F1 22: New 1.06 Update to Improve Car Handling

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
August 19, 2022

Who wouldn’t be happy to hear that F1 22 is progressing every day in the development of their driving realism including handling?

This is all thanks to the team’s dedication in making you, the player, feel more like you’re really driving an F1 car.

The good news is that the car setups will still pretty much be the same as they used to be, so there’s no need to worry about that.

The 1.06 update fixed some minor issues, and also included an updated handling model for the F1 2022 cars!

With these changes, Codemasters has made it so that driving styles and even setup tweaks may (slightly) need to be adjusted accordingly in order to compensate for the new handling of the cars.

What’s the 1.06 handling update about?

The new 2022 regulations have been really tough for Codemasters to get right, but despite that they seem to have done a really great job.

However, post-release adjustments were always likely to come in as they got more data from the races, more comments from the community and more laps on the game!

That change has arrived, and it’s a pretty big one.

The developer David Greco has taken the time to go through these changes for players. And here are the key focus points.

Engine torque increased at mid-range

The F1 22 engines’ torque curve has been altered slightly to produce a more gradual increase in torque from 6,000 rpm to 10,000 rpm. Whereas before it was nearly flat.

This basically means the engine has quite a bit less torque at lower rpms, and the power will increase gradually as the speed build up.

By making the gear ratios longer, it will supposedly help with traction and make it easier to handle the car in lower gears– even with traction control turned off.

Tyre temperatures

This tyre temps update will probably have the biggest influence on car setups.

According to Greco, the team at Codemasters noticed that overheated tyres did not have a significant enough negative impact on grip.

Running extremely high tyre pressure will raise the core temperature and therefore reduce grip (and thus lap times), and will now have a detrimental influence on after a few laps as a result of update 1.06.

We’ve been running a lot of rear-tyre pressure on our setups lately, so we’ll be going back and testing them to see if they need to be updated. So do check them out!

Force feedback

Another major improvement from the 1.06 update has to do with the F1 22 force feedback.

With this update, Codemasters has increased the FFB output for all cars which should make a big difference in how much information you’re getting through the steering wheel

The F1 22 didn’t offer a lot of force feedback at first, especially compared to Assetto Corsa Competizione and higher-end wheels and that’s why Codemaster decided to enhance it.

They have done this by adding the self-aligning torque of the tyres to the overall calculation, improving accuracy.

These improvements are great, and will definetely help bring F1 22’s gameplay forward.

Update 1.06 not only got rid of a number of bugs, but it improved game play as well.

While some things still happen that shouldn’t, like AI speed out of slow corners, these fresh handling changes could help players close the gap.

These changes should improve traction for players by coming from a slow corner exit and have low engine torque.


So are you nearly as excited as we are to try out the new handling update on the F1 22 cars?

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new changes that come in, and in the meantime why not check out our setups to get an idea of what’s possible!

What are your thoughts on the 1.06 update? Are you excited to try out the new handling feature?

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