Crossplay Finally Arrives in F1 22 [August 2022]

Crossplay Finally Arrives in F1 22 [August 2022]
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
August 14, 2022

Have you also been waiting for this news ever since the new F1 game release?

This marks a stepping stone in the F1 game history being the first ever series to have crossplay!

That means we will now finally enjoy playing F1 with our friends on any platform!

Will there be a trial period before the permanent release?

There will be two separate cross-play trials taking place from August 5-7 and August 12-14 before the end of August, when all platforms will finally be able to play together.F1 22 crossplay

You may participate in Social Race and Two-Player Career modes on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or PC (Steam & Origin/EA Play).

This means you’ll be able to join any online race irrrespective of the platform and have double the fun!

How can you take part in the crossplay trial period?

To participate in the cross-play tests, go to the Game Options > Settings menu and enable cross-play.

You then may also need to activate cross-play in your account settings on Xbox.

When you turn on cross-play, you’ll be able to invite and join sessions from other platforms. Remember thought that Cross-play will only link players together if they belong to the same console family, such as PlayStation 5 and 4 (e.g., PlayStation 5 vs. 4).

How F1 will take advantage of Crossplay?

The cross-play rankings will group together the best drivers from all platforms to create one global ranking list.

This will add a new level of competition and excitement among all players.

What should we expect from F1 22?

As you may already know, F1 22 features all the 10 teams and 22 drivers from the 2022 season, as well as the return of the iconic Imola circuit in Italy.

The game also includes all of the new rule changes for the 2022 season, such as the introduction of the much awaited budget cap.

Moreove the new aerodynamics rules have changed the shape and design of the cars, making them look fast and more fun to overtke.

This is great news for the F1 community and will surely make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved!

What do you think about this news?

Are you excited for crossplay in F1 22? Let us know!

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