Forza Motorsport Update 3 Fails to Eliminate Invisible Track Glitch

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 28, 2023

Forza Motorsport, a title surrounded by years of anticipation, faced a rocky launch filled with various technical issues. 

Despite six years in development, players encountered everything from stuttering performance on PC to the more alarming problem of save files becoming corrupted. 

The community’s excitement was dampened by these initial setbacks, casting a shadow over the game’s release.

Update 3: A Patch Full of Promises

With the recent release of Update 3, there were high hopes within the Forza community that long-standing issues would be resolved. 

The patch notes promised fixes to several glitches, including the notorious invisible track glitch – a bug causing cars to fall through the track mid-race, leading to frustrating restarts.

A Patch Full of Promises Forza Motorsport

Frame rate issues were also supposedly addressed, aiming to provide a smoother, more consistent gaming experience.

However, players like YouTuber Shinyodd quickly found that these promises were not fully realized. 

Despite the update, the invisible track glitch persisted, and frame rate performance continued to fluctuate significantly. 

This ongoing problem has left players questioning the effectiveness of the updates and the future of the game’s playability.

Quality Control Concerns

For a title of Forza Motorsport’s caliber, the presence of such game-breaking glitches post-launch is alarming. 

The expectation for triple-A games, especially one as highly anticipated as Forza Motorsport, is a smooth and polished experience. 

Forza Motorsport's Ongoing Development

The community backlash reflects a broader concern about the quality control measures taken prior to the game’s release. 

The need for additional development time to rectify these issues is evident, as the game continues to struggle with significant technical problems even months after its initial launch.

Forza Motorsport is not alone in its post-launch struggles; 2023 has seen other major racing titles like EA Sports WRC also grappling with performance issues and glitches. 

These titles continue to receive patch updates in an effort to improve the overall gaming experience.

Looking Ahead: Forza Motorsport’s Ongoing Development 

Despite the disappointments, Update 3 did bring some new content to Forza Motorsport, including the addition of the Hockenheim circuit with three layouts, new Spotlight cars, career events, and Featured Multiplayer events. 

While these additions are welcome, the community remains eager for a comprehensive solution to the persistent technical issues.

As players continue to navigate these challenges, the hope for a fully optimized Forza Motorsport experience lingers. 

The game’s journey post-launch serves as a reminder of the importance of rigorous testing and quality control in game development, especially for titles carrying the weight of high expectations. 

As more patches are anticipated, players and developers alike look forward to the day when Forza Motorsport can truly cross the finish line as the polished, exhilarating racing experience it was meant to be.

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