F1 Manager 2022: 7 Awesome New Features To Look For

As fans are eager to get going with the game, F1 manager 20222 is set to be the most authentic motorsports management simulation ever.

With a variety of team management choices, a spectacular broadcast-style presentation, and exciting racing action, F1 Manager 2022 is almost here.

Fans of Formula 1 and management games are definitely in for a treat.

F1 Manager 2022 New features

With just under a week to go until launch, here are five F1 Manager 2022 features you really want to know about in advance.

These 5 features will up your game and have you ready to take on the competition if used ad your advantage.

Incredibly Real Team Radio

In F1 Manager 2022, the conversations between drivers and race engineers that you’ll hear on the radio couldn’t be more realistic.

They’ve in fact took audio samples from 25,000 lines of dialogue from actual F1 races to create an authentic experience for you.

These conversations provide an extra level of immersion while also giving a view into the driver and pitwall communication you don’t always hear in TV broadcasts.

All of this means that you, the manager, will need to be on your toes more than ever to understand what’s going on and make the right decisions at the right time.

Detailed race Weekends

As a Team Principal, you have complete authority over your team for the entire race weekend. Race practice and qualifying sessions may be played in real time or simulated up to 16x speed. Therefore, your decisions will severely influence your team’s grid position.

Before a practice session, you’ll need to set performance goals with sponsors, verify powertrain components, and make sure spare parts are available.

There are three practice sessions in all, allowing you to evaluate your setups and employ different tactics.

Feedback from drivers may also be used to optimize the car’s setup for the race to maximize performance.

Although practice and qualifying sessions can help you plan your race strategy, don’t expect everything to go smoothly.

Unanticipated events may include safety cars or red flags due to errors made by other drivers on the track during the race.

The way you respond to these situations could determine whether you end up on a third-place podium or not.

Advanced Pit stop strategies

As races tend to be won more and more in the pits lately, the new F1 Manager 2022 will feature an extra layer of strategy during pit stops.

F1 manager 2022 pit stop strategy

Not only will you need to make the right calls on when to bring your drivers in, but you’ll also need to choose the right tyre compound and manage your team’s fuel load.

All of these choices will be displayed in a new and improved pit stop UI that makes it easy to see all the information at a glance and make the right decisions under pressure.

Driver faces and tracks reproduced to perfection

Frontier Developments is putting a lot of effort into realism in F1 Manager 2022, from scanning drivers’ faces to recreating the tracks with great accuracy using satellite data.

This incredible attention to detail is also seen in the fantastic audio reproduction.

All these elements are brought together to create an immersive and realistic experience that F1 fans will be amazed at.

There are 20 drivers and 10 teams available in the game at launch, following the official 2022 grid and race calendar.

User-friendly and accessible to everyone

Next, F1 Manager 2022 will also feature a more user-friendly and accessible way to play.

This is perfect for those who want to get into the game but don’t have the time to commit to a full race weekend.

If you’re new to management games, F1 Manager 2022’s complexity and intricacy might be intimidating.

With interest in the Formula 1 franchise growing as a result of Drive to Survive’s success, it is critical that F1 Manager 2022 be easily accessible to newcomers.

Fortunately, Frontier has implemented a number of helpful features to assist new players get started.

For example, you will receive emails informing you on decisions such as recruiting new drivers or installing a new component at the proper moment.

F1 Manager 2022 is now easy to use for beginners, but also offers complex features for more experienced players who want full control.

You can develop new car parts and analyse data to get the most out of your car and drivers.

To all the improvements and new features, the development team also focused on making F1 Manager 2022 as user-friendly and accessible to everyone as possible.

We were able to do this by reconsidering the game’s user interface, updating the tutorials, and adding an in-game assistant that provides hints and tips.

Use the Budget to Hire Drivers and staff

The game’s creators are aiming to make it as authentic as possible, with players being able to financially manage a team from the drivers through managing their employees.

Not only may you hire real-life Formula 1, F2, and F3 drivers, but race engineers, mechanics and other key personnel are also available.

Every driver and employee gets a score based on his or her abilities such as turning, braking, and reaction times.

As your driver’s abilities improve, their ratings may fluctuate throughout the year. Drivers might retire, forcing you to look for new drivers for the upcoming seasons.

Extremely professional Broadcast quality

Finally, one of F1 Manager 2022’s most well-known features is its high-quality broadcast presentation. From inside views of the driver to trackside cameras based on real-world F1 race TV broadcasts, every race can be seen from multiple breathtaking camera angles.

You might think you’re watching a real F1 TV broadcast when playing F1 Manager 2022 because the races look that authentic.

It’s exciting to see the cars speed around the track while you frantically order changes in ERS deployment, and then witness those changes play out in real-time!

How awesome is that!?


So there you have it, an overview of F1 Manager 2022.

The game looks set to be the most realistic and user-friendly management game yet, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Remember to keep checking back for more news and information on F1 Manager 2022 as it becomes available.

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