Where to Find Solar Panels in Forza Horizon 5 and Destroy Them

Are you looking for those solar panels in Forza Horizon 5 in order to complete your seasonal challenges?

What challange is it about?

Players will have to smash 25 solar panels during the Summer wet season in Forza Horizon 5 Series 3 to acquire the

Where to find solar panels in Forza Horizon 5 “Lights Out” Seasonal Challenge, which is a simple task if you know where to look for solar panels on the huge Mexico map.

What will you get by completing this challenge?

Completing this challenge will earn you three Seasonal and Series 3 car rewards in Forza Horizon 5, which you’ll need to unlock for the New Year Accolade.

Where are the solar panels located on the map?

Here’s where you can basically find Forza Horizon 5 solar panels and how to destroy them.

There is a solar panel installation located just south of the major highway that runs almost the length of the map.

FH5 solar panel location

The solar panels are located near Mulege, southeast of the main Horizon Festival Site, and northeast of the town.

They’re pretty easy to notice as they’re marked on the map as a small cluster of light dots in a rectangle.

How do you complete the challenge?

To complete the new Lights Out challenge, which is accessible through Series 3’s Summer section under the Festival Playlist menu, you must simply drive into 25 solar panels and smash them. Remember though, this seasonal challenge is easy, it’s only around until January 13 when the season changes to Autumn.

What’s the best car for this challenge?

To win this challenge we suggst picking a huge, off-road vehicle that will allow you to build up decent speed on the dirt track to smash through the solar panels. Something big like the Ford Bronco is going to be the perfect choice, or anything similar to that.


There you have it, you’re now fully equipped to smash all those solar panels and earn those juicy rewards in Forza Horizon 5.

Remember that the challenge is only around until the season changes on January 13, so make sure you get it done before then!

Get out there and win some trophies! 😉

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