CarX Street Upcoming New Features at Launch

CarX Street Upcoming New Features at Launch
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 22, 2022

CarX Street release is being highly anticipated by fans. Developers CarX Technologies are always dedicated to delivering a delightful experience, taking their fans into account when making new games.

Recently on Steam, they asked the CarX community what new features they’d like to be introduced with CarX Street when it eventually launches in 2023.

CarX Street Upcoming New Features at Launch

Out of the suggestions put forward, we will take a look at a few features that may make an appearance in CarX Street.

It remains to be seen as to which of these features will make the cut, leaving us all wondering what will eventually arrive in 2023.

Proper Car Customisation

Being able to customize cars to your liking will be a huge bonus for CarX Street.

The level of depth that you’ll be able to go into is, as yet, unknown but it will certainly differ from the level of customisation we have seen in previous CarX titles.

Players will likely be able to change car parts, paint jobs, and body kits to give each vehicle a unique look that’ll stand out on the streets.

CarX Street Upcoming New Features at Launch

Moreover, based on screenshots we’ve seen, it appears that body kits, wheels, paint jobs and spoilers can all be added to customize your ride.

While decorative elements such as neon lights, custom horns and interior components remain a mystery, it’s the unseen workings under the hood that many are most interested in.

We anticipate this game to be based on the established framework of CarX Drift—and we can’t wait to learn more in future announcements!

Real police chases

What would players most like to be able to do when free roaming around the city?

Steam users suggested a plethora of gameplay features but the one that seems the most request are police chases.

carx street 2023 release

However, it is worth noting that unlicensed street racing of any kind is not at all legally condoned in any country.

In fact, in the event that street racing is becoming a regular occurrence, law enforcement would certainly intervene to put a stop to it.

Looking at other games, NFS Heat made the police presence way too intense, while NFS Undercover’s law enforcement was virtually non-existent.

A good balance must be struck between making them formidable yet achievable; difficulty needs to vary depending on the level of heat your vehicle is generating.

Degrading parts

The CarX fandom was recently asked if they would prefer to experience degradable components within CarX Street.

This is a fairly polarizing subject for gamers, due in part to its realism; any car owner will confirm that this occurs in actuality.

Therefore, it should hold true with sim racing and the virtual world of gaming as well.

In factcar damages are even supposed to make the game more fun and realistic.

As the fan base tends to agree, degradable parts in CarX Street are a must have, as it adds another layer of complexity to the game.

The most reasonable resolution here would be to offer the feature as optional, and only in offline mode.

This way, if ardent gamers yearn for a more enhanced experience with degradable components, they can opt-in; whereas casual players can just enjoy CarX Drift like before.

Joining Clubs

It’s been confirmed that factions, or clubs in CarX Street will have a substantial impact on how you play the single-player mode.

It is likely that at the start of your game, you decide to join one out of three available clubs and race as part of their team.

This unique feature adds an extra layer of realism and excitement to this thrilling racing experience!

Allow Fast Travel

How awesome would it be to get to your destination faster in CarX Street?

Well, it seems like this feature may become a reality.

CarX Street is an expansive, free-roaming open-world racing game, so navigation around this vast landscape will take time.

Even the fastest car won’t be able to rapidly get you from the city center to a race in the mountains!

If your gaming time is limited, reducing travel times can be a great way to maximize the amount of progress you make in any game. After all, every minute counts when there’s only an hour or two available each day!


Overall, CarX Street is shaping up to be an incredible racing title and it could very well become the most realistic street-racing game yet.

The developers have promised to add plenty of new features, so we can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

Stay tuned for future annoouncements and updates for what could very well be the best street racing game coming out in 2023!

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