Car Detailing Simulator Adds Free Track Day Feature

How awesome is the feeling of taking your car for a tour around the track after a fresh wash?

That’s what the developers at Car Detailing Simulator were thinking when they released the free Track Day DLC for their game.

Now you can take your favorite cars to the track, and drive them off in a realistic racing environment.

Car Detailing Simulator DLC

So after some wax and custom upgrades, you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labour.

With Car Detailing Simulator, you get the opportunity to transform any car – from old and faded to brand new and shiny again!

By doing so you’ll be sure to impress your customers with a job done perfectly every time.

Feel the joy of having a nicely rebuilt car that you can consider your own masterpiece! In this realistic game, each detail is essential. Take pride in your car and admire its shine as you clean and polish to perfection.

If you love car detailing and racing, this new track day feature is definitely something you don’t want to miss out.

Car Detailing Simulator track day

And the game has just released exciting new content at no additional charge for all existing owners of the full version!

What does the new track day DLC really do?

With the Track Day DLC, drivers basically get to put their car to the test of a race track.

So the minute you’re ready for an adrenaline-filled ride, take your car around the circuit and observe its handling performance in action!


So there you have it – a comprehensive look at the new Track Day DLC for Car Detailing Simulator.

Not only can you now customize and detail any car, but you can also take it for a spin around the track and get a taste of the thrill of its performance.

Whether you’re looking to simply improve your driving skills or want to fully customize your car, this new feature has something for everyone.

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