EA Sports WRC: Rally Pass & Achievements List

EA Sports WRC: Rally Pass & Achievements List
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
November 6, 2023

Get ready, because the highly anticipated release of EA Sports WRC is just around the corner! With preorders already underway, players who secure their copy will enjoy a head start on October 31st.

Discover what’s in store with the thrilling EA Sports WRC Rally Pass and get ready to unlock achievements like never before.

EA Sports WRC: Rally Pass & Achievements List

But that’s not all – find out why sim racers were pleasantly surprised by the absence of special editions when EA Sports WRC was initially announced. Don’t miss your chance to dive into this exhilarating world of racing action!

Key Concepts In This Article

  1. EA Sports WRC Rally Pass allows for progress tracking and rewards.
  2. The pass includes cosmetic items, no on-road advantages.
  3. No paid in-game currency or boosters are included.
  4. Free updates and exclusive challenges are provided.
  5. Achievements, including a PS5-exclusive trophy, are available.

Explaining the EA Sports WRC Rally Pass

The Rally Pass offered by EA Sports WRC allows players to track their progress and unlock various rewards. 

These rewards include helmets, gloves, overalls, car liveries, and more. In the first season, players have access to 10 default rewards, while VIP Rally Pass owners can enjoy 15 VIP rewards of the same kind. Additionally, EA Play subscribers receive five additional rewards.

Explaining the EA Sports WRC Rally Pass

The EA Sports WRC Rally Pass is renewed every few weeks. Season 1 remains active for seven weeks after launch, followed by eight-week intervals for Seasons 2 to 5. 

The pass consists of 20 levels that players can advance through by gaining XP in all game modes. It provides an exciting opportunity for players to enhance their gaming experience and earn exclusive items.

EA Sports WRC Rally Pass: No On-Road Advantage for Players

EA Sports WRC Rally Pass offers players the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience with cosmetic items. 

Unlike previous microtransaction-based approaches, this pass focuses solely on visual enhancements and does not provide any on-track advantage. 

EA Sports WRC Rally Pass: No On-Road Advantage for Players

The pass can be obtained by preordering the game or purchased separately for £5.99/$5.99/€5.99.

No Paid In-Game Currency or Boosters

In a departure from their previous practices, EA Sports assures players that there will be no paid in-game currency or other boosters in EA Sports WRC. 

This move aims to create a fair and balanced gameplay environment where skill and strategy are the key factors.

Free Central European Rally Update

As a gesture of appreciation to the player community, EA Sports will be adding the upcoming Central European Rally as a free update. 

This ensures that all players can enjoy new content and challenges without any additional cost.

Exclusive Moments for EA Play Subscribers

For EA Play subscribers, there will be exclusive scenarios called Moments that offer additional challenges to complete. 

While these scenarios are not necessary to enjoy the game, they provide an extra layer of gameplay for those who are interested.

The EA Sports WRC Rally Pass offers players the choice to enhance their gaming experience with cosmetic items. With a focus on fairness and balanced gameplay, EA Sports has created a refreshing approach for this title. 

Additionally, free updates and exclusive challenges for EA Play subscribers add further value to the overall gaming experience.

PS5-Exclusive Trophy: A Must-Have for EA Sports WRC Players

Achievements, known as Trophies in the PlayStation universe, have become a standard feature in today’s gaming titles. EA Sports WRC is no exception, offering a total of 26 achievements across all platforms. 

PS5 racers have the added bonus of a Platinum Trophy, which is earned by completing all other achievements.

From bronze to gold, the achievements in EA Sports WRC cater to players of all skill levels. Whether it’s completing a lesson in Rally School or conquering challenging stages with a heavily-damaged engine, there’s a range of tasks to tackle.

Experience the thrill of earning these Trophies and showcase your racing skills on the PS5 platform. 

EA Sports WRC: List of Achievements


Merit Badge Quest Glory Points
Golden Milestones Collect a quintet of golden accolades in pivotal Moments. 50G
Rally Venture Architect Initiate and manage your own racing enterprise in Career. 25G
Debut Rally Circuit Finalize the inaugural season in your rally career saga. 30G
Rally Supremacy Award Clinch the title in the WRC Championship within Career. 50G
Podium Regularity Trophy Secure a podium finish in every Championship Mode race. 50G
Genuine Rally Spirit Accomplish 5 signature Moments in the rally realm. 40G
Time Trial Triumph Outdo your ghost by setting a new personal Time Trial record. 25G
Phantom Rival Challenge Surpass a downloaded Ghost’s record in Time Trial. 35G
Rally Precision Medal Nail a regularity stage without any penalties. 40G
Asphalt Conqueror Badge Travel 100 Miles on Asphalt terrains, showcasing mastery. 35G
Off-Road Sovereign Seal Reign over 100 Miles of Gravel as a dirt dominator. 35G
Icy Terrain Tactician Glide through 100 Miles of Snow, proving your cold prowess. 35G
Marathon Racer Medal Endure a grand voyage of 1000 Miles, showing vast stamina. 50G
Vehicle Craftwork Pin Forge your inaugural machine in the Vehicle Builder. 20G
Automotive Artisan Crest Engineer a fleet of 5 cars in the Vehicle Builder workshop. 35G
Versatile Racer Award Complete stages across all WRC classes, a true all-rounder. 50G
Rally Novice Star Embark on a Rally School lesson, embracing the learning curve. 30G
Livery Legend Emblem Stand on the podium with a car of your own signature style. 50G
Monte Carlo Night Ace Earn podium at the Rally Monte Carlo in the classic Mini. 40G
Historic Rally Victor Triumph in a Regularity Rally in the timeless Lancia Stratos. 40G
Portuguese Resilience Medal Emerge as the stage victor in Portugal, engine adversity aside. 40G
Swedish Chill Champion Conquer the Swedish Rally in the acclaimed Citroën Xsara. 40G
Rally Iberia Gladiator Dominate the Iberia Rally with the iconic Subaru Impreza ’95. 40G
Mexican Standoff Survivor Endure the Guanajuato Rally Mexico sans severe damage. 40G
Estonian Rally Enthusiast Complete an Online Quick Play event on Estonia’s tracks. 40G
Club Racer Fellowship Engage in the camaraderie and competition of a Clubs event. 40G
Ultimate Trophy Hoarder Accomplish the grand feat of earning every single Trophy. Exclusive to PS5



In conclusion, EA Sports WRC is set to take the gaming world by storm with its fair and engaging Rally Pass system, free updates, and riveting achievements.

The game stands out for its commitment to providing a balanced and thrilling racing experience that values player skill and strategy.

Whether you’re an EA Play subscriber looking for exclusive challenges or a gamer seeking to collect achievements, EA Sports WRC promises an enriching and unforgettable rally racing journey.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your gaming experience like never before with EA Sports WRC.

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