Bulgari’s Luxury Exclusive Car Design for Gran Turismo Unveiled

Bulgari's Luxury Exclusive Car Design for Gran Turismo Unveiled
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 4, 2023

Luxury fashion house Bulgari is set to break new ground in the automotive world by revealing its debut Vision Gran Turismo (GT) supercar. 

This unexpected collaboration between the world of high-end fashion and cutting-edge automotive design marks a unique entry into the esteemed Vision GT program, adding another layer of excitement to the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 Final.

Bulgari’s Dazzling Venture into Automotive Design

Renowned for its opulent jewelry, watches, fragrances, and accessories, Bulgari has, until now, remained outside the traditional realms of the motoring industry. 

However, recent teasers hint at a groundbreaking partnership that transcends conventional boundaries.

Bulgari's Dazzling Venture into Automotive Design

A Fusion of Fashion and Speed: BVLGARI Aluminium x Gran Turismo

While Bulgari has previously collaborated with car manufacturers to create limited edition watches inspired by iconic models, their latest venture promises to be far more ambitious. 

The introduction of the BVLGARI Aluminium x Gran Turismo special-edition watch further solidifies Bulgari’s foray into the world of high-performance vehicles.

Sneak Peek at Bulgari’s Vision GT Design

Despite being a novice in the automotive realm, Bulgari’s Vision GT promises a design that challenges expectations. 

The teaser video unveils glimpses of an avant-garde profile, featuring an open cockpit, aggressive wheel arches, and a low-slung, retro-looking wedge shape. 

Sneak Peek at Bulgari's Vision GT Design

The front is adorned with a row of 11 slim headlights, and the lower side proudly displays prominent “Aluminium” lettering alongside Bulgari’s distinctive logo.

Anticipation Builds for the World Series Manufacturers Cup Grand Final

The veil of mystery surrounding Bulgari’s Vision GT will be lifted during the World Series Manufacturers Cup Grand Final on December 3. 

This unprecedented move by a luxury fashion house into the realm of high-performance vehicles adds an extra layer of intrigue to an event already highly anticipated by automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Unveiling the Power Behind the Elegance

Details regarding the powertrain and performance specifications of the Bulgari Vision GT remain undisclosed. 

Unveiling the Power Behind the Elegance

However, the automotive world is on the edge of its seat, eagerly awaiting the revelation of what propels this groundbreaking creation. 

Speculations abound, with enthusiasts and experts alike wondering if Bulgari’s debut vehicle will follow in the footsteps of its fashion creations—melding elegance with high-performance capabilities.

A Collector’s Dream or Aspirational Challenge

As with any exclusive creation, the Bulgari Vision GT is expected to carry a significant price tag. 

Rumors suggest it may sell for several million in-game credits, prompting players to embark on a credit-grinding journey if they hope to add this unique supercar to their virtual collection. 

A Collector's Dream or Aspirational Challenge

The potential inclusion of the Bulgari Vision GT as a prize in Weekly Challenges adds an extra layer of excitement, mirroring the strategy employed with the Genesis Vision GT.

A Decade of Visionary Concepts: Celebrating the Vision Gran Turismo Program’s 10th Anniversary

The unveiling of Bulgari’s Vision GT coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Vision Gran Turismo program. 

Over the past decade, more than 30 manufacturers have participated in this groundbreaking initiative, contributing to the creation of an array of imaginative concept cars. 

A Decade of Visionary Concepts: Celebrating the Vision Gran Turismo Program's 10th Anniversary

From Bugatti to Ferrari, the program has been a breeding ground for innovative designs, with some even making the leap from virtual reality to real-world production.

From Virtual Concept to Reality: McLaren’s Solus GT

Notably, McLaren’s Vision GT creation, the Solus GT, transcended the virtual realm to become a tangible reality in the form of a single-seater hypercar. 

This success story serves as a testament to the program’s influence and the potential impact of virtual concepts on the future of automotive design.

Bulgari’s unexpected entry into the Vision Gran Turismo program adds a new layer of sophistication to the world of virtual racing. 

As the luxury fashion house prepares to showcase its inaugural Vision GT creation, automotive enthusiasts and gamers alike eagerly anticipate the fusion of fashion and speed that this collaboration promises to deliver. 

The World Series Manufacturers Cup Grand Final on December 3 is poised to be a historic moment, marking the intersection of two seemingly disparate worlds in a celebration of innovation and creativity.

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