 RS – Overall Best

With its 1080° force feedback wheel base and fast brushless motor the T300 RS offers the best value for money to race in Gran Turismo 7.

It’s comptible with both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 which means that it’s perfect for a PlayStation compatible-only game like GT7.

In addition to that, the wheel offers an incredible sense of realism while driving thanks to its dual-belt FFB system which reduces deadzones and increases sensitivity.

Here you can check the current Amazon prices from the Thrustmaster T300 RS.

2. Logitech G29 – Best Budget Option

The Logitech G29 is a great budget option for those who want to enjoy a good quality steering wheel without spending too much money.

Even though it’s not as high-end as the T300 RS or the Fanatec Podium F1, the G29 still offers a pretty decent driving experience.

In fact its dual motor force feedback and 900° maximum steering lock rotation allows you to feel the grip and be on the limit of the car.

It’s also compatible with PS3, PS4 and PS5 which again, is crucial to play in GT7.

Here you can check the current Amazon prices from the Logitech G29.

3. Thrustmaster T-GT II

If you’re looking for something a bit more expensive than the T300 RS with some additional features and better design, then the Thrustmaster T-GT II is worth considering.

With its 25 action buttons and a GT3 style the T-GT II will offer a great deal of sensitivity and realism out of your driving sessions.

In fact it allows sim racers to push the limits and set pretty fast lap times after a few days of driving with it.

It’s compatible with PS4, PS5 and PC and it also has been officially licensed for PS5 and Gran Turismo which is definitely a plus.

Here you can check the current Amazon prices from the Thrustmaster T-GT II.

4. Logitech G923

The Logitech G923 is another great budget friendly option similar to the G29.

It doesn’t have exceptional high end FFB features as the Fanatec wheels or the T300 RS but it still does the job with a much more affordable price.

The force feedback has got a dual-motor and a Trueforce system to feel every vibration and bump on the road, but to be fair it isn’t as high end as other more advanced wheels.

Despite that it’s still a reasonable choice for budget minded sim racers as it’s also compatible with PS4, PS5 and PC.

Here you can check the current Amazon prices from the Logitech G923.

5. Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro

The Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro is a high end direct drive wheel designed for professional sim racers who want to extract the best out of their driving experience.

fanatec gran turismo dd pro

With its 8nm force feedback motor torque and its  carbon fibre-reinforced steering axis, the wheel will guarantee driving precision and realism unmatched by most steering wheels in the market.

It’s also been officially licensed for PS4 and PS5 console which make it a great choice for GT7 sim racers.

6. Thrustmaster T248

The Thrustmaster T248 is another wheel worth looking at coming with some very nice features and a mid-range price.

Its got a dashboard display with 20 different displays that very few wheels offer and a dynamic force feedback with 3 different FFB presets to choose from.

Despite not being as sophisticated as other Fanatec wheels, it’s still a great option to consider if you’re looking for something in the mid-range price category.

Here you can check the current Amazon prices from the Thrustmaster T248.

7. Fanatec Podium F1 DD1- Best Premium Option

The Fanatec Podium F1 is by far the most expensive wheel on this list, but it’s also the one with the best features and design.

With its stunning F1 look design and the incredible force feedback technology, The Podium F1 DD1 is definetely the most realistic racing wheels you can get yourself for GT7.

Fanatec Podium F1 DD1
Fanatec Podium F1 DD1

Despite coming at an astounding price of 1,799$, it really is worth every penny for those that might be able to afford that, also thanks to its PS4, Xbox and PC compatibility.


So here were the 7 best steering wheels for Gran Turismo 7 that you can get yourself in 2022.

As you might have noticed, the prices can range from a few hundred dollars to almost 1,800$ so it really depends on what your budget is and what kind of features you’re looking for.

In any case, all the wheels listed above will do a great job in giving you an immersive and realistic driving experience in GT7, but with the most expensive ones you’ll naturally get greater features and benefits.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track!

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