Fanatec’s Highly Anticipated Rally-Winning Button Module and Wheel Bundle Coming Soon

Fanatec's Highly Anticipated Rally-Winning Button Module and Wheel Bundle Coming Soon
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
November 6, 2023

The long-awaited Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally, known for its victory in the hands of rally legend Sébastien Loeb, is finally making its way to sim racing enthusiasts. Pre-orders for this remarkable piece of hardware are set to be shipped starting in November.

A Winning Formula: Sébastien Loeb’s Monte Carlo Victory

The Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally made its debut in the skilled hands of Sébastien Loeb during the January 2022 Monte Carlo Rally, where Loeb and co-driver Isabelle Galmiche claimed victory using this impressive device. This real-world-to-sim world crossover created quite a buzz.

A Winning Formula: Sébastien Loeb's Monte Carlo Victory

Anticipation Builds: The Long Wait for Details

Following the thrilling introduction of the Podium Button Module Rally by Sébastien Loeb, sim racing enthusiasts eagerly awaited more details. This remarkable piece of sim racing equipment had the community on the edge of their seats.

SimRacing Expo: A Taste of the Real Thing

In a fortunate turn of events, enthusiasts had the opportunity to try the Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally at the SimRacing Expo the previous year.

The experience of driving WRC Generations with a device closely resembling what real-world WRC drivers used within the Ford M-Sport Puma Rally 1 left a lasting impression.

SimRacing Expo: A Taste of the Real Thing

Waiting for a Release Date

Despite the exciting previews and real-world victories with Fanatec devices, there was still one critical piece of information missing – the release date.

Rally victories by Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja only added to the anticipation within the sim racing community.

The Big Reveal: Fanatec’s Release Announcement

The day has finally arrived, with Fanatec officially announcing that pre-orders for the Podium Button Module Rally will begin shipping from November 20, 2023. Sim racers can soon equip their setups with the very same button configuration used by rally legends.

The Big Reveal: Fanatec's Release Announcement

Emulate Rally Legends: An Affordable Upgrade

For a price of €/$249.95, sim racing enthusiasts can get their hands on the exact button setup that rally legends have used to claim victory.

However, it’s important to note that you’ll need a quick-release system and a compatible steering wheel rim to complete your setup.

An All-In-One Bundle: Fanatec’s Convenient Offering

Fanatec is also offering a convenient bundle that includes the Podium Button Module Rally, a round Sparco R383 rim, the Podium Hub, and a Wheel Side QR2 quick release system.

An All-In-One Bundle: Fanatec's Convenient Offering

Priced at €/$699.95, this bundle is tailored for those who prefer shifters sold separately, as this setup lacks paddles.

The Ultimate Rally Experience: Combining Hardware and Software

To complete your ultimate rally experience, consider pairing the Podium Button Module Rally with a new ClubSport DD+ wheel base and a copy of EA SPORTS WRC on PC or PlayStation 5. This combination promises an unparalleled rally gaming adventure.

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