GeneRally 2: Early Access Release & Multiplayer in 2024

Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 24, 2023

GeneRally 2 remains in its Early Access phase, with the petite top-down racer advancing towards a more polished and feature-rich version 1.0. 

Curious Chicken Games has recently shared insights into the game’s development trajectory, emphasizing the nearing completion of the much-anticipated online multiplayer component.

Targeted Release and Enhancements

The game is steadily moving towards exiting Early Access, with a target set for the first half of 2024. 

GeneRally 2 remains in its Early Access phase

This period is expected to bring a culmination of ongoing efforts, transitioning GeneRally 2 into a more refined state with additional cars, improved AI behavior, and critical bug fixes, alongside the primary focus of introducing online multiplayer capabilities.

Multiplayer Expansion and Community Testing

Advancements in Online Play

The absence of online multiplayer has been a significant focus in the game’s development roadmap. 

Recent updates indicate that the team has made substantial progress in enabling behind-the-scenes online racing, allowing players to compete against each other and in championships. 

However, the team is diligently working on ironing out synchronization of tracks and handling mid-race disconnections to ensure a seamless racing experience.

Exclusive Testing Opportunities

In anticipation of these new online features, Curious Chicken Games plans to conduct invite-only multiplayer tests post-New Year. 

These sessions aim to gather valuable feedback from dedicated players and will be critical in refining the multiplayer experience. 

Details about these exclusive tests will be disseminated through the game’s Discord and blog, signaling a step closer to the full realization of online racing.

Upcoming Features and Focused Development

Upcoming Features and Focused Development GenRally 2

Roadmap and Focus Areas

As the development progresses, the team’s focus remains on delivering a robust online multiplayer experience. 

Post-testing, attention will shift towards enriching the game with additional content and features as outlined in the roadmap. 

This includes implementing online leaderboards, introducing a photo mode, enhancing controller support, and integrating seasonal changes.

Anticipated Version 1.0 Release

With a commitment to exit Early Access in the upcoming year, GeneRally 2’s version 1.0 is expected to mark a significant milestone. 

This version will not only encapsulate the core essence of the beloved 2002 freeware classic but also introduce a breadth of modern enhancements and community-driven features, setting a new benchmark for the retro-racing title.

Special Updates and Seasonal Content

Before the major rollout of version 1.0, players can look forward to a festive ‘Christmas Update,’ promising a new track and a variety of winter-themed modifications to existing tracks and objects. 

While details are yet to be fully disclosed, the community eagerly anticipates these seasonal additions, set to arrive shortly, enhancing the game’s charm and replayability.

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