Fanatec QR2 Adapter: Boost Performance with Multiple Versions

Fanatec QR2 Adapter: Boost Performance with Multiple Versions
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
September 28, 2023

Fanatec has recently launched its QR2 Quick Release Adapter, building on the success of their working prototype showcased in late 2022.

This new release is designed to provide improved rigidity while retaining the convenience of the previous QR system.

Discover how this innovative product enhances your rig setup and delivers unparalleled performance.

Key concept in this article

  1. Fanatec’s QR2 adapter offers superior rigidity and user-friendly mounting.
  2. The QR2 Pro version is aligned with the Podium range of wheels and bases.
  3. QR2 Lite, made of plastic, can’t unlock full power like the metal versions.
  4. Pricing varies widely, with QR2 Pro Bundle (Type M) being the costliest.
  5. The Pro version meets FIA standards, suitable for use in real racing cars.

Fanatec’s QR1 System: Advantages and the Introduction of QR2

Fanatec's QR1 System: Advantages and the Introduction of QR2

Fanatec has introduced the QR2 as a solution to address a limitation of their QR1 system. While the QR1 system eliminates the need for data cables, it does have a drawback.

Some QR1 adapters may flex when mounted to a wheel base due to manufacturing tolerances. This flex, although minimal, can be noticeable and is less than ideal for higher-priced wheels.

To overcome this issue, Fanatec developed the QR2 adapter. The QR2 not only provides improved stability but also offers a simpler mounting process for sim racers.

With the QR2, racers can now easily attach their wheels by simply pushing them onto their bases.

Previously, they had to manually pull back the outer ring of the release, but now it effortlessly clicks into place. This advancement ensures a more secure and hassle-free experience for users.

Different Versions for Different Needs

Different Versions for Different Needs

An official announcement is yet to be made, but the Fanatec website already features a QR2 tab. The prices have also been posted there.

Let’s check out the list below to see how much of a dent it will make in your wallet. Spoiler alert: It’s not exactly an inexpensive accessory.

Just like the QR1, the new adapter is available in different versions. The Pro version seems to be targeting the Podium range of wheels and wheel bases.

On the other hand, the QR2 and QR2 Lite examples are likely designed to pair with the CSL DD and DD Pro bases. The non-Pro and Lite models also come in an M version as well as a USB C-type version.

It’s worth noting that only the QR2 Lite appears to be made from plastic, while the other versions look like metal pieces.

Different Versions for Different Needs

This means sim racers can unlock high torque modes with the latter two, similar to the QR1. Although the plastic version of the older adapter did fit higher-torque bases, it couldn’t unleash their full power.

Fanatec QR2 Price Comparison

  • QR2 Pro Wheel-Side: €199,95
  • QR2 Base-Side (Type-C): €69,95
  • QR2 Bundle (Type-C): €154,45
  • QR2 Lite Bundle (Type-C): €118,09
  • QR2 Base-Side (Type-M): €149,95
  • QR2 Lite Wheel-Side: €59,95
  • QR2 Wheel-Side: €99,95
  • QR2 Bundle (Type M): €227,18
  • QR2 Pro Bundle (Type M): €318,09

The bundles for the release come with a discounted price, but this information is only visible on the product page itself, not on the overview page.

This means that sim racers can save some money when purchasing. It’s important to note that the QR2 pro Wheel-Side model is designed to meet FIA standards, making it suitable for use in real racing cars.

Fanatec QR2 Price Comparison

However, for most sim racers, this feature may not be relevant, unless they also own Fanatec’s BMW M4 GT3 wheel.

What wheels are compatible with the QR2 adapter?

The Type-C connector is exclusively compatible with the Fanatec GT DD Pro and CSL DD wheelbases. On the other hand, the Type-M connector is designed to work seamlessly with the Podium range of wheelbases, including the DD1 and DD2 models.

This extends the longevity and versatility of Fanatec’s product range, allowing users to upgrade their setups without having to replace their existing wheels. This compatibility feature is clearly stated in the product specifications on the Fanatec website.

How Does the QR2 Pro Version Compare to Other Quick Release Systems in the Market?

The QR2 Pro is positioned as a premium product in the market, meeting FIA standards and offering features that align with the needs of professional racing drivers.

How Does the QR2 Pro Version Compare to Other Quick Release Systems in the Market?

Fanatec’s focus on quality, as reflected in the product’s pricing and design, places it at a competitive advantage over other quick-release systems available in the market. This is corroborated by comparative analyses conducted by independent simulator hardware reviewers.

To Wrap Up

In conclusion, Fanatec’s QR2 adapter, with its multiple versions, caters to a diverse range of user requirements and budgets, thereby fortifying the company’s commitment towards enhancing the sim racing experience.

From the QR2 Lite, designed for CSL DD and DD Pro bases, to the QR2 Pro, meeting FIA standards and appealing to professional racers, Fanatec seems to have a product for every customer.

The pricing, although on the higher side, reflects the quality and innovative features incorporated into these adapters, cementing Fanatec’s leading position in the market.

Indeed, the QR2 adapter range ushers in a new era of rigidity and convenience in the realm of sim racing.

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