EA Sports WRC: Game Modes & Rally School Preview

EA Sports WRC: Game Modes & Rally School Preview
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
October 4, 2023

A week after the initial deep dive into EA Sports WRC, the highly anticipated racing game set to release on November 3rd, another comprehensive preview has been released.

This time, the focus is on the game modes and features that will define the player’s experience in the virtual world of rallying.

Key Concepts in This Article

  1. EA Sports WRC offers customization with Builder Cars and Moments Mode.
  2. Rally School helps beginners, and Regularity Rally Mode tests precision.
  3. Online multiplayer and official WRC Esports Competitions enhance competition.
  4. The game features VR support, performance improvements, and various platforms compatibility.
  5. With a fair pricing and monetization strategy, it’s a must-play for rally fans.

Career Mode – Create Your Rally Legacy

At the heart of the new WRC title lies the Career Mode, a feature that allows players to immerse themselves in the world of rally racing.

Career Mode - Create Your Rally Legacy

In this mode, players have the freedom to build their own rally team and choose from any of the three current-day competitions on the WRC ladder.

Whether you’re eager to jump into a Rally1 car and take on the biggest challenges right away or prefer to start in the lower tiers like WRC2 or Junior WRC, the choice is entirely yours. This flexibility enables players to craft their unique rally legacy.

Customization with Builder Cars

Career Mode also introduces Builder Cars, a fascinating feature that lets players customize their rally vehicle to their heart’s content.

The preview video offered a glimpse into the extensive customization options, including variations for the front and rear body.

Interior customization is also remarkably detailed, with the ability to tweak elements like wing mirrors, roof scoops, and even safety pins on the car’s hood.

Different performance parts come with distinct advantages and influence the car’s performance, adding depth to the customization process.

For those on a budget, the option to use used parts is available, though they may require more careful handling to prevent breakdowns.

Reliving Iconic Moments with Moments Mode

Moments Mode is another exciting game mode that invites players to relive or rewrite iconic moments from WRC history.

Inspired by real-life events from both recent and distant past seasons, this mode offers a unique opportunity to recreate history or take a different path.

Reliving Iconic Moments with Moments Mode

With a rich library of iconic WRC moments, players can gain a deeper understanding of the sport’s history while enjoying fresh challenges regularly.

Just as in Formula 1 games, new Moments will be added throughout the year, ensuring ongoing excitement.

Championship Mode and Quick Play

For players who prefer to focus solely on racing without the intricacies of team management, Championship Mode is available. This mode allows racers to participate in series while concentrating solely on driving.

Quick Play, a returning feature that was notably absent in previous iterations, enables players to create their custom series of stages and events, essentially serving as a custom championship tool.

Online Racing and Multiplayer

Quick Play Multiplayer mode further enhances the online racing experience by enabling custom events with up to 32 players and crossplay support.

The introduction of Clubs empowers players to create and participate in championships that can extend over multiple months, providing a compelling reason to race with friends.

Online Racing and Multiplayer

Moreover, the game will feature official WRC Esports Competitions starting in 2024, offering competitive challenges for the most dedicated players.

Mastering the Art of Rallying with Rally School

For newcomers or those looking to refine their rallying skills, EA Sports WRC will include a Rally School.

This feature offers a series of lessons covering various rally racing skills, allowing players to practice on different surface types.

By honing their skills, racers can prepare for any conditions they might encounter on a rally stage.

Introducing Regularity Rally Mode

One of the unique additions to the game is the Regularity Rally mode, a departure from the traditional rally racing style. Inspired by regional and classic rallying, this discipline focuses on precision rather than speed.

Instead of racing from point A to point B in the shortest time possible, the objective is to hit a target time as accurately as possible. Deviating from this target time results in penalties, making it a strategic and challenging mode.

Time Trial Mode and Competition

As expected, Time Trial mode makes a return, allowing players to compete with racers from around the world to set the best times on any stage in the game. This mode provides a competitive platform for those seeking to prove their rallying prowess.

Pricing and Monetization

One of the questions surrounding EA Sports WRC was its comparatively low price of 49.99€ (44.99€ for pre-orders).

Many wondered if this would lead to aggressive monetization within the game. However, early indications suggest otherwise.

Pricing and Monetization

While there will be a Rally Pass that can be upgraded to a VIP Pass, these only grant access to customization items, ensuring that players without them are not at a disadvantage.

The full extent of monetization in the game is yet to be revealed.

VR Support and Performance Improvements

Addressing the demand for virtual reality (VR) support, EA Sports WRC plans to add VR compatibility in 2024 using OpenVR. Additionally, players can enjoy the game on triple screens, catering to those seeking an immersive experience.

The inclusion of Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) is a welcome addition for players looking to enhance performance.

Release Date and Platforms

EA Sports WRC is set to release on November 3rd, 2023, and will be available on various platforms, including PC via Steam and Epic, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

To Wrap Up

The upcoming release of EA Sports WRC is shaping up to be a thrilling addition to the world of rally racing games.

With an array of new features and improvements, including a deep Career Mode, Builder Cars customization options, Moments Mode, Regularity Rally mode, and more, players can look forward to endless hours of rally racing excitement.

With a competitive price point and a commitment to offering a fair gaming experience, it’s shaping up to be a must-play for rally fans worldwide.

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