Celebrating 5 Years of F1 Mobile Racing with New Vegas Update

Celebrating 5 Years of F1 Mobile Racing with New Vegas Update
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 14, 2023

Celebrate the 5th anniversary of F1 Mobile Racing with the exciting Update 30! This update brings a host of quality of life improvements, new events, and the highly anticipated Las Vegas Strip Street Circuit. Get ready for an exhilarating experience on your iOS or Android device. Check out all the amazing new features below!

Key Concepts in this article

  1. Various bugs in F1 Mobile Racing Update 30 fixed.
  2. Some challenges in the game were correctly tracked.
  3. Career Mode issues were resolved for better play.
  4. Significant improvements were made in the game circuits.
  5. Performance for low-quality devices was enhanced.

Experience the Thrill of the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Experience the thrill of the Las Vegas Grand Prix on Sunday, November 19th! The Formula 1 circus will race through iconic Sin City landmarks, including the Bellagio Hotel, in an intense 50-lap event.

Experience the Thrill of the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Don’t miss the opportunity to try the track in a limited-time event and win exciting rewards like themed liveries. Join the action now at the Las Vegas Grand Prix and Qatar’s Losail Circuit!

Celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of F1 Mobile Racing

Celebrate the fifth anniversary of F1 Mobile Racing with a free event! Participate and earn profile banners, avatars, and a special livery for your Technical Regulations car. Upgrade your racer now with the Legendary car parts on sale at the in-game shop.

Celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of F1 Mobile Racing

Don’t miss the chance to win a one-off fifth anniversary-themed helmet in the new Showdown events. It’s time to race and celebrate!

The Shop’s Exciting Offers

The shop will now provide a variety of discounted performance and staff buffs, ranging from Common to Legendary status. This encourages players to visit daily and seize the opportunity to grab a great deal.

Each day, at least four performance parts and two staff parts will be available. By watching an ad, players can shuffle the available stock up to five times per day. The parts list will refresh daily. Don’t miss out on these amazing offers!

Exciting Improvements in F1 Mobile Racing 

In F1 Mobile Racing, exciting quality of life improvements are here! Now, players can earn rewards just by participating in events. Plus, the first round of events is free to enter if there’s more than one Grand Prix. After that, a small entry fee is required to continue progressing.

Exciting Improvements in F1 Mobile Racing 

But that’s not all! Developers Eden Games, Codemasters, and Electronic Arts have made improvements to fast-track research times. Now, each box type can be fast-tracked, saving you at least 30 minutes or more.

And there’s even more good news! A new paddock box type has been introduced, with a research time of one hour. The higher quality parts you receive are based on your level.

F1 Mobile Racing Update 30 Official changelog  

Throughout the game, several improvements have been made:

  • The account deletion pop-up now requires a deliberate action to dismiss.
  • The logo for X (formerly known as Twitter) has been updated.
  • Various UI elements have been fixed to fit specific aspect ratios.
  • The performance gain from a “Perfect Start” has been enhanced compared to a “Good Start”.
  • Cockpit camera views have been improved for a more uniform experience across all cars.
  • Low-quality devices now have improved stability and performance.
  • The performance on the Lusail International Circuit (Qatar) has been optimized.
  • Several circuits have received updates, including Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari (Imola), Suzuka International Racing Course (Japan), and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (Spain).
  • DRS zone placements and braking markers have been corrected on the Lusail International Circuit (Qatar).
  • Rumble strip effects on low-end devices have been adjusted on the Lusail International Circuit (Qatar).
  • Career Mode now displays the correct number of rewards at the end of a season.
  • Challenges have been fixed to track progress accurately and display correct values.
  • The issue where multiple challenges appeared after claiming the “Reach League 3” challenge has been resolved.
  • The issue with the “Insufficient Tokens” pop-up message not appearing in Career Mode when repairing a car has been fixed.
  • The issue where Career Mode did not end correctly the first time a player retired from a season has been resolved.
  • The text for the Williams Racing Requisite in Career Mode is now displayed correctly.
  • An issue with car numbers, hazard lights, and engine audio has been fixed.
  • The issue with purchasing new cars and their equipped R&D parts has been resolved.
  • Text and translation issues in various languages have been fixed.
  • The issue where some circuits were not downloaded correctly on the first boot has been addressed.
  • Performance improvements have been made for specific devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S21+.

These are just a few examples of the numerous fixes and enhancements made in the latest update. Enjoy an improved and optimized gaming experience!

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